Vaginismus form of the disorder, causes, symptoms and treatments

Vaginismus is an involuntary reflex contraction of the vaginal muscles immediately before intercourse, gynecological examination, or an attempt to insert a tampon. Sometimes there is contraction of the muscles of the abdominal wall and thighs. This disorder makes it impossible to complete sexual intercourse or make it very painful.

Important! This disorder is quite rare among the fair sex. Today it is not known how many women suffer from vaginismus.

Classification of vaginismus

Vaginismus is divided into two types:

  • Primary – when a woman has never had vaginal penetration. This type often occurs in women under 20 years of age or in adolescents.
  • Secondary – due to certain reasons, penetration is no longer possible. This species can develop as a result of gynaecological surgeries or radiotherapy.

Allocate true or false vaginismus. True vaginismus is a sexual neurosis caused by psychogenic problems. This pathology is not associated with functional or anatomical disorders of the genital organs.

According to the severity of the disorder is:

  • 1 degree – spasmodic contraction of the muscles of the vagina when attempting the introduction of the penis or during a pelvic examination;
  • 2 degree – contraction of the muscles at the touch of the genital organs or the anticipation of touch;
  • 3.and – muscles tighten at the mere thought of intercourse.
The causes of pathology

Reasons that can cause primary vaginismusare:

  • strict upbringing;
  • urinary tract infection;
  • negative emotional reactions;
  • fungal infections of the vagina;
  • fear of pain, especially before the first sexual contact;
  • sexual violence;
  • fear of the possibility of getting pregnant;
  • conflict or family violence observed in early childhood;
  • the stress and anxiety.

Secondary vaginismus occurs in women who have had previous experience of sexual intercourse. The factors contributing to the development of the disease may be physiological, psychological, or a combination of these two reasons.

Menopausal vaginismus may occur during menopause. This is due to inadequate secretion of grease due to lower estrogen levels. The elasticity of the tissues of the vulva is lost, making intercourse painful.

Important! To identify the causes of vaginism not always possible. One of the physiological factors may be too dense hymen.

To show cause, the doctor prescribes a number of tests and examinations. Held a conversation with the psychologist to determine psychological factors causing the vaginismus.

The symptoms of the disorder

Reflex muscle spasms of the vagina, stomach, hips, and severe pain during sexual intercourse or touching the genitals – the main symptoms of vaginismus.

The contraction of the muscles may occur not only during gynecological examination and intercourse, but even when you try to implement them.

Discomfort can be felt when you insert the tampon. Mild vaginismus can occur neurasthenia. In severe possible phobic neurosis, hysteria and palpitations, vomiting, sweating, tremors, loss of consciousness.

Diagnosis of vaginismus

To distinguish pseudogenes from vaginismus, apply a differential diagnosis.

During the examination, the specialist can determine muscle spasm and to admit the impossibility of the introduction of a gynecological mirror.

Laboratory methods:

Treatment of vaginismus

Primary vaginismus is treated the same as secondary, although sexual experience in the past can contribute to a more effective resolution of the problem.

Important! Treatment of vaginismus is prescribed individually based on physiological and psychological factors that caused its development.

In the treatment of vaginismus can participate doctors of different specialties: gynecologist, proctologist, psychiatrist, sexologist, a neurologist.

If the patient’s mental illness, treatment relevant drugs: neuroleptics, antidepressants, tranquilizers.

Methods of treatment of the disease:

  • hypnosis;
  • special exercises;
  • psychoanalysis.

The greatest effect gives a comprehensive treatment. The patient explain what happens to muscles during intercourse while vaginismus. This helps, particularly women without sexual experience, to understand their body.

It is desirable that treatment included sexual partner. Him carry out explanatory conversation, and, if necessary, and a few sessions of psychotherapy.

Gives good results with hypnosis and relaxation techniques that help a woman to feel comfortable during intercourse.

The specialist may recommend the use of vaginal dilators. While the vagina is inserted a cone-shaped expander, each time increasing the diameter of the expander. This will help to stretch the vaginal muscles and make them more elastic.

The woman can recommend a number of exercises. It can be alternate compression and relaxation of the muscles of the buttocks and abdomen, as well as the vagina finger, then two and make them rotational motion.

Has shown to be effective Kegel exercises. They are repetitive relaxation and tension of the pelvic floor muscles, which control the muscles of the bladder, rectum and vagina.

Forecast and consequences

Vaginismus can trigger the development of psychological problems and cause infertility. However, timely treatment will help to normalize sexual life and give you the opportunity to experience the joy of motherhood.

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