Wet dreams in men: norm or deviation?

The emission is spontaneous eruption of seminal fluid at night. Usually this happens during a wet dream. This phenomenon scares teenagers and wary adult men, who have long been through puberty.

Pollution is a sign of puberty

Spontaneous ejaculation is not associated with intercourse or Masturbation is called pollution. Sooner or later faced with this phenomenon almost all men.

For the first time with pollutions faced by boys in puberty. At this age, teenagers are interested in the opposite sex and learn about sexual attraction. As a result, the boy may experience erotic dreams and fantasies.

Attention! It is very important that parents gently taught the child to this period and explained what might happen to his body.

Suspicion of a child in the occupation of Masturbation at the sight of stains on clothes – the biggest mistake parents. Such doubts and omissions can lead to mental disorders and the emergence of complex, because teenagers are very emotional.

Wet dreams usually end when the young person begins to have a fulfilling sex life.

There is a misconception that wet dreams are only for teenagers. This phenomenon also can occur in adult men, although much less frequently. They mainly happen when sexual dissatisfaction and prolonged sexual abstinence. Sometimes the cause of wet dreams in adult men can be mental or nervous disorders.

Rare wet dreams in men in adulthood – an indicator of the normal work of sexual glands. This self-protection of the body from the stagnation of sperm, sexual and nervous tension.

Types of pollutions

Irregular sexual life and high level of sex hormones can cause spontaneous ejaculation in the daytime.

Day pollutions are adequate and inadequate. The first occur as a result of sexual exposure: kisses, hugs and casual touches. Inadequate pollutions can occur during the day under the influence of stimuli is not of a sexual nature: physical exercise, vibration in transport and strong emotional reactions.

The classification of emissions:

  • Physiological. Not too often, day and night, the pollution, the result of which is the accumulation of semen in the testicles. They do not threaten the health of men and are indicative of the normal work of sexual glands. Regular sex life is the most effective way to get rid of them.
  • Pathological. Frequent involuntary eruption of semen of adolescents and Mature men leading an active sexual life. They are often accompanied by erectile dysfunction, an emotional anxiety, headache and chronic fatigue. Such a phenomenon may be a symptom of diseases of the reproductive organs or nervous system.

Rare wet dreams or absence of a regular sexual life are not pathology.

When you need to go to the doctor

Spontaneous ejaculation, occurring from twice a week to three times in two months, are the norm. Too frequent pollutions indicate hypersexuality men, or diseases of the nervous or sexual systems. In this case, you must consult a specialist.

Causes of pathological pollutions:

  • disorders of the brain or spinal cord that are responsible for erection and ejaculation;
  • inflammation of the organs that produce and excretory seminal fluid;
  • tumors in the genital area. While wet dreams are accompanied by pain in the groin area, and in the seminal fluid is present in the blood;
  • congenital phimosis;
  • stress. Wet dreams on the background of nervous disorders, tend to occur at the same time. A man anxiously waits for a new attack, which further exacerbates the situation.

The above conditions require mandatory medical monitoring and treatment. If you do not take in time measures in addition to problems of a sexual nature, may deteriorate overall health.

Methods of treatment of pathology

Physiological pollutions are normal and do not need treatment. As a rule, they cease with the advent of a permanent partner. If the urgent need arises to get rid of wet dreams for some time, it is recommended to apply the preparations containing bromine. These low-cost drugs in the past used the army to suppress the sexual temperament of the soldiers.

For the correct choice of method of treatment of pathological pollutions, need to be examined and to detect the cause that triggered the deviation.

In inflammatory processes of the reproductive system use of antibiotics.

For the treatment of pathological pollutions occurred on the background of neurosis or stress, using sedatives.

Congenital phimosis provokes the accumulation of sperm between the foreskin and glans. In the initial stages of treatment using special equipment, which helps to stretch the skin of the head and prescribed steroid drugs.

After the elimination of the disease which was the cause of abnormal emissions, they pass.


To prevent frequent nocturnal emissions, please observe the following preventive measures:

  • to eat right;
  • to normalize sexual life;
  • give up bad habits;
  • lead an active lifestyle;
  • steeled;
  • to comply with the order of the day;
  • to avoid stressful situations.

Wet dreams is a normal physiological phenomenon during sexual arousal in puberty. They do not require treatment if there are not frequent and do not cause inflammation.

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