How to restore tooth enamel independently

Recall that the enamel is unique, the solid tissue component of the human body. Yes, the evolution of man, and there was no other option, when she got to the formation of the teeth. She knew that the man (the Crown of Nature!) necessarily ever thought that teeth to open beer bottles, crack nuts or to chew violently petrified croutons.

Another popular “hobby” irresponsible citizens Club Amateur Patients – attempts to restore tooth enamel at home.

Anyway, we all know that enamel is the strongest tissue, fully covering the entire surface of the tooth. The maximum thickness it attains in the region of hillocks, where the enamel layer is 2 mm, the Most thinnest portion is the area of the neck of the tooth, where it gradually thins and passes into the cement covering the root.

Enamel protects the more delicate tissues – the dentin and the pulp from the aggressive effects of the environment, the pathogenic effect of microorganisms and other stimuli. In addition, the enamel heroically takes all the blows of our sick imagination, about which we wrote above.


But nothing lasts forever, not even her. In the end, from the ill-treatment of the enamel begins to thin, it cracks appear, and sometimes chipped. Initially, this condition isn’t uncomfortable, but over time the exposed areas of dentin are beginning to respond urgently to various razdrazhiteli, complicating the meal. In people over 40 years found age-related physiological erosion of enamel, because for the life of the teeth daily have to withstand the loads associated with chewing and grinding food.

In fact, of the reasons for this thinning of the enamel are many, from genetic predisposition (too fragile enamel) or incorrect diet and poor hygiene. Bad habits, endocrine disorders, increased acidity of saliva and poor quality toothbrushes also contribute to the process of destruction of the enamel.

And then one day you suddenly feel that the tooth somehow began to fire intermittently or whining in response to ice cream or a cold brew.

Here there is a moment of choice. Someone runs to the Internet for advice on how to restore tooth enamel at home. And there’s something just not – quite fair and the right advice to improve dental hygiene and nutrition, include more balanced products containing calcium, fluorine and other important minerals. To the absurd suggestions such as lubrication of the teeth with a solution of iodine or baking soda that can lead to disastrous consequences – darkening and complete destruction of the tooth enamel.

The more reasonable people at the slightest unpleasant sensations speak directly to the dentist and get competent advice, and if necessary, professional treatment and strengthening the enamel of professional tools. It can be both fluoridation and remineralization with the help of modern means, and enamel restoration with light-curing fillings and even full cover the lost fortress of enamel veneers – thin pads made of durable white ceramic that will protect your teeth from further destruction, and at the same time will make the smile irresistible for life.

If you care about the condition of the tooth enamel even before she began to thin and break down – you are absolutely right. Doctors “Dentici” a variety of methods to preserve your enamel and even strengthen it. We use modern methods to strengthen the enamel structure, based on the application of preparations of calcium and phosphorus casein-based. This treatment is carried out courses and brings great results.

In short, do not rely on dubious recipes from the world wide web. Only a dentist possesses the only effective knowledge on how to improve tooth enamel and what should be the response to dental pain, the destruction of enamel and other diseases.

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