Stagger the teeth causes

The most common worldwide story of the dream is when loose teeth and even seemed to threaten to fall out. Even mister Sigmund Freud honored him as their interpretation.But we will not go into the details of psychoanalysis, better from Dreamland back to reality.

In everyday life, unfortunately, many are faced with the described problem. And to know what stagger teeth have to apply not to the dream books, and more competent dentist.

As with most pathologies, if you have started to stagger the teeth, the cause lies in the spread of bacteria. Bacteria are the constant companions and cause such diseases as gingivitis and periodontitis. Both diseases develop due to a simple lack of hygiene of the oral cavity. When we are poorly and irregularly brush our teeth, and defy the visits to the doctor-hygienist, gums become inflamed.

At first it looks quite harmless, but over time, there is swelling of the gums and they begin to bleed while brushing. If time does not go to the doctor, pathology comes to a serious degree, when the place of attachment of the gum to the tooth accumulates plaque, which hardens and penetrates under the gums, having periodontal pockets. In these pockets accumulate food debris, plaque and stone. The microbes in this environment feel at ease, multiply, cause inflammation and in the process destroy not only the periodontal ligament, but the bone of the jaw.

In the end, fixing weakened tooth, a loose tooth and it hurts, as if to bring the disease to an extreme degree, may even fall out on their own.


Of course, periodontitis is the main but not the only cause of loose teeth. Often, periodontal disease is complicated by such serious diseases as osteoporosis, diabetes, arthritis, anorexia, cardiovascular diseases, and several others. We can not say about the harmful tendency to grind the teeth in sleep is called bruxism. To get rid of it, by the way, as well as to protect teeth, help a specially made mouthguard to sleep. But about them we will write in detail next time.

Anyway, if you have started to loose teeth, think of it literally: they don’t like the way you treat them, because the basis of good turning to your own teeth are hygiene and prevention.

Do not be lazy to brush your teeth at least twice a day, use a good quality brush, pipe cleaners, and dental floss for cleaning interdental spaces, and most importantly – do not neglect visits to the doctor-to the hygienist every six months for professional hygiene of the oral cavity. This allows you to relieve inflammation, to prevent the negative effect of microorganisms on the bone and thus to avoid loosening of the teeth.


But advanced cases of periodontitis are not hopeless. If the time to see a specialist, teeth can be saved. To do this, first consult a dentist and take care to serious oral hygiene. An experienced doctor will tell you what to do if wobbly teeth and how to strengthen them, depending on the stage of the disease.

Perhaps at the initial stage of the disease, the doctor will be able to stop the destructive process using professional of the treatment unit Vector and medication. And you sustain the treatment with good hygiene and proper nutrition.

Sometimes, to stop the loosening of the teeth, the so-called splinting: after cleansing and treatment of teeth from the lingual side are connected to each other with a thin metal or fiberglass splint.

In the condition where the mobility has only appeared in “Dentik” successfully performed patchwork surgery, surgery of guided tissue regeneration (NTR) and reconstructive surgery of bone grafting.

In General, with modern treatment techniques, successfully used in our clinic, experts can do everything to save your teeth.

Of course, it is not necessary to bring them to such a state, when talking about the operation. Therefore, without waiting for when you start to loose your teeth, you need to go to the dentist and time to undertake all necessary hygiene measures.

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