Toothache under a crown

Crown – a type of prosthesis that is installed on a tooth that has undergone considerable destruction, in order to strengthen it and avoid deletion. Of course, before that, the tooth carefully treated and sealed. Meanwhile, there are cases when the patient began to be troubled by a toothache under a crown.

Our body is a complex and unique mechanism that signals about the slightest problems including pain symptoms. And caused by these symptoms can be a wide range of reasons from improper treatment, and individual peculiarities of human physiology.

We cover the tooth with a crown in order to serve long and, normally, the tooth under the crown should not bother its owner for a long time. However, it is better to be forewarned and therefore forearmed. Because the condition of the teeth directly affects the health of the whole organism.


Let us briefly examine possible causes of painful sensations and will make conclusions – what to do if sick teeth under the crowns. The crown is cemented in significantly ruined tooth, which could be sealed with preservation of the nerve or subjected to deponirovanie.

If the aching tooth crown when the nerve is preserved – the reason is the so-called secondary caries, which develops under the fixed prosthesis and causes inflammation of the nerve or dental pulpitis.

Cause pain tooth with a remote nerve may become inflammation on the tip of the root, which is called periodontitis.

This happens if the root canals are not sealed in time or were not fully sealed. Inflammation cause pathogens, which through an open channel to penetrate into the surrounding root tissue. Very often, the root canals are unusual, have branches or even there are additional channels to detect which is quite difficult.

In order to solve this problem dentists “Dentici” is used in the treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis, which under magnification in 30 times helps to detect even the hidden channels of the tooth, and most importantly carefully sealed. Because periodontitis can cause not only a continuous tooth pain, but also flux and even fever.

Finally, if you have a toothache under a crown, the reason may lie in the deterioration of the crown and/or its loose fit to the tooth. It happens that the prosthesis is installed tightly enough, over time, loses its cement that keeps it to the tooth and shaken. Under it get food particles and creates a space for the spread of bacteria.

Another cause of pain under the tooth – periodontitis and its complications

The causes of periodontitis are several, but the main – improper oral hygiene. Those who wear the mouth of prosthesis – crowns and bridges, it is particularly important to carefully monitor hygiene, to use special brushes, pipe cleaners, and superfloss for cleaning interdental spaces, and most importantly – do not forget to visit the hygienist every six months.

In the end, even with good hygiene inaccurately made the bit can put pressure on the gums and injure the soft tissues, causing inflammation. It would seem that the trifle and can be used, but do not forget that the constant inflammation eventually leads to damage of the gums and development of periodontitis.

As you can see, factors abound. But the decisive moment in the fight against toothache, as always, remains the choice of a professional dentist and regular consultations.

Take care of your health and trust only proven professionals – for example in the center of “Dentika” there is a widespread practice of modeling and crowns using digital technology on computer machine CAD/CAM. These crowns have an absolute accuracy of fit and do not go under the gum, which maintains a healthy and gums and teeth under the crown.

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