To anesthetize the tooth at home

This is especially true of dentistry. So to numb the tooth, many will solve themselves. And as advice they don’t need a doctor – only a couple of questionable popular recipes from the Internet.

Then you and herbal teas, and lard, and for the most “advanced” – exclusive Granny’s conspiracy…

Despite the exhortations of doctors, many people are still playing in the Amateur and at times resort to such a mind-blowing how self-what are you – how much reckless courage? Maybe not extreme enough in everyday life or bored with life?


Each of us, of course, the architect of your own happiness and health, it is important to remember that to anesthetize the tooth so only take short-term measures that have nothing to do with treatment. Maybe you will be able to remove the pain symptom, but the problem will remain and continue to worsen. In the end, you only will forget about the disease, because pain is simply “turn off”, but the disease remains.

For example, treated early dental caries will eventually lead to an increase of the lesion and the development of inflammation in root canals. Sometimes this inflammation is accompanied by a hellish pain, and you Willy-nilly go to the doctor. And most of all, drowning out the pain with a pill or a rinse, leave the problem for later, but the inflammatory process continues to evolve in root canals and then to the outside of the root, in the periodontal tissues.

Periodontitis, which occurs as a result of such negligence, is a serious, chronic disease that can lead to tooth loss and even more serious consequences.

In addition, when you decide to numb a toothache at home with the help of pharmaceutical drugs, also necessary to consult. Because many of them have side effects, and is the analgesic effect, can give you a few hours of an allergic reaction, and sometimes gives heart complications. The deceit that you may not even notice.

So, if you have a toothache, don’t take it lightly and do not try to anesthetize themselves. Be sure to go to the dentist, outline the symptoms, go study and get competent advice and timely assistance. Pain is not an unfortunate misunderstanding, but a clear signal from the body. She talks about the specific problems that must be solved immediately.

Then your pain should not bother you – you’re in safe hands.

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