Care braces

Braces can be compared with a new Shoe that takes some getting used to, even if itself is very comfortable.

If you have already installed the braces, the case remained for small – to learn how to use it correctly clean and care for them. Below we will discuss what kind of relationship you should ideally emerge with their own braces so they in no way disappoint.

At the initial stage, which only takes a few days, the braces can create a sense of pressure, some irritation of the cheeks and lips. In addition, she will likely have an impact on pronunciation.

However, this should not scare you. Continue to live the usual life, communicate with friends and family, not change regulations. Anyway, and remove the braces will not happen until they perform their function until the end. So the only thing you can do is to adapt to and overcome short-term initial stage of adaptation.

In case of serious violations of diction, as well as injury to the mucosa of the mouth, orthodontists are advised to use special kind of protective wax. It can be purchase at the drugstore. On average, the discomfort should disappear within the first week of wearing braces and metal arc are transformed into charming “decoration”.

However, not all braces can be easy to adapt. So, lingual braces require more patience than so vestibular. To get started with lingual braces can take up to a month. And during this period, be prepared for some inconvenience during the speech. However, you will certainly revive the fact that lingual braces are virtually invisible from the outside. And will open you a small secret: if you make these braces are generally customized, the level of discomfort at the initial stage of wear will be reduced to virtually zero.


To maintain the Shine of a smile, careful care of braces, on schedule and without laziness.

You have to complete every meal with brushing. Morning and evening procedure is carried out with increased enthusiasm. Braces require an expansion of the Arsenal: in addition to the usual toothbrush you have to buy at your local pharmacy another, the bristles of which has a special V-shaped. You will also need dental floss with a stiff end for access to the spaces between the teeth on arcs. The space between the arch and teeth is processed by the brushes.

As for toothpaste and salves used while wearing braces, they will recommend you the attending physician, proceeding from indications. By the way, in the opinion of specialists, patients, care of the self-ligating braces is somewhat easier than actual.

There is also a special device that makes the care of braces easier. It’s called a Waterpik and the function of its is to under pressure to direct the liquid jet on dirty surfaces of the teeth. In fact, it is an auxiliary treatment method, which is intended only to complement dental floss, brushes and brush. For the filling of the irrigator uses water and special solutions. However, if your gums are quite sensitive, treat this device with care. In this case, locate the model of the irrigator, which allows you to adjust the pressure of the fluid. Irrigators are divided into portable and stationary. The first is good because you can take them with you when you travel or business trip.


Those who use braces, it is possible to gently lose weight, because braces require adherence to a special diet. No, you should not be afraid to starve. But with solid products, you need to be careful. Although the design of the bracket system and has sufficient strength, however, hard meat kebab, but still on the bone, as well as hard fruits and nuts can inadvertently cause damage to it.

The most durable braces is a common metal. Made of plastic, on the contrary, can move, and fixation will be compromised. Caution is also required on system sapphire crystal and transparent ceramic.

In addition to solid, hard foods, you need to forget about products with a viscous consistency – confectionery, sweets, caramel and the like. Their stuff gets stuck in a bracket system and complicates subsequent cleaning.

Hot drinks and ice cream also should be used with caution, since extreme temperatures negatively affect the elasticity of arcs.

The plastic media should be reminded that they run the risk of eating foods with strong colouring properties. They include jams and preserves, wine, coffee. Also do not advise Smoking.


Braces modern brands remain the most effective means of correcting the bite and straightening dentitions. Typically, to achieve complete results with them requires a year or two, but this period may vary depending on the age and complexity of the pathology. In addition, the mechanics of tooth movement of each person is individual, and therefore it is not necessary to expect from an orthodontist, you will be called immediately one clear sentence.

Self-ligating braces can provide faster treatment at an early stage, however, the average time will not change. The task of the patient – not to interfere with the work of braces, and then everything goes wrong. Sufficient to comply with the provisions for the care of braces, which we in General already considered above, and the finer points will carry to you the specialist after the consultation.

At the conclusion of the treatment the braces are removed with special pliers, then the teeth cleaned and polished to make the enamel should look.

If you haven’t decided 100% whether to use braces, we recommend you to consider other options of correcting the bite, in particular transparent aligners-aligners.

Once the braces was considered to be a device requiring to accept the discomfort for the result. However, technologies are evolving, and today replaced the outdated designs came easy and much more effective. A concrete example we consider in this article – Incognito braces. Take a closer look with this curious development, and discuss its pros and cons.

Lingual braces Incognito is a design that allows you to correct the bite inconspicuously and without having to significantly disrupt the routine. This convenience Incognito braces must, first of all, the fact that the system is installed on the inner side of the dentition.

One of the first attempts to develop lingual braces was carried out back in the XVIII century. In particular, a pioneer of dentistry the Pierre Foshar started then to use a lingual orthodontic design. Of course, it was a little similar to future developments. Closer to the modern model appeared only in the second half of the twentieth century in Japan and the United States.

Braces system Incognito was created and did in the beginning of the XXI century. Its development was headed by Professor Dirk Wichmann (Germany), who was then the head of the European society of lingual orthodontics. That is Herr Wichmann with colleagues belong to invention patents.


In the opinion of highly qualified orthodontists, braces Incognito (Incognito) does not actually have any drawbacks. Powered by a mechanical impact, the similarity with the usual ordinary braces, this system achieves the result more quickly.

Thus, Incognito braces for individuals who require:

  • To return the dentition correct, even the structure or even to achieve rotation of the teeth.
  • To correct deep bite.
  • To get rid of cracked teeth.
  • To achieve the above without sacrificing comfort and aesthetics of the face.

Lingual braces system Incognito is easy to install. The patient thus gets used to it fairly quickly, even if the design has little effect on the diction.

Incognito braces also feature smaller size relative to other lingual systems. They are invisible, and this is a significant advantage for people who, because of work or Hobbies often perform in front of an audience.

Finally, Incognito braces are made from an alloy containing gold, and therefore hypoallergenic.


The process of installing braces system Incognito is somewhat different from that in the case of other braces.

The first stage is the preparation of the oral cavity. It is necessary to cure tooth decay, if available, to eliminate gum disease and plaque.

In the second phase, the doctor takes pictures of the teeth in three dimensions and a photo of the face. The acquired information is sent to the clinic TOP-Service für Lingualtechnik GmbH. (Germany), where based on the obtained three-dimensional models and manufactured Incognito braces. The resulting design meets all the individual requirements of the patient.

Then Incognito braces are delivered to your dentist who installs them.

All these steps require, as a rule, no more than two weeks time.


Any special cases in which to apply the braces is not recommended, no. However, Incognito braces should not be installed if the patient has a high degree of crowding of the teeth or if the jaw is too narrow, and also in diseases of the gums and tissues of the oral cavity.

Also Incognito braces is not recommended to install on the crown. Specific contraindications can be noted except that the presence of diseases of the Central nervous system.

Finally, these braces are not set to the little patients.


Incognito braces for one jaw will cost you an average of 80 thousand rubles, not counting installation and possible treatments in the treatment.

The cost for all work on the malocclusion using the described technology can be from 200 to 300 thousand. It is worth considering that different clinics offer different prices, but the difference is small.

Considering Incognito braces as an alternative solution to your problem, remember that their cost is absolutely adequate efficiency and comfort compared to other technologies. You will pay for guaranteed quality and convenience, that’s all. If you become aware of this and used to make an informed choice when it comes to your health, then we recommend you to use Incognito braces. And continue to smile even with braces, without worrying about the appearance!

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