The consequences of bruxism

Below we discuss when you should seriously be concerned about adults with bruxism, in what may be its causes and how to treat this disease.

Involuntary gnashing of teeth happened, perhaps, at all. If it occurs rarely and does not last long, nothing to worry about it.

However, if this phenomenon is regular, then we are talking about the disease, which is known by several names – Tantrism, the phenomenon of Caroline and, most at the hearing, bruxism.


One of the key features of bruxism is that suffers from it man grinds his teeth unconsciously. And if the day he can note that doing this, that night during sleep, a strange sound friction of the teeth may detect only relatives.

For clinical diagnosis of bruxism used method is EMG (electromyography). With the help of special sensors attached to the patient’s face, recorded the electrical activity of the muscles of the mouth. However, even before going to the EMG recommend that you pay careful attention to the signals his own body.

That you suffer from bruxism and grinding your teeth at night, I can report the following signs:

  • The shape and dimensions of the crown of the teeth menaud, shortened. There are bumps and chips.
  • The sores on the buccal mucosa due to biting of the tissues of the teeth.

To indirect signs of bruxism also refer feelings tinnitus, migraine, pain in the cervical spine, clicking in the jaws. In addition, the disease can speak with a feeling of numbness of the jaw and General weakness in a time of awakening in the morning.


Gnashing of teeth, from which a man can be cured in the continuation of a long time, can bring enough problems. First, tooth enamel is destroyed, teeth gain increased sensitivity and are more vulnerable to tooth decay.

In severe cases, when a person is suffering from bruxism for several years, it can whittle down the teeth almost to the roots, not to mention shorten the life of crowns and other prosthetic constructions. Secondly, the effect of bruxism can be a pathological tooth mobility and loss gums.

Bruxism in adults, in addition, causes excessive tension of the facial muscles, and therefore – pain in them. This can also lead to night apnea, and this does not suggest that you should take lightly.

Finally, even the psyche can suffer from bruxism, because this disease shows that people cannot relax and get a good night’s sleep. Develops chain: from stress to bruxism, bruxism is insomnia, from insomnia to chronic depression.


Often bruxism develops from trivia, such as, for example, the tendency in thought, gnawing a pencil at the workplace.

However, the most common source of bruxism is stress. Nature laid down that on the occurrence of difficult situations, we respond with a reflex contraction of the jaw. Also this is true in the case of stress caused by taking excessive amounts of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol etc. and the regular Involuntary teeth grinding evidence of man’s inability to cope with the nervous stress.

Further, in addition to stress, bruxism in adults may have its origin in the presence of anomalies – for example, malocclusion and missing teeth. Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s may also have as a “side effect” gnashing of teeth.


The opinion that the cause of bruxism can be worms, still has its supporters, especially in the context of child morbidity. It is believed that the activity of the parasites in the gut, stimulates increased secretion of the saliva of a child and, as a consequence, involuntary chewing movements. However, bruxism symptoms this is not true. In fact, worms are not the cause of bruxism.


Getting rid of the gnashing of teeth consists of several stages.

  • First, the patient is recommended to apply special mouthpiece bruxism. If the situation is already much running, perhaps the use of relaxing medications, Botox injections and even the services of a hypnotherapist.
  • Next, the script depends on the causes of rattle. In the case where it is caused by emotional stress, the treatment will be based on the reduction of stress. If all because of malocclusion, is assigned orthodontic consultation and treatment. Further possible installation of braces, implants, etc., depending on the diagnosis.
  • Also, the patient learns to independently control the tension of the muscles of the jaw and face and reduce it through massage, special exercises and compresses.
  • From drinks with caffeine, firm and difficult to chew your food, most likely, have to give. Also, your doctor must tell us whether you accept any third-party products.

Remember that it is useless to take any measure of aesthetic medicine, until you got rid of the gnashing of teeth. Otherwise, the achieved beauty of the smile will be short-lived.


Folk remedies can be effective only in the case of using them in order to relax muscles. You can use herbal teas (chamomile, Valerian, etc.), special baths.

Don’t neglect fresh air and walks. And remember that all this does not negate a visit to the doctor, but only accelerates the healing process.


To maintain the optimum balance of tension and relaxation in General, and thus face the possible occurrence of bruxism, engage in physical activity. Instead of simple carbohydrates, eat more fruits, nuts, vegetables.

If, however, bruxism was manifested, don’t take it lightly. Teeth grinding is a serious signal that your health is deteriorated. Don’t waste time and contact the dental clinic for professional help.

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