How to remove a tumor on the tooth or gums with the cheeks in the home

The swelling of the tooth or the gums can occur for a variety of reasons. As a rule, therefore, appears protective reaction of the organism to inflammation in the oral cavity. The accompanying symptoms are swelling itching redness and pain. If the pain is very intense, it is likely that it will be about purulent inflammation. It is important to figure out what causes this condition, then you can start treatment.

Treatment of tumors of the gums after the removal of the patient’s tooth

Sometimes cheek and gums swell after removal of the tooth the patient or after treatment. This is a natural phenomenon that occurs in response to outside intervention. Typically, this swelling is not accompanied by painful sensations and independently passes after a few days.

You can speed up this process, if you use the following tips:

  • Applied to the swollen cheek cold. This can be a bag of ice wrapped in cloth or cold warmer. One procedure is 10 minutes, repeat every 2-3 hours until relieved.
  • In order to reduce the inflammation, you can rinse your mouth decoctions of herbs (chamomile, sage, St. John’s wort, oak bark, calamus root) or soda solution. However, it is prohibited to carry out such processing earlier than 24 hours from completion of treatment.
  • Helps to relieve swelling of the cheeks and gums are applied to the mucous membrane of the gel Metrodent.

Treatment of tumors of the gums during the eruption of wisdom tooth

Very often, the appearance of a tumor of the gums due to the fact that a man begins to erupt, wisdom teeth. This process may be accompanied by mild pain and redness.

If possible, you should consult with a dentist, and until that time to reduce the swelling in the home will help the following recommendations:

  • Rinsing the oral cavity with a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide and water (200 ml boiled water 1 tablespoon of peroxide). To apply the resulting tool can be up to 4 times a day.
  • Rinse the mouth with a solution of iodine and soda. For its preparation you will need 200 ml of boiled water, three drops of iodine and a teaspoon of baking soda. All this should be mixed thoroughly and rinse your mouth up to six times a day.
  • You can prepare an infusion from a mixture of herbs. This will need to take a teaspoon of nettle and calendula, add two teaspoons of psyllium. The resulting dry mixture pour boiling water (200 ml) and insist on for hours. Then the infusion is filtered, moistened it in cotton wool or swab and apply to the swollen place.
  • Helps to eliminate the swelling, the poultice made from fresh egg yolk, icing sugar (teaspoon) and vegetable oil (tablespoon). The ingredients are blended, after which the resulting composition of the impregnated cotton swab and applied to the affected area.
  • You can use the propolis, but it is important that he was present on the water but not on alcohol. This tincture should rinse your mouth, carefully working through the other side, which includes swelling. Propolis contains tannins that not only help to eliminate inflammation and relieve soreness.
Treatment of tumors of the gums when the flux

If the swelling of the gums triggered by the flux, it will manifest itself in redness of the gums, severe swelling and pain. Painful feelings are very intense. In addition, there is an increase in temperature.

The fact that the flux is occurring microbial inflammation of the periosteum and there begins to accumulate pus. It was his accumulation leads to the formation of the tumor under the gum tissue. In this case, a person needs urgent medical assistance, as there is a risk of serious complications, including blood poisoning and the death of the patient. To treat the abscess at home is strictly prohibited.

However, if there is no possibility to instantly get to the doctor, you can try to use the following tips:

  • Rinse your mouth with salt solution. Salt is a natural antiseptic that helps to reduce inflammation, and reduce swelling.
  • Alcohol tincture of calendula or sage to dissolve in a glass of water (30 drops in a glass), after which the resulting solution to rinse your mouth. If an alcohol tincture is not at hand, it can be dry chopped herbs of sage or marigold in the amount of three tablespoons to brew 500 ml of boiling water. After the infusion has cooled, strain it and use as a means for rinsing.
  • To relieve the pain and swelling the flux helps aloe juice. Fresh leaves should be grinded and applied to the affected area. The resulting slurry is that it does not collapse, you need to wrap it in clean gauze. Make a swab with aloe to the affected area for up to 2 hours.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect has the juice of Kalanchoe. It moisten a cotton ball and placed on the inner surface of the cheek on the side where there is swelling.
  • It is possible to reduce inflammation and relieve swelling use ointment Metrogyl Denta or nasal spray. They are applied to swollen area of the gums once a day. And the Throat pain it is best to apply the gauze, and then applied to the gums. Metrogyl Denta can be left on the gums before complete resorption, and tampons with Levamisole should be changed periodically. Both tools can be used repeatedly.
  • To remove the swelling, you can rinse your mouth with phytorestore of Rotokan based on herbs. You need to dilute it with water at the rate of 5 ml per Cup of water.

It should be remembered that the flux is strictly prohibited all warming treatments, as they increase the risk of spreading of inflammation to nearby tissue, as well as the risk of infection in the blood. In addition, do not apply the pressure bandage. Any mechanical impact from the outside can aggravate the patient’s condition. As soon as the opportunity arises, you need to seek medical help.

Some simple and effective compress with the swelling of gums and cheeks
  • Wrap with a bow. To cook the onion boiled in milk, then crushed to puree state. The resulting slurry was wrapped in cheesecloth and apply to the sore spot. Repeat procedure up to 4 times a day.
  • The dough with honey. For its preparation you need to take rye flour, water and honey. All of these components should be mixed so as to obtain a mass of the consistency of thick dough. It should be applied to the diseased gum 3 times a day.
  • Can be applied in the gum boiled cabbage leaves, but first it should be cool.
  • Helps reduce the swelling of pine resin, popularly known as oleoresin. It is applied on gauze and apply to inflamed gums.

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