Why hurt a dead tooth

The first cause of these problems – the spread of harmful microorganisms via the root canal of the tooth into the jawbone. This happens in case of advanced caries.

Often “dead” is called a tooth from which during the treatment was removed the pulp (i.e. nerve endings, blood vessels and supporting cells). Also “die” the tooth was able.

This could happen if the person had not approached the dentist to treat tooth decay, and the resulting pain were muffled by the pills. And since the nerve in the tooth there, it seems to be cheering he should not.

But it’s not.

Often “dead” teeth remind you of his pain when chewing, feeling “grown up” teeth. Possible long-term, nagging pain, swollen gums near the tooth, or even the appearance of swelling on the face.

Microorganisms break down the bone near the root of the tooth, cause inflammation and as a consequence pain.

This process can be rapid, and can take several years.

The second reason is the outcome of poor root canal treatment. Modern dentistry puts forward certain requirements for filling the canals: should be filled all the channels in the tooth, the whole length and very tight. Only in this case remains favourable conditions for development of microflora, which causes inflammation.

Another causes of pain “dead” tooth, is the infiltration of malware microbial agent from the periodontal pockets. If diagnosed with periodontitis, there is abundant plaque, pockets, bleeding, even a perfectly cured the tooth is in danger.

Microbes moving along the tooth root, destroying the ligaments that hold it in the hole. The tooth becomes mobile, that causes pain when chewing food.

If you are faced with the fact that previously treated tooth causes discomfort, consult your dentist. For diagnosis you will be offered a x-ray study of the patient’s tooth. The doctor will prepare an individual treatment plan, tell me what the recovery process will go in the bone tissue.

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