First visit to the orthodontist

Many ignore the fact that the child’s malocclusion. But this is a serious problem, not only aesthetic but also medical. Malocclusion contributes to uneven distribution of masticatory load, and consequently leads to problems with digestion.

Currently, parents often bring kids to the reception to the doctor-orthodontist at three. And it deserves respect! Identifying developmental disorders of jaws at an early stage will help parents to draw attention to their causes. Only a third of cases the cause is heredity. In other cases, malocclusions are influenced by untimely taken preventive measures.

Improper feeding (breast and artificial), chronic diseases of the nose and throat at an early age, the formation of a predominantly mouth breathing, incorrect position of the child during sleep, incorrect posture, bad habits (prolonged use of pacifiers, thumb sucking and other foreign objects, biting the lower lip) – this is the reasons of violation of the proper development of the jaws.

From the age of two you can use special orthodontic trainers and vestibular plate to wean the baby from the nipples. The orthodontist can choose the most convenient and useful orthodontic appliance if the child has already formed malocclusion, gummy smile, crooked teeth. The treatment is particularly effective during periods of temporary and replaceable bite when the child grows.

At this age you can direct the growth of the jaws in the desired direction. If little patient will be responsible to the recommendations of the orthodontist, then the treatment on the bracket system can be avoided. The support of parents and other family members will provide invaluable assistance during orthodontic treatment!

For violation of the functions of speech, the child must work with a speech pathologist. But the reason may be in violation of the structure elements of the speech apparatus. Visit the orthodontist to make sure that the structure and attachment of bridles of language and lips normal. The doctor also will teach the complex biogenetically exercises if the cause is a violation of the ratio of dentition.

Special attention is to be given to the early removal of temporary (milk) teeth.

Each tooth nature has set a definite time of occurrence in the oral cavity. If a temporary tooth was removed so as to treat him it was too late, not necessarily that next month in its place will erupt permanent teeth. To change some of the teeth may take two to three years. But nature abhors a vacuum, so the place where it should be temporary tooth very quickly start to move the neighboring teeth.

Dental arch is narrowed, and the space for permanent teeth, there is little or no choice at all. Hence, there are teeth that erupt “second row”. Therefore, to save space for permanent teeth, orthodontic braces are made with artificial plastic teeth.

Children’s age is “Golden” for orthodontic treatment! Correction of malocclusion at an early age will help to avoid the formation of aesthetic defects in the form of the face and smile, a serious psychological discomfort, the development of related diseases that are harmful to the health of the child.

If all the temporary teeth have already shifted to a constant (usually to 11 years), it is possible to install a bracket system. At the age of 14 years is the growth of the skeletal system, so in this period it is easier to adjust the position of the teeth and jaws, and in some cases it is possible to avoid tooth extraction according to orthodontic indications.

The bracket system is a set of several small plates which are glued on teeth with grooves into which is inserted a metal arc. Initially, the arc is set for a harmonious dentition of this form, and after fixation of the arc to the braces, she begins to try to restore it, pulling the teeth (the arc is made of special material with “shape memory”).

Preference in adolescence can give a classic metal braces. This is the most practical and economical option. Arch in the braces is fixed by means of ligatures is the rubber bands which at the request of the patient can be of different colors. If the child is very shy of metal glitter in his mouth, to use a ceramic (white) or sapphire (transparent) braces.

The best option – self-ligating braces. It’s the braces of the last generation, which have a more complex structure than the classical ones. The arc is maintained by means of a lock, which is in each bracket. Due to this design the teeth is moderate, useful pressure, thereby achieving a better extension of the dentition. Treatment is with minimal pain, are more comfortable and fast!

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