Baby bottle tooth decay treatment

Many parents are quite careless to the condition of the milk teeth of their children. They believe that there is no reason to seriously worry about it, because once the baby teeth still do fall. This attitude can cause serious problems in a child. Have you ever heard about this disease as baby bottle tooth decay?


Baby bottle tooth decay (also known as circular) can occur in kids under the age of four years. It damages the teeth when they erupt. Occurs pathology on the upper tooth row, from the front, and then apply.

Distinctive signs of the disease – white spots in areas of contact of the teeth with each other and in the area adjoining to the gums.

The described features can be difficult to recognize when parents do not monitor properly for oral hygiene of the offspring, resulting in children’s teeth appear hiding spots brownish patina.


According to experts, baby bottle tooth decay is caused by frequent feeding of the baby before daytime and before bedtime.

This refers to the feeding and not only breast milk or bottle-feeding, but the use of other child products which can contribute to tooth decay – for example, juices, cookies, other sweets – more than three times a day.

After a meal, pieces of food remain on the surface of the teeth, the child moves away to sleep, a night out for him starting to awake bacteria in the oral cavity. Hence the decay.

In addition, the disease can progress, if the child body does not have enough fluoride. Toys and other items with an unclean surface, being satasen restless researcher in the mouth also lead to disease if not to monitor the hygiene of the rug of the baby’s mouth properly.


Therapy bottle caries depends on the level of complexity of the situation.

The doctor determines it based on the patient’s age and neglect of the pathology.

  • The initial degree of difficulty found in the age 10 – 20 months. Its distinctive features are the appearance of white spots on the enamel and on the area of contact between the teeth and gums of the opposite jaw. Alas, such symptoms are not always possible to detect, but if the parents have shown sufficient vigilance, the disease can be cured even at home, not to mention the visit to a pediatric dentist. However, the home treatment does not imply the use of folk remedies. You should consult the doctor and he will prescribe the necessary medications that can be purchased at the pharmacy.

Baby bottle tooth decay on a spot stage can be cured in the clinic through remineralization, sealing fissures and fluorination of enamel and dentine. In addition, you can even do without a drill – today, there are technology using ozone gel, laser, and the method of infiltration.

Describes the measures the safest and most effective.

Removal of caries the baby will have enough of one visit to the dentist.

  • The second level of complexity typical for the age of 16-24 months. There is already exposed dentin, the lesion tooth decay change colour, teeth turn yellow and the enamel becomes more sensitive.

Therapy at this stage is the same as in the first stage. In addition to possible procedure of silvering. However, it is deservedly considered outdated, as it does not eliminate the causes of the disease, but merely suspends it and requires repetition.

Finally, the silver nitrate deposited film on the teeth, by no means gives them aesthetics.

  • The third level of complexity captures the age 20-36 months. It is characterized by significant damage to the incisors of the upper jaw, the appearance of acute pain. Here already it is necessary to treat the teeth with a drill and install the seals. And with the baby teeth is not so easy to do! To begin with, that the baby have yet to convince to take a seat in the chair. Often one power of persuasion is not enough, and with the consent of the parents used sedatives. Moreover, the milk teeth are so arranged that the removal of caries should be done with a jeweler’s precision, otherwise you can damage the dentin. During installation of the seal tooth surface must be dry, and it is difficult to achieve.

In the process of filling the dentist will use compomers that are completely safe for the baby. They contain calcium and fluoride.

Sometimes seals are used in various bright colors, which results in young patients excited.

  • The fourth stage comes into force, when the teeth are already subject to severe destruction. Have to replace their removable dentures. If at least part of the tooth still be saved, for his restoration used crowns made of zirconium oxide. This material most bio compatible with the child’s body.

If you neglect the treatment, even in the fourth stage, the child is threatened with disruptions in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and the development of malocclusion.


If time does not care about the treatment of bottle tooth decay, a constant inflammation will cause pain, due to which the child will cease to sleep. And what does healthy sleep is for the weak of body, you understand yourself.

Lack of sleep will lead to fatigue. The body will not have time to replenish the resources will begin to weaken the immune system – and, seemingly, just because of some baby teeth, the baby will get a bunch of other, more serious diseases, including mental.

If neglected the infection, it will get to soft tissues and the rudiments of future indigenous. The root, therefore, will be late and not the best condition. Because of this there is a speech defects, malocclusion, and change in appearance. From the teeth of defeat will flock to the larynx and lungs, may occur inflammation of the Airways. You probably already unpleasantly impressed by the possible consequences. So the time pay attention to milk teeth of your children!


First, you need to stop feeding baby right before bedtime. If the baby can’t sleep on an empty stomach, before leaving him to sleep until he belches, and then thoroughly clean the baby’s mouth with a napkin or a special toothbrush.

Recommend to reduce the consumption of baby sweet. Replace juices with a large percentage of sugar fluoridated water. Contact your doctor and he will help you to choose for the child the optimal toothpaste and other means, so as not to overdo the fluoride. It requires a certain amount.

By the way, experts do not recommend to get carried away and sweet syrups against cough. Healing one disease, they often contribute to the appearance of caries. At least, after use you must rinse the baby’s mouth and brush his teeth.

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