Care of children’s teeth

With the appearance of the first tooth the child should receive a toothbrush. The best model first brush silicone brush massager dressed on her mother’s finger. She would be excellent for bacterial bloom, and at the same time massage your gums. This brush dentists recommend the use of up to 2 years, i.e. until when the baby can give a real toothbrush.

To the toothbrush for kids special requirements. It should be soft, with synthetic bristles and a flexible curved handle, and the handle should have an emphasis for a thumb. Choosing a toothbrush to a child, pay attention to the top of her head along the length match the size of his 2-3 teeth. Tufts of bristles should be located not too often. Some of the brushes of the individual bristle longer – they are designed to cleanse hard to reach areas of the teeth. The bristles may have a colored time indicator, the current three months. Souvenirs are available toothbrush with handle in the form of toys.

Fans of technical progress can buy a child an electric toothbrush in which the head itself makes a circular motion. There are brushes with sound timer set on 2 minutes, There are musical toothbrushes when brushing your teeth this brush is melody.

Store the brush in case it is impossible – it is designed only for transport.

If you are going on the road, you can purchase a special travel brush with a handle in the form of the case. However, to keep the brush in case it is impossible – it is designed only for transport.

A toothbrush should be changed every 3 months regardless of its condition – bristles changes form, “tired”, it accumulate germs. It should be stored in a glass head up.

Toothbrush – the subject of personal use. Do not allow your child to use someone else’s brush: there may be microorganisms that cause caries, there is the possibility of infection with viral hepatitis and HIV infection.

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