Whether to send a child to summer camp?

In summer, kids need to rest and gather strength: more fresh air, to do sports regularly and eat a healthy diet. Camp is a wonderful place for children.

However, if you doubt, try to find arguments in order to send a child to camp, or, conversely, to leave it at home. And it will consider the issue comprehensively.

Whether your child has a chronic illness exacerbations which require urgent medical care?


The camp is sure to be nurses. And yet, if you know what your son or daughter at any time may have health problems, think a hundred times whether to buy a ticket. In that case, if you decide that the countryside needs to go in his favor, be sure to contact medical personnel, educators, warn them about possible exacerbation; give him all the necessary medicines.

Communication skills

All children are different: for some a vacation without parents – a real celebration, for others a tragedy. If your child is very sociable, do not worry and easily send it to the peer group: it will immediately find their friends.

If the only reason not to send my son or daughter to the camp is their isolation, you should try to find a compromise: for example, to find a company in advance for the trip. It can be school friends, children of your relatives or friends child will not be alone. Complexes must overcome, and at the same time as children can help a summer vacation in camp.


If the plan you have with your child there is no problem: he always fulfils your requirements, has no disciplinary punishments in the school – so in the camp there should be no conflicts. If the child is active and it is absolutely naughty, be careful: any countryside requires perfect compliance with all safety regulations. Not sure that he can resist the antics – don’t take risks, let her rest at home.

The reliability of the camp

Convincing yourself that your son or daughter will benefit from rest in a country camp, and make sure that it will be organized at the proper level. Buying a ticket, ask:

1. What are the living conditions?

2. Who will play the role of teachers – professional teachers or random people?

3. Whether stationary kitchen?

4. Are there any camp area for sport games, a pool?

5. What is expected of the educational program? Probably will be held some contests that you can further interest the child, such as a display of fashionable children’s clothing, beauty contests, sports and games.

6. Can the children maintain regular contact with parents: whether is it the Internet, covered a territory where the camp is located, cellular communication?

Feel free to ask questions: the more you know about the alleged resting place of the child, the easier it will be to be separated from a son or daughter for some time.

Two or three weeks spent away from the bustle of the city, close to nature, no doubt, will go to child benefit. Clean air, good nutrition, exercise will harden the child and strengthen his nervous system!

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