Effective treatment of periodontal disease

Treatment of periodontal disease – a serious problem that cannot be solved in one visit to the doctor. Disease requires a comprehensive approach and constant daily participation of the patient. Timely diagnosis and proper therapy enable to stop the process and save the teeth.

Periodontal disease refers to a rather rare disease (it accounts for from 1 to 8% of the total number of dental patients), and identifies, as a rule, during the inspection the dentist when you have severe symptoms or x-ray.

Important. Periodontal disease is a systemic disorder characterized by the exposure of the necks of the teeth. At initial stage detection is only possible with the help of x-rays.

Causes and symptoms of periodontal disease

The disease is in most cases determined in adults of older age. The cause of periodontal disease – insufficient blood supply to the periodontal tissues, which leads to their atrophy in the absence of treatment. Experts tend to believe that in this case a significant role is played by hereditary factors. Patients from risk groups should be extremely cautious and keep things “in control”.

Diagnosis is quite often accompanied by the presence of systemic diseases – diabetes, cardiovascular and endocrine disorders, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Treatment of periodontal disease takes place in conjunction with assignments of related diseases that requires constant monitoring by specialists.

Also causes include improper oral hygiene, insufficient load on the teeth and gums, lack of nutritional vitamins and minerals.

With periodontitis are observed:

  • exposure necks of the teeth;
  • the wedge effect;
  • minor deposits on the enamel.

Important. For periodontal disease peculiar to good fixation of the teeth, allowing the dental prosthetics and implantation. Loosening of the teeth is characteristic of the last stage in severe, advanced cases.

Stages of periodontal disease

A feature of the disease is a long process occurring in several stages. In the initial phase to detect the signs is almost impossible, but with regular examinations, the doctor may draw attention to alarming issues.

For periodontitis is characterized by three stages:

First, initial. In most cases, asymptomatic. External characteristics – changes the color of the gums, they become more pale. The x-ray shows changes in the bone tissue.

Second, average. The gum starts to fall, necks of teeth bare. There may be slight itching in the gums, and small bleeding when brushing your teeth. Draws the attention of hypersensitivity in the cervical area. Due to changes in interdental spaces begin to stuck pieces of food that also causes discomfort. The wedge effect is evident – the non-carious lesions of hard tooth tissues.

Third, heavy. Starts the destruction of periodontal tissues. Half of the neck bare, the teeth become loose, there is a characteristic fan-shaped arrangement. Failure means a complete loss of teeth.

The process involves not one or two units, and entire jaw. In most cases, affects both jaws.

Periodontal disease and periodontitis – not to be confused

When no periodontal disease is bad breath, and a large number of dental plaque. No formation of purulent pockets, teeth in the initial stages are not loose and do not differ mobility. Notice pale gums and exposure of the tooth neck. A particular danger lies in the fact that the disease is at the initial stage has no symptoms. A patient goes to the doctor even in the presence of obvious signs.

For periodontitis is characterized excess Tartar, “moving” teeth, pocket formation, pus, unpleasant putrid breath. The gums become bright red, may swell and bleed. The disease is inflammatory, can occur at any age.

Gum disease treatment medications

When periodontal disease is recommended that a comprehensive drug treatment, in some cases, requires an in-depth survey to find out the cause of. The detection or presence of systemic diseases requires simultaneous treatment, as they could provoke the appearance of periodontal disease.

When choosing medicines the doctor comes from the degree of destruction of the gums and bone tissue. A periodontist is a treatment program that includes medication, rinses, application of ointments and gels, vitamin therapy, injection, physical therapy.

Important. The stages of treatment for each patient, the doctor selects individually. If you notice signs of periodontal disease should not find out from acquaintances what and in what order they were assigned. It is likely that the recommended treatment will not work.

Creams and gels

Are drugs local action, with high penetrating ability. Active ingredients promote better blood flow to the gums and bone, which gives the opportunity to suspend degenerative processes.

Troxevasin. Increases the tone of vascular walls, increases their elasticity, stops bleeding gums. Anti-inflammatory effect, reduces swelling of tissues.

Heparin. Ointment for local use. Active ingredients – heparin, benzylsuccinic, anesthetic benzocaine. Helps to improve microcirculation in the gums, suspending thereby the trophic processes.

Metrogyl Denta. Effective antimicrobial preparation containing two active ingredients – metronidazole, and chlorhexidine. When periodontal disease is administered in the case of complications of gingivitis. Applied to the gums in a thin layer with the regularity of treatments twice a day. Duration of treatment determined by the physician.

Algoflon. Combined preparation, intended for ezhednevnoj hygiene of the oral cavity. Has a protective, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory action. Used as toothpaste, as well as to prepare the solution for rinsing the mouth. Reduces tooth sensitivity, softens the deposits on the enamel, normalizes the condition of the gums. Important – do not have contraindications, it is safe to apply to children.

Solcoseryl. Stimulates the regeneration of tissues. In dentistry used in the dental paste format. Creates favorable conditions for the synthesis of collagen and tissue pulling speeds healing. When topically applied to the gums or other inflammation in the mouth forms a kind of protective layer that was active for 3-5 hours. Quickly (2-3 minutes) relieves pain. Applied without rubbing, 3-5 times a day after meals and at bedtime.

Holisal. A combination drug with an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, analgesic effect. Well absorbed to the tissues, is retained on mucosal surfaces for a long time. Analgeziruty effect was observed from 2 to 8 hours after application. Active ingredient – choline salicylate in combination with Catalonia chloride. The gel is applied 2-3 times per day.

Asepta. Has a calming effect, relieves itching, pain. Helps to strengthen the gums, improves metabolism, accelerates the healing process of the affected tissues. It has a good therapeutic and analgesic action, inhibits pathogenic microflora. The active ingredient – propolis. The balm is not a drug, refers to the parapharmaceuticals. Applied 2-3 times a day courses for 10 days with a break. In severe cases, it is possible to use up to 5 times a day.


Part medications for the treatment of periodontal disease release tablets, in particular the use of anabolic steroids, accelerating the process of cell regeneration.

Pentoxy. The dosage is determined by the physician based on the patient’s condition and age. Adults appoint 1-2 tablets 3-4 times a day, children taking the drug is calculated individually. Swallow without chewing.

Nerobolum et al. The course length is from 4 to 8 weeks intermittently. Take 1-2 tablets before meals.

Methyluracil. Recommended adult dosage 1 tablet during or after a meal four times a day.

Of tableted drugs is also prescribed dekaris and Imudon, strengthen immunity and enhance protective functions of the body.


Regular use of mouthwash helps prevent further destruction of periodontal tissues, increases blood circulation in tissue, reduces sensitivity of teeth. Rinsing of food particles from interdental spaces makes it possible to reduce the risk of development of pathogenic microflora in the mouth.

Selects the doctor, considering the patient’s condition and severity of the disease. Solutions must be changed every 10-12 days to avoid habituation and increase the effectiveness of treatment.

Rinses can be made by on the basis of a decoction of herbs or ready to buy drugs at the pharmacy. The solutions are used warm, the intensity of use is determined by the doctor.

Forest Balm – in stock. The products contain bioactive fluoride, extracts of aloe, herbs, bee propolis (depending on species means). Normalize blood flow to the periodontium, strengthen blood vessels, promote tissue regeneration.

Mexidol Dent. One of the best mouthwash, is recommended for periodontal disease. Different complex effect on the condition of the gums, improves blood circulation, provides nutrition to the cells of oxygen. Apply twice a day, single dose – 10 ml.

Lacalut Active. Strengthens the gums, tooth enamel, prevents inflammatory processes. Use two times a day with intense rinse for at least half a minute.

Splat medical herbs. Contains antiseptic, calcium lactate, extracts of chamomile, sea buckthorn, hawthorn, sage. Has a complex effect on the gums, reduces tooth sensitivity. Rinsing is not less than the spirit of times a day.

Important. Doctors prescribe rinse solutions of chlorhexidine, furacilin, potassium permanganate, Iodinol, Dimexidum, dioksidina.


In the presence of periodontal disease correctly chosen toothpaste will help not only to carry out the required daily hygiene, but will also contribute to more rapid recovery. Contained in the composition of the active substances have anti-inflammatory properties, reduce sensitivity, possess antibacterial properties.

Special pastas must contain one of these parts of chloride of strontium, hlorgeksidin, fluoride, triclosan, aluminum lactate, potassium nitrate + sodium citrate, potassium tetramerista.

Parodontax. Available in two solutions – with fluoride and without fluoride, natural ingredients. The composition contains extracts of peppermint, chamomile, Echinacea, sage, mineral salts. The use of toothpaste helps to remove the swelling with the gums, reduces sensitivity of teeth. Parodontax has a pronounced antimicrobial action, astringent action. Pasta can be used for a long time without restriction.

LACALUT active. Therapeutic paste, consisting of aluminium lactate, chlorhexidine, allantoin, bisabolol. Helps relieve bleeding gums with periodontal disease, helping to eliminate the symptoms of inflammation. Recommend to use this product for 30-60 days in the period of exacerbation of the disease or to prevent it.

PresiDENT exclusive. It has antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, helps strengthen the enamel and gums. Prevents the development of periodontal disease, caries, inflammatory diseases. Contains extract of thyme, propolis, hexetidine.

Forest Balsam. Contains pine extract, sage extract, aloe juice, decoction of herbs. Reduces inflammation after the first application, the recovery of tissues. Recommended by dentists for daily use.

Check Whether The Asset. Well relieves bleeding gums, has a preventive effect, prevents the development of inflammatory processes. The application promotes healing of microcracks on the tooth enamel.

Important. In the treatment of periodontal disease toothpaste act as an additional means of facilitating rapid tissue regeneration. As a separate drug to consider them impossible.


Part medications in the treatment of periodontal disease prescribe injections. In the acute stage, the effective rate of fibs, including 20-25 shots a day. When degenerative form of the disease shows the injection of aloe Vera directly to the affected area of the gums.

A separate group of drugs – vitamins b and C help to strengthen the gum tissue.

Also, the doctor may prescribe injections of hyaluronidase to improve gas exchange in cells, biostimulants, antibacterial agents.


The basis of therapy in the treatment of periodontal disease comprise antibiotics. In most cases, the doctor prescribes drugs with broad spectrum of action, which makes it possible to influence the pathogenic microflora. Used in tablets or intramuscularly, depending on the stage of the disease.

Metronidazole. The course of treatment is 5-7 days recommended adult dosage – 2 tablets twice a day. In some cases prescribed the dropper. Not administered in the first trimester of pregnancy, lactation, in patients with lesions of the CNS.

Doxycycline. Semisynthetic antibiotic of tetracycline group. The dose is determined individually depending on the severity of the patient’s condition. On the first day of the recommended intake of 200 mg of the drug in the future – 100 to 200 mg Not prescribed to children.

Metronidazole and doxycycline exert the maximum therapeutic effect in combination with chlorhexidine.

Also, the doctor may prescribe azithromycin, randomized, Sumamed, lincomycin, recyclin.

Important. Before taking antibiotics you should spend brushing to remove dental plaque. Otherwise, after completing the course observed short-term improvement, then the process is tissue destruction becomes more intense.

Folk remedy for periodontal disease

In the treatment of periodontal disease can be used folk remedies that are easy enough to prepare at home.

In combination with medical drugs and with regular use they help to restore periodontal and provide additional therapeutic effect.

    1. Propolis treatment. For cooking take 20 drops of an alcoholic solution of propolis in a glass of water. Rinse your mouth 2-3 times a day.
    2. Mix calamus root (0.5 grams at one time) with the tooth powder to brush your teeth the obtained composition 3 times a day.
    3. Honey and salt – mix in a ratio of 2:1, stir thoroughly. The resulting mixture was put in a thin cloth and, if necessary, to grate her teeth.
    4. A mixture of equal parts of sea-buckthorn and pine oil. Used to massage the gums. A few drops of the drug is applied to the folded in several layers of the bandage and massage the gums.
    5. Alcohol tincture of tormentil. Applied on a cotton swab applied to the gums. Helps with bleeding gums.
    6. Birch tar. Lubricate the gums at night after brushing teeth. Well relieves pain, eliminates itching, burning.
    7. Alcohol tincture of Arnica. Diluted with water in ratio of 1:1, the resulting composition of the grease gums. Effectively eliminates bleeding gums.
    8. Fine salt or a strong brine. Do a gum massage until then, until you cease to stand out pus. After this, rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide solution (1 tablet peroxide per Cup of water).
    9. Cabbage brine. To 1.5 cups of pickle add 2 tablespoons of sorrel and 4 tablespoons of tormentil. Insist night, drain. To use for rinsing 5-6 times a day.
    10. Mix the chopped oak bark and Linden flowers in a ratio of 2:1. One teaspoon of the mixture brew Cup of boiling water, to insist. Rinse your mouth with warm broth several times a day.
    11. Strawberry leaves, flowers of St. John’s wort and elderberry mixed in equal proportions. Three tablespoons of the mixture pour 300 ml of boiling water, to insist 40 minutes, drain. Rinse for sore and bleeding gums every 30 minutes.
    12. Fresh leaves of plantain. To chew, then spit it out. At least three times a day.
    13. A spoon of sea salt to mix with the spoon any vegetable oil, better olive. The resulting mixture is rubbed into the gums and teeth for five minutes twice a day.
    14. Medium onion minced, add two or three pounded leaf of aloe leaf and mix. Mixture of chew, just to keep the mouth without swallowing, as far as possible. After this, rinse your mouth with strong tea, infusion of sage or infusion of oak bark (for bleeding gums). The course of treatment – a month.
    15. Pour chopped celandine vodka, infuse two weeks, filter. Before use, dilute with boiled water in the ratio 1:1. Rinsing after each meal for 10 days. The course is conducted on a monthly basis.
    16. Flour of herbs. The root of Potentilla and bergenia grate, grind along with cloves in a coffee grinder. Mix with tooth powder (color of the mixture should be pink and grey). To use toothbrush first two weeks daily and then twice a week.
    17. A decoction of the comfrey root, helps to restore bone tissue. Take 1 tablespoon of the root, brew in a thermos 250 ml of boiling water, leave for night. The resulting composition can be used for rinsing and rubbing the gums.

Important. Folk remedies can’t replace a full medical treatment.

What’s the best

Magic pill from periodontal disease has not yet been invented. The doctor prescribes a comprehensive treatment, including medication, injections, massages, rinse, physiotherapy. A visit to the dentist when diagnosed needs to be regular, so the doctor had the opportunity to observe the dynamics of the process and time to change the course of treatment.

Important. Do not look for a recipe online or inquire from friends than they are treated. Assignment in each case is highly individual, depending on the state of health of the patient and the existence of certain systemic diseases.

Is it possible to cure periodontal disease alone

Periodontal disease without the help of a doctor, will not cure. Frivolous approach to the problem will result in a loss of time that could be spent on proper treatment and stop the process of destruction of the periodontium. The doctor on the basis of x-ray, examination of patient and his complaints make the necessary appointments.

The difficulty of treatment lies in the fact that the initial stage is asymptomatic, while the destruction of the tissues has already begun. The primary task is to stop the process and not allow him to develop further. This can be done only under the guidance of a doctor. Independent action will lead to the inability to repair damaged tissue and complete loss of teeth.

How to begin and how long will the treatment last

Periodontal disease – a rare but insidious disease, with a constant destruction of bone tissue. Over time, the gums are loosened, thereby disturbed the natural fixation of the teeth.

Treatment actually begins with diagnosis. The main objective in this is to stop the process of atrophy of the periodontium with simultaneous regeneration of the gum tissue and strengthening loose teeth. Treatment is long, difficult, painful, requiring joint efforts of the doctor and the patient.

A person suffering from periodontal disease, must daily make the manipulation aimed at the reduction of inflammatory process – hygiene, gargling, massage your gums, preventive measures. Neglecting your doctor’s instructions will lead to very sad consequences.

The stages of treatment
  • Occupational health and elimination of stimuli (sharp edges of teeth, dental anomalies). Removal of Tartar and plaque allows you to reduce the risk of bacteriological infections in periodontitis may influence the course of the disease in a negative way.
  • Anti-inflammatory therapy, including pills, vitamins, injections, massage, physiotherapy. At this stage, the main treatment is complemented by the use of folk remedies (in consultation with the doctor).
  • Splinting, prosthetics and even surgery in severe cases.
Massage gums

One of the necessary manipulations in the treatment of periodontal disease, regular self – massage of the gums, causing blood flow to the gums and contributes to their strengthening.

The basic rules of massage:

  • Twice a day after brushing your teeth. Pressure on the gums should be painless, but this morning the force of finger pressure should be slightly more than in the evening.
  • Driving direction from gums to teeth. Start from the centre of the jaw, with a gradual shift to the side.
  • The composition is applied on the index finger and thumb.
  • Massaging is carried out with gentle, circular movements, morning – clockwise in the evening – against the course).
  • Duration – 5-7 minutes.

After the procedure the mouth must be rinsed with elixir or infusion of sage, chamomile, oregano, thyme.

Gymnastics for the gums and teeth with periodontitis

Performing a special exercise for the gums and teeth, you can more actively stimulate tissue regeneration. You need to take a twig or a stick and try to mash her teeth to wisp state. Movement – up, down, left and right.

Important. Be sure to consult with your doctor. With a strong see if they are loose teeth exercises may be contraindicated.

Nutrition and vitamins

The most important condition for the cessation of atrophic processes – proper nutrition and getting vitamins in their natural, easily digestible form. The menu must be raw fruits and vegetables when they are chewed and naturally massage the gums and removing soft dental plaque. Apples, carrots, black currants, citrus – here’s a selection of those who suffer from periodontal disease.

Important. To consume solid foods should be cautious, when dissolving the teeth it is not recommended.

Grated the veggies on the table daily. It is desirable to add to them the lemon juice, cranberries, cranberries. It is also desirable presence in the diet of buckwheat and oat cereals. Standard – fish, meat.

If necessary, the doctor prescribes vitamin injections in the gums, but it is relates to drug therapy.

The consequences and complications of periodontal disease

Running disease can lead to complete see if they are loose and loss of teeth. Periodontal disease can be complicated by inflammation, which also negatively affects the state of the whole organism.

Traditionally, the diagnosis for those who have a identified endocrine disorders or systemic pathology. Therefore, the treatment is carried out in conjunction with treatment of the underlying disease.

Periodontal disease in children

In rare cases periodontal disease found in children. Usually it happens during the change of milk teeth to permanent. Treatment is the same as in adults, but with a lower dosage.

Important. Of no self can not be out of the question. Noticed that something was wrong, immediately to the doctor.

Prevention of periodontal disease

Especially important for those who have there is a hereditary predisposition. Regular dental check-UPS, preventive teeth cleaning, proper diet, eating raw fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins – following these simple rules will help to keep gums healthy and to take measures in time if the process is still started.

Thus a negative impact on the teeth nicotine. Tobacco tar contribute to the rapid formation of stones, which is a hotbed of pathogenic microorganisms. Quitting Smoking this will considerably reduce the risk of disease.

Adherence to daily hygiene is also a prerequisite for the prevention of periodontal disease. The tendency to stone formation you can use an electric toothbrush, which well clears away plaque, but not a substitute for professional cleaning.

Be well. Our wish from all my heart.

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