Massage torticollis

Torticollis in the newborn

Torticollis in the newborn is quite frequent disease in children, with affected boys more than girls. As the practice of medicine and statistics, the majority of the pathology is the innate nature of the origin and rotation of the head in most its going in the right direction when developing the so-called right-sided torticollis. Treatment presented pathology is recommended to start as far as possible before starting 2 weeks of age, and torticollis massage in combination with physical therapy, thisprocedure and lessons in the pool gives a positive trend. If the causes of torticollis are the child suffered from an illness or injury, in parallel and treat them.

Massage is a method of treatment of pathology

As noted by the paediatric torticollis in newborns can be effectively treated with the help of baby massage, which can conduct in the clinic, an experienced massage therapist, and at home, by the parents themselves. It is important to know the parents practicing baby massage baby with torticollis – treatment is carried out with both parties as affected by the pathology, with a healthy.

Treatment of torticollis in infants with massage doctors recommend to start in 3 months, but since 2 months of age, parents must practice passive treatment techniques such as the correct position on the hard mattress, and its combination with exercise therapy. The main thing – the baby should not feel when performing exercises the pain, and the slightest manifestation on his part of anxiety, therapeutic manipulation need to stop.

The techniques and principles of massage torticollis

Torticollis in a child

3-4 month baby massage from newborn torticollis doing a gentle stroking and rubbing, with all massage movements are made exclusively with fingertips, moving in the direction of a baby’s ears to the clavicle. If to speak about such massage techniques as a method of treatment of torticollis in infants, as gentle tapping or vibration – they are conducted without any restrictions, and execute them in any direction.

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The main thing to remember in relation to diagnosis, torticollis in infants, massage and any, restorative in its effect with the affected parties is strictly prohibited. Doctors allow only light stroking. The massage torticollis is not limited solely to the neck area – massage should also the baby’s face and the back, working through her trapezius muscles.

Torticollis in newborns is treatable pathology. Practicing massage, doctors recommend to follow the following principles:

  1. practicing therapeutic massage torticollis have a baby – lay out and regularly turn the baby from back to tummy, extremely healthy side
  2. all the stroking and soothing of any grinding is carried out with the affected side of the chest, moving first from the top then going down;Массаж в домашних условиях
  3. during the course of the massage the baby’s head needs to be rotated exclusively in the affected Krivoshey side. The movements of massage should be smooth, be conducted only with fingertips, moving along the affected muscle;
  4. from the affected parts is carried out solely stroking and vibration, rubbing – this massaging motion is carried out in a region above the shoulder. And rubbing and pinching, light effleurage is carried out in the back, in particular, affecting the blades;
  5. torticollis in infants and therapeutic massages provide daily therapy sessions, a course of 15-20 sessions, following a break of two months;
  6. the duration of each procedure – no more than 20 minutes, before brushing the hand with a fat cream or baby oil that will allow the massage more efficiently.

The tasks posed in front of massage for torticollis: to improve the flow of blood and lymph in the sternocleidomastoid muscle, tone and relax her at the same time, to make more movable and pliable.

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Technique of massage torticollis

All the equipment of therapeutic massage torticollis in a child provides the following motion for the muscles in the newborn:

  • put the baby on the back and lock the position of the head, pulling a few for yourself;
  • smoothly make turns a baby’s head, neck in the direction opposite the curvature of the affected muscles;
  • turn up and also chin.

Importantly, when conducting this exercise, to monitor the status of the child and his behavior, that he did not experience pain and discomfort. Should not massage muscles if the child is tense and resists it during a therapeutic massage session to distract him with toys or sounds.

The next stage of therapeutic massage in the newborn:Детский массаж

  • put the baby on the side from the curvature of muscles and hands, lock his head in a level position and quickly, but without sudden movements remove your hand;
  • in this level position the child must hold his head up himself – it helps to strengthen the muscles, developing them and correcting the curvature.

Repeat the exercise is not more than 20 times – is not to overload not only the patient, but also a healthy muscle, when all efforts directed at the elimination of excessive tone damaged muscles.

Techniques home massage torticollis

At home parents can perform massage treatment to help them come to such exercise:

  • slightly pull and turn the baby’s head and gently turn the neck to right and left;
  • gently Pat with fingertips in the neck of both healthy and diseased Krivoshey, from the ear to the collarbone area;
  • smooth gently encouraged to stretch and massage the thickening and hardening in the affected muscle.

To massage torticollis is with the affected and healthy sides, but the last point – it is carried out more intensively and vigorously.

Along with the described exercises, to practice massage at home with torticollis, and using such exercises:

  1. Force to work not only muscles but also joints kid – turn hands and feet into the joints as far as possible clockwise and in the opposite direction.
  2. Keep legs together and lift them up a bit – make feet bending both right and left, gradually increasing and increasing the angle of inclination. In this case, the baby will instinctively hold the head right – the load is naturally distributed on all the muscles of the neck and thus training her, stretching and correcting torticollis.
  3. Bend your legs at the knees and maximally align them with the chest of the child – further, holding that position the baby, gently turn it all over to the right side, hold it in this position and return to its original position.
  4. Repeat the same manipulations, turning of the baby and on the left side.
  5. After this exercise, straighten your legs again and turn the child from side to side, giving a natural way to work and neck.

A great deal with Krivoshey and sports equipment such as exercise ball huge ball. Just post on it baby, on your stomach and holding firmly, as if to shake it on the ball – it turns out sort of a effect that simulates waves. Importantly, the head level must be below the level of the priests, because this position relieves tension from the muscles of the neck and back, the child develops the vestibular apparatus and in a natural way involved the muscles of the back.

The main thing to remember for parents and families of a baby is don’t stop! Many parents make the mistake when at the first improvement stop the massage and therapy treatments, this is a gross error. Soon the kid mode is build on the principle of sleep–massage–food, through regular procedures every day or every other day.