Penile enlargement hyaluronic acid

Dissatisfaction with penis size negatively affects the self-esteem of men. When suspiciousness and tendency to pessimism small penis can cause erectile dysfunction of psychogenic origin.

Until recently, the only way out was surgery, associated with significant risks, for example penile prosthesis when micropenis. With the development of the male plastic medicine has the opportunity to increase penis without surgery with hyaluronic acid.

For intimate plastics using special viscoelastic gels that differ in composition from products for contour correction of the face.

To evaluate the result after the disappearance of edema, and all of it individually.

The penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid: advantages and disadvantages

Filler injections in penis – for minimally invasive intervention at which negative side effects almost none. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the body, so rejection reactions, erectile dysfunction and ejaculation to the introduction do not evolve. According to the recommendations of the European urological Association, the intervention effectively and with primary premature ejaculation (early ejaculation), that allows you to control the duration of sexual intercourse.

In addition to the size and thickness of the penis, and you can adjust its appearance to increase the head only, to make more pronounced the bridle or Corolla.

The penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid does not require hospitalization, the manipulation takes 30-40 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia. Restoration does not imply a long-term rehabilitation, a person can have a habitual way of life, with some limitations, but from sexual intercourse advised to abstain. The period depends on the scope of intervention: in combined plasty (length + thickness) – up to 6 weeks.

The drawback of the procedure is only one – 7-18 months hyaluronic acid undergoes biodegradation (resorption) of the body tissues, which would require its re-introduction. The utilization rate is individual and is correlated with the intensity of blood supply to the area. So, the gel is introduced into the head “works” for 7-12 months, and are introduced into the body of the penis is 12-20 months. Repeated injections can be performed through 12-18 months.

In one session it is possible to perform several procedures intimate plastics, rehabilitation time from this no longer.

Any scar deformation because of the good blood supply there.

Non-absorbable fillers are currently not applicable for contouring: there is a high probability of rejection, hypersensitivity reactions, migration of the implant in the surrounding tissue structures and the inflammatory process.

Cost of hyaluronic acid injections and the expected result

In search engines you can find queries about where to buy hyaluronic acid how to make injections for penis enlargement. This approach can lead to complications because of the lack of professionalism. Male penis is supplied abundantly, and the injury of a large vessel can lead to bleeding. In addition, only the expert knows where and how much filler you need to enter to avoid complications (in particular, a curvature of a member) and to achieve the most acceptable result. All interventions are performed with strict observance of rules of asepsis and antisepsis that at home is impossible.

The average increase of the penis in a result of subcutaneous injection up to 2-3 cm long and 1-1,5 cm in diameter.

The price correction of the size of his penis with fillers based on hyaluronic acid is variable and depends on your goals (length, thickness, cosmetic increase of only head, etc.), the manufacturer of consumables, prestige and location of the clinic. The policy of obligatory medical insurance to increase the member impossible.

Indications to administer injections based on hyaluronic acid

To this question the specialists of aesthetic medicine is treated individually, and fillers injected even with normal size penis, the desire of men. Particularly relevant method of increasing the penis without surgery the next problems in sexual life:

  • the discrepancy between the sizes of genitals of partners (wide, capacious vagina and a small penis);
  • violation of erectile function in the background of the psychological rejection of his male organ because of the size;
  • the inability to “satisfy” your partner via penile-vaginal contact;
  • condition after trauma to the penis, resulting in a change in the size or contours;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • congenital disease for which a micropenis is the result of hormonal or genetic disorders.

Disharmony in sexual relations may be caused not only by the small size of the penis, there are important psychological aspects. Therefore, to predict with a 100% guarantee normalization of relations between the partners after penis enlargement problematic.

Contraindications for plastic correction

There are a number of contraindications to the procedure:

  • mental disorders;
  • autoimmune disease, susceptibility to keloid scars;
  • Cabernet;
  • phimosis;
  • STI;
  • cancer of the penis;
  • diabetes and other somatic diseases in decompensation;
  • disorders of blood coagulation;
  • pustular skin lesions in the groin;
  • minor age;
  • fever of any origin;
  • allergic reactions (rare);
  • acute inflammatory process in organs of genitourinary sphere.
What you need to pass the examination and preparation

For intervention required standard laboratory tests:

If there is discharge from the urethra, possible screening tests for infections, sexually transmitted.

Preparation for the procedure involves the removal of unwanted vegetation in the intimate zone and the usual hygienic measures.

Complete refusal of food is not required as filler injections do not require General anesthesia. Can be limited to a moderate Breakfast.

Penis size normal

Clear boundaries of normal dimensions penis no, for each race variable parameters. The average size of the erect penis ranges from 12 to 16-18 cm in length and 3-3. 5 cm in diameter.

Before injection correction obligatory interview with a specialist to determine the psychological readiness and the need for intervention.

Rehabilitation and recovery

To quickly and without complications to get the desired result and not spoil the effect of your adjustments, it is recommended to follow the rules:

  1. The resumption of sexual activity only after complete healing mikrorynok and in accordance with the terms, defined professional.
  2. Strict adherence to all recommendations of the doctor: the medication (if to be assigned) to the desired dosage and full course treatment of the intimate zone with aseptic solutions.
  3. The limiting of exposure to high temperatures sauna, taking hot baths etc swimming in the pond or pool is also regarded as a factor provoking complications.
  4. Wearing underwear made of natural fabrics.
  5. Limit heavy lifting or sports until full recovery.
  6. In all pathological changes in appearance of penis shown to consult a doctor. The discomfort and bloating is not a cause for concern, typically the discomfort will resolve spontaneously in 24-48 hours. If the pain threshold of the patient is exceeded, it is possible for 1-2 days to take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs with analgesic and anti-inflammatory action, for example, OKI, Ibuprofen, or apply the gel with an anesthetic for the skin.
Are there alternative ways to increase penis

On the Internet there are many references to the increase in size of the body with ointments, gels, oils, droplets, etc. unfortunately, these methods do not solve the problem and are more of a psychological aspect. Due to irritation and enhance blood flow to the penis it is possible to add only a few millimeters.

To achieve a meaningful result have resorted to medical procedures:

  • fat grafting autologous (own) fat;
  • fasciale autologous fat flap on the supply leg;
  • ligamentotaxis (the tearing of the supporting ligaments of the penis) and wearing the extender;
  • niceely method (introduction spiral shape bionitej to form a hard skeleton).

Methods male intimate plastics in each clinic are different.

The best method of penis enlargement is better can only be resolved by internal consultation with a plastic surgeon, given the initial data, desired result and the financial component.

If you decide to increase the penis, do not forget that love is not measured in centimeters.

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