Cardiovascular Risk

Although doctors do not deny the importance of unrecoverable causes, it is nevertheless precisely the avoidable risk factors for cardiovascular diseases that are decisive. Therefore, to reduce the likelihood of the development of such dangerous diseases can everyone.

The main strategy in this matter is a healthy lifestyle: proper nutrition, adequate physical exertion, rest, control of one’s health (examinations and visits to a cardiologist).

Cardiovascular risk group

According to statistics,  the risk of cardiovascular disease  occur in certain  groups  of the population, regardless of their way of life.

Among such fatal factors:

  • Floor. At a young age, men are more likely to face similar problems.
  • Age. Women against the  risk of cardiovascular disease  protects the hormone estrogen. With the onset of menopause, the number of diagnosed diseases in women and men is equalized.
  • Heredity. Your health essentially depends on genetics. If there were deaths from similar illnesses in your family, then the probability of developing diseases increases.
  • The presence of certain diseases and pathologies that affect the work of the heart. We are talking about brain lesions, congenital heart defects, pathologies of the kidneys, often even the retina.
  • Diabetes. Separately, because it is one of the key  risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, and it is in diabetes that a heart attack often goes asymptomatically, and the patient does not receive help on time.

Disposable risk factors for cardiovascular disease

Unrecoverable  risk factors for cardiovascular diseases  increase the likelihood of developing severe forms of the disease.

However, doctors and scientists all over the world still assign the main role in the occurrence of such problems to reasons related to the way of life.

  • Smoking. The main reason for the development of coronary heart disease, which leads to a heart attack.
  • Obesity.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Hypodynamia. The lack of sufficient physical activity leads to a weakening of the myocardium – the heart muscle.
  • Improper diet with high content of salt and cholesterol.
  • Alcohol.
  • Stress.

Cardiovascular diseases are widespread throughout the world. They are often the cause of death, and every year these diseases become younger – today, heart attacks occur in men after 30 years. All risk factors for cardiovascular diseases can be defined as fatal and avoidable.

The presence of even one of them increases the likelihood of developing vascular diseases by 2-3 times. A combination of 2-3 – increases the risk already 15 times.

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