Sagging skin of the abdomen

Contrary to popular belief, sagging skin of the abdomen occurs only in people aged, an appointment to a plastic surgeon with this problem comes and youth. The reasons for this cosmetic defect lie not only in feeding habits or racing weight, but also in genetics. At first glance, sagging just harmful to the emotional state of the person, making him shy and introverted, but in fact there can be a violation of the gastrointestinal tract and prolapse of internal organs.

Most often, the sagging skin of the abdomen appears in people who rapidly lost weight from 7 to 15 kg in a short period of time. In this case the visible deformation, sagging of the skin together with subcutaneous fat tissue. The skin on my belly is going well in folds, moves, and looks quite unsightly. All due to weakness of the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall.

Provokes the defect is not only the lack of physical activity, but also poor diet, pregnancy and childbirth. In the latter case, for the 9 months of gestation the woman is rapidly gaining weight and with it body fat, which protects the fetus from external influences. When the muscles are stretched and only subject to recommendations of a gynecologist regarding weight gain, bounce back. But the older a woman is, the harder it is to get back in shape after pregnancy.

Discussing loose or sagging skin, doctors use the term “atopic skin”. It literally means skin that has lost tone, appropriate tension. The main reasons of loss are lack of hydration and loss of elasticity due to reduced production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin in the connective tissue cells.

Please note! Loss of elasticity is a natural process that runs as a result of hormonal changes. Exacerbate the situation and accelerate the loss of elasticity the adverse environmental factors – excessively dry climate in the region you live in, work in rooms with dry air.

Visible signs of loss of tone of the skin appear after age 40. Meanwhile, the process of aging begins at 25 years of age. From this point on to preserve the youth and beauty you need to follow the diet, consuming all the necessary vitamins and minerals, and to observe the drinking regime. To fully protect from aging is not able, because of great importance of heredity.

The structural features of the anterior abdominal wall

It should be noted that a slight protrusion of the abdominal wall, through which is seen the relief of muscle, is considered normal. In this case, the thickness of the fat layer does not exceed 2 – 5 cm and even with the weight gain sagging skin is not threatened. In the presence of excess fatty layer to 10 – 15 cm the risk of warping or sagging due to sudden weight loss increases significantly. Explains the structure of the anterior abdominal wall.

It consists of three main layers of tissue directly skin, fat and muscle, as well as several intermediate layers, tendons and fascia. The latter constitute a kind of sheath that covers the tendons or muscles.

Important! In the center of the anterior abdominal wall are the largest abdominal muscles. They are called vertical rectus muscles and provide a spectacular appearance – a flat surface with the “cubes”. Normal in pregnancy, they differ by 20 – 30 cm, to allow the fruit to fully grow and develop, and after birth, again reduced and closer together.

Lack of exercise before pregnancy makes the vertical rectus muscles are overly relaxed, causing them to SAG significantly. Given that these muscle is the peritoneum that covers the abdominal cavity with the intestines, liver and spleen, it is easy to guess that the condition poses a risk to the above internal organs.

How to eliminate a flabby stomach?

The problem of sagging abdominal skin nutritionists and plastic surgeons decide differently. First, I suggest to change dietary habits, review your diet and exercise, the second is encouraged to move to more radical methods of plastic surgery. But about all under the order.

Physical activity

Tested and effective against excess weight – running. In order to achieve good results that will persist for many years, you need to run regularly.

In addition, you should carry out a complex of simple exercises. Among them:

  • The retraction of the abdomen. Enough to become straight, straighten the arms along the body. Now is the time to suck in her stomach, bringing it closer as possible to the spine, and relax. Repeat at least 10 times. The advantage of exercises in even more detail, transverse muscles, resulting in regular execution is tightened and the belly and flanks.
  • Pendulum. For its implementation need to find support and to stand beside her, keeping one hand. The second must lie on your side. Starting position – standing, press tense. Now you should lean back to the point, while the oblique muscles will not tense up and return to starting position. Do 5 times and turn to the support of the other side.
  • Press. Due to the fact that the problem lies in the omission of the lower abdomen, it is necessary to train. To do this is to lie on your back, placing the palm of your hand under the tailbone, and legs lift parallel to the floor at a distance of 10 – 20 cm From this position, the legs must be raised, so that they were perpendicular to the hull and lower, and so at least 10 times.
  • Strap. One of the most effective exercises that allows you to keep in shape the muscles throughout the body. To run it you need to take the situation lying down, as in the push-up. Leans on elbows, feet should be spaced slightly apart. The correct execution of the exercises is tested in the following way: along the body from head to toe should be as a straight line. To stand in this position must as long as possible.
  • Work with dumbbells. The first step is to lie on your back, stretching his arms with dumbbells behind your head. On the exhale, stretch press, and the hands move along the hull, parallel to the floor, alternately lifting the shoulders and chest. Repeat 40 times for 2 sets.
  • Retention legs. At this stage, you should lie on your back, lift the legs above the ground at an angle of 30 degrees. To stay in this position for 30 seconds, after which leg. Repeat the exercise 10 times, it will help to strengthen the lower abdomen.
  • Work with a ball. The latter can be replaced with a bottle of water. To perform the exercise, it is necessary to clamp them between feet, raise legs, bend at the knee, to straighten, to lower. Repeat 5 – 10 times.

Important! If the exercises are hard, which is natural for an untrained body, one of them is to go slowly. For a start, it is sufficient to perform simple morning exercises.

Charging consists of a complex:

  • To perform the first exercise you need to lie on your back, alternately raising and lowering the legs. More complex variant – “scissors” or drawing eights legs in the air.
  • The second exercise is to bend feet in knees, hands put under his head. Now the head and shoulders should be lifted up, pumping the press.
  • After you can stand on all fours and alternately breathing in and out, to draw and relax the stomach, stopping in each position for 20 seconds.
  • Lie on your back, bend your knees and tilt them in one direction and then the other, stopping in each position for 10 – 20 seconds.
Work with a towel

People who have reached 50 years of age and was long involved in sports, you can try to get rid of sagging abdominal skin using a simple towel. Suitable waffle or Terry at least 40 cm in length. It must roll a tight cushion (thickness 10 cm), bandaged in several places with thread to lock it in this position.

It is now important to sit on the floor, placing a cushion on the back and then from this position to fall on him so that he was under the lower back. Feet spread shoulder width apart, connecting socks, but disconnecting the heel. The distance between the latter should be about 20 cm Hands over the head must be pulled so that the palm of your hand “looked” down and little fingers touch each other. Lie in this position for at least 10 minutes, although initially it will be difficult. When you need to rise gently.

Please note! The advantage of exercises with a towel – not only in the simplicity of implementation and efficiency, but also in the absence of load on the legs. That is why it can safely carry people suffering from varicose veins or disease of the joints.

Other methods of tightening:

  • contrast shower;
  • hard washcloth;
  • massage;
  • wrap vinegar – 1 tbsp. of 9% solution diluted in a glass of water, moisten the gauze composition and wrapped her abdomen in half an hour, covering film;
  • peels and scrubs;
  • regenerating cream with hyaluronic acid, vitamins a and E in the composition.
Proper nutrition

To tighten the lower abdomen can also, providing yourself with essential vitamins and minerals. To take them better from vegetables and fruits, which in this period should be the basis of the diet, approximately 50% of all food consumed. The remaining 50% equally divided between proteins – fish, meat, nuts and carbohydrates – cereals.

To eat 5 – 6 times a day in small portions, drinking in the day about 1.5 liters of water. Food best steamed. Other permitted methods of cooking – boiling, roasting. Fried, smoked, fatty, salty and starchy and sweet at this time it is better to exclude.

Important! If after the transition to proper nutrition appeared a weakness, but health has deteriorated, you must contact your doctor.


Abdominoplasty is an operation to get rid of the flabby abdominal skin radical method. As a rule, resorted to it when other methods were powerless. After this procedure the skin looks taut, and the figure is seductive.

Are abdominoplastik in several ways. Selecting any of them depends on the state of health in General and skin in particular, and a fat layer thickness.

Please note! It is better to lose weight prior to abdominoplasty, otherwise it can worsen the result.


The procedure abdominoplasty is performed when:

  • the presence of excess sagging skin or fat folds, the so-called “apron”;
  • the absence of waist – when the going fat side or oblique muscles due to intense workouts pumped;
  • if you need a plastic belly button – when during surgery for urgent indications it was removed.

The operation is not carried out:

  • to 18 years;
  • suffering from infectious diseases: herpes, tuberculosis, and HIV;
  • with cancer;
  • with bleeding disorders;
  • with diabetes;
  • women in pregnancy and lactation;
  • prone to keloid scars;
  • problems with the thyroid gland;
  • diseases of the internal organs.

Prior to the abdominoplasty, the patient undergoes a consultation with a plastic surgeon and General practitioner, blood tests:

Please note! A month before the procedure, you should refrain from Smoking and alcohol, stop taking hormonal and blood-thinning drugs, and on the day of surgery not to overeat.

How is the procedure performed abdominoplasty

The surgery is performed within 2 to 4 hours under anesthesia. The doctor marked, and after making the cuts vertically, perpendicular to or along the navel. Their length is up to 6 cm the body fat is removed, muscles are filed, reduce a hernia. At this stage, if necessary is liposuction – liposuction, is a new belly button. Then sutures, which are subsequently treated with antiseptic and hiding under the bandage.

Please note! Young people with elastic skin, the plastic surgeon might offer to conduct endoscopic abdominoplasty, when defects are removed by performing a small skin punctures without incisions and stitches. In the presence of the problem areas below the navel proposing a miniabdominoplastika with a minimum number of cuts.

Patients with stretched skin on the abdomen and sides to offer a lift to trim down – a procedure in which an incision is made from the pelvis to the gluteal folds, tightening the abdomen and flanks.

The recovery period, the abdomen after abdominoplasty

Following the procedure the patient is recommended to remain under the supervision of physicians on 2 – 3 days. At this time you may feel numbness, pain, which soon subsides. It is important not to overwork yourself in the first weeks and wear a compression garment to complete resorption of the seams, but it is at least 2 – 3 months.

The first results are visible immediately plastics, but the final shape of the stomach only after six months. On past issues can now recall only scars that can be removed using laser resurfacing. Keep the results will be, watching your diet and doing simple exercises.

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