Mechanical cleaning at home

Cosmetology salons abound with a variety of proposals to address this problem. One of the most popular way is mechanical cleaning of the face. The difficulty is that not every person can find the time and funds to carry out this manipulation in the cabin, after all, to preserve the beauty of the skin mechanical cleansing should be done regularly, at certain intervals of time.

For anyone clean, glowing skin is one of the main criteria of beauty and health. Unfortunately, the modern ecology, life style, chronic diseases and bad habits leave their mark on the skin. Small black dots are shallow and unpleasant inflammation appear often enough.

Fortunately, resourceful women found many effective ways of carrying out mechanical cleaning of the face in the home.

How often should I do a mechanical cleaning of the face

Under normal conditions the skin is able to cleanse itself of excess sebum, but the negative factors of the internal and external environment cause the sebaceous glands to work more intensively, producing a much larger amount of discharge than is necessary for the physiological norm. This leads to the fact that sebum, mixing with dead skin particles of the epidermis, the fine dirt adhering to the skin, makeup stays on the face and clog pores, causing inflammation and not allowing the skin to breathe normally and to carry out its important functions.

As a result of these processes of cell renewal is very slow. That is why the skin requires regular mechanical cleaning, allowing you in time to get rid of excess sebum and remove impurities accumulated in the pores and on the surface of the epidermis.

Pharmacies and beauty stores abound with a large number of tools that can help safely and effectively clean the face in house conditions and to preserve its visual appeal.

Rules for the implementation of deep cleaning at home

Any procedure which requires strict compliance of designated rules and regulations.

This will help not only to get a quick effect for a long time, but also significantly reduce the risk of various adverse reactions to cleaning.

  1. To start of mechanical cleaning of the face you need to make sure that the room has no outside dirt. Cosmetics experts recommended in conditions as close to sterile.
  2. Must be clean materials and utensils that will be used at any of the selected methods of mechanical cleansing. Towels should be thoroughly washed, dishes, brushes for cleaning, spatulas and, most importantly, be sure hands are washed with soap and water.
  3. Before carrying out any type of cleaning the skin should be previously washed to get rid of surplus fat and shallow contamination. Purification is carried out by using lotions without soap and alcohol or you can use a warm decoction of herbs: chamomile, sage, mint. The essential oils contained in large amounts in these plants will help to soothe the skin, relieve irritation, refresh the cells and restore skin to breathe.
  4. To be cleansing, if the skin is damaged, a deep suppurating inflammation, broken blood vessels, itching flaking.
  5. The best time for cleansing the evening before bedtime. In the dream the skin is resting, at this time, metabolic processes restore the normal pH within the upper layer of the skin and on its surface, normalizes blood circulation, skin breathing, the cells get sufficient amount required for normal functioning of substances from the local blood flow. This helps to accelerate the processes of regeneration and renewal.
  6. After carrying out the mechanical cleaning of the face on the skin with a thick layer overlaps with a cleansing gel with extract of aloe Vera, cream with hyaluronic acid is applied or just rejuvenating, healing and tonic. This will help the top layer of the epidermis to calm down after suffering mechanical friction and faster to begin to recover.

By following these simple guidelines will help tighten the skin a radiant appearance without the negative effects.

Types of mechanical face cleansing at home

Depending on how badly clogged pores at home you can conduct the following types of mechanical cleaning:

  • using different scrubs;
  • the use of a special cosmetic brush to cleanse the face. They can be purchased at any beauty store, to get advice on the size of the brush face and the stiffness of its bristles. Use these brushes in the evening, slowly massaging and rubbing them on the skin on the face. Villi effectively cope with deep dirt and wash away excess sebum from the face;
  • cleaning your face with pre-steaming of the skin;
  • the mechanical removal of pimples and blackheads with your fingers or with a special cosmetic sticks-loops;
  • pore cleansing by means of pharmaceutical means.

All these methods are very effective. Each person chooses the one that more fits him feel and preserve the duration of the effect.

Mechanical skin cleansing scrubs

If the skin is acne and pimples appear quite rarely, and comedones pour small, not too widening the pores, the beauticians are advised not to give the skin intense action of steaming and masks, and buy the most suitable for her, scrub.

Modern cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry can offer a large amount of funds for mechanical treatment suitable for any type and particularly of the skin. Is cosmetic product of two or more components, one of which – the solid fine particles of useful substances, and other soft, soothing phase, which also performs the role of distributor of solid particles throughout the medium evenly.

Most often scrubs to cleanse the face includes such useful components:

  • fine sea salt;
  • finely crushed powder of cane sugar;
  • crushed apricot or grape seed;
  • white, pink or blue clay;
  • powder activated carbon;
  • dry herb.

All of these components help to carefully remove dead skin cells, makeup residues, dirt and excess sebum.

Scrubs are applied to the face and massage gently. In no event it is impossible to intensively RUB into the skin as hard components cosmetic products may injure the upper layers of the epidermis and trigger new inflammation. After cleansing, the scrub is washed off thoroughly with warm water.

Deep cleansing facial with pre-steaming

Women say the high efficiency cleansing the skin with advanced skin steaming. This will require a herbal decoction prepared in a water bath.

Plant component of the broth is adjusted depending on skin type. For dry best suited decoction of yarrow or wormwood, and to fatty – tissues. Also universal for any type of skin considered mint, chamomile and sage.

For additional cleansing, then you can add in the broth a few drops of essential tea tree oil, known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

In cases where there is a risk of allergic reaction, instead of a decoction of herbs use a simple boiled or mineral water, heated to the desired temperature.

After preliminary cleansing of the skin on the face, you need to lean to broth low enough so that the steam had a active effect, but not too much so as not to burn. After that, and the head and the broth covered with a towel to preserve the constancy of temperature and no exposure to cold air.

Steaming was carried out for 8-10 minutes. Then with clean hands gently forefinger squeeze the black dots one at a time.

Most beauticians recommend to buy a special wand applicator for the removal of acne and blackheads. If you carefully follow the instructions, carefully handling each point of a manual loop, you can remove even deeply enough entrenched in the pores blackheads. The stick will be very effective on a steamed skin, as it opened due to high temperature the pores will be easy to get rid of extraneous traffic.

After removal each time carefully end of a cotton swab treated with a solution of salicylic acid, peroxide or chlorhexidineto prevent debris entering the open pores. You can use the tonic on the basis of salicylic alcohol and carefully wipe the skin after removal of the contaminants.

When the toner dries, applied to the skin moisturizing or cream.

Pore cleansing with the help of pharmaceutical tools

Increasingly popular methods of cleaning the face at home using simple and available drugs that are easily available in any drugstore:

  • powder concoctions. Sold in bags of 1-2 grams. It is recommended to mix with warm water or the usual gel cleanser. The resulting slurry should be applied on the most affected blackheads areas for 15 minutes, gently massaging, then rinse with warm water. Entanglement has an active cleansing also improves the blood supply in the affected area on the skin;
  • ampoule of calcium chloride. This method was used for cleansing in the Soviet times. The ampoule is opened, its contents using a cotton pad is applied to skin and leave until partially dry, then gently, carefully whisking the pre-foam, put a layer of cleaning agent. Then you have to wait 3-5 minutes for full effect on the skin and neat massage movements to washed off using warm water. Under the fingers will form pellets is a roll off dead skin cells, dirt and soap components as well as content of pores, which leaves the actions of calcium chloride.

When choosing any method of mechanical cleaning the face at home it is important to remember that after the procedure the skin must to rest and recover, so the use of cosmetics and oily lotions and gels for the care desirable. The more the skin is free from dirt and foreign matter, the better and fresher it looks.

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