The most popular types of mammoplasty

In modern society, special requirements are placed on female beauty. Therefore, many representatives of the fair sex, whom nature has deprived of an “ideal couple” and who have lost their former forms due to breastfeeding, seek to find beauty through plastic surgery.

1. Breast augmentation surgery

In the modern world, this is one of the most popular operations in aesthetic breast surgery. The breast is enlarged or restored in size through the installation of implants. Implants are divided into two classes. Round implants create a chest shape with a push-up effect. Anatomical implants are teardrop-shaped and look as natural as possible. Breast augmentation allows women to increase self-esteem by gaining the desired proportions of the figure. Many women, after the operation, establish their personal lives, as breast enlargement gives them self-confidence, has not only a physiological, but also a psychological effect.

2. Breast lift.

Most often, women seek breast lift after breastfeeding or after weight fluctuations. The breast can seriously lose its shape, sag, which reduces the attractiveness of a woman, negatively affects her self-esteem. A plastic surgeon with a lift removes excess skin, returns the chest to its previous or even more beautiful shape.

3. Breast reduction.

This operation is chosen by women with too large breasts, which gives them uncomfortable sensations associated with heaviness and back pain. If the surgeon intervenes, the breast size is reduced to the desired size, after which the breast is pulled.

All of these operations are performed under general anesthesia, and last from about 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. The longest operation – breast reduction – takes about one and a half to two hours, breast lift – an hour, breast enlargement on average can be performed in half an hour.

The main rehabilitation lasts about a month. At this time, the patient should wear special compression underwear. If there were no complications, then after a month the restrictions are almost completely lifted, and after two months a woman can live her old life, forgetting that she had such an operation. There are some recommendations – for example, doctors advise pregnant only after three months after the operation.

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