Intimate plastic is becoming more popular

There are things about which we would like to know a little more than at the moment, but we are shy to ask. For example, about everything related to intimate plastic. Together with the founder of the Belle Allure Institute, Elena Vasilyeva, we find out what intimate plastic is for, what its types and features are, who most often turns to, what are the indications and contraindications for the procedure.

Intimate plastic: everything you were shy about asking.

We talk about the types, features, indications and contraindications of this procedure

graduated from the Moscow Medical Academy. I.M.Sechenova. He has been engaged in aesthetic medicine since 1999. In 2007, she founded the Belle Allure Beauty Institute in Moscow. At one of the congresses in Paris, I heard about Resorblift threads from polylactic acid, I realized that this new product is a real breakthrough in cosmetology, and got excited about the idea of ​​bringing the threads to Russia. I signed a contract, made sure that this drug is absolutely necessary in our Russian market. In 2011, Resorblift threads were officially registered in the Russian Federation. At the moment, he is the head coach of thread lifting specialists at Resorblift, not only in Russia and the CIS countries, but also around the world.

“There is no sex in the USSR,” this phrase said back in 1986 by one of the Soviet participants in the Leningrad-Boston television bridge, for many years it became winged. And although the author of the words – Lyudmila Ivanova – later admitted that part of the sentence taken out of context came into use, one thing is true: although there was sex in our country, we were always embarrassed to talk about it. And now, although we have become much more relaxed, it is still not customary even to discuss with close friends, for example, the issues of correction of the labia or their rejuvenation. Meanwhile, intimate plastic in recent years is becoming more popular. After all, modern women today value the quality of life and their feelings more.

“As regards intimate plastic, it is women who most often turn to us,” says Elena Vasilieva. – First of all, to improve the quality of sex and postmenopausal rehabilitation, then – for postpartum rehabilitation, as well as to solve aesthetic problems. Mostly these are office workers, and the percentage of family patients is higher than that of single / single patients.

For intimate plastic, there are different indications. For example, aesthetic. This is dissatisfaction with the appearance, the presence of complexes, cicatricial deformities and asymmetry of the labia minora. There are medical indications: frequent linen trauma, recurrent infections, stress urinary incontinence, pain during intercourse, atrophic processes of the vaginal mucosa. ”

Important! Intimate contour plastic by the nature of appeals:

  • aesthetic correction of congenital and acquired deformities of the vagina;
  • sexual health;
  • anti-age programs;
  • correction of the pubic region (injection, hardware, filament, surgical);
  • correction of the labia minora (surgical, injection);
  • correction of the labia majora (surgical, injection, hardware);
  • clitoris correction (surgical, injection);
  • enlargement of the labia majora (HA injections, lipofilling);
  • sensitivity correction of zone G;
  • hair removal procedures.

“Depending on the specific problems that concern the patient, treatment methods are also selected,” explains Elena Vasilieva. – Let us dwell in more detail. So, if we are dealing with dissatisfaction with the appearance of the genital organs, then in this case we recommend: correction of local fat deposits, correction of the labia minora and labia, correction of hyperpigmentation.

With difficulties in intimate life, labioplasty and / or injection correction are usually used. The presence of “locker room” complexes is the same labioplasty and / or injection correction. With a decrease in sensitivity – augmentation of point G. Cicatricial deformities of the vulva, asymmetry of the labia minora are corrected by plastic surgery, injection correction, labioplasty, and PRP therapy. ”

Before and after surgery

Intimate plastic does not have any special contraindications. It is necessary to pass standard tests (in order to exclude diseases), as well as to be examined by a gynecologist (to prevent the likelihood of complications).

“The procedure should be especially prepared. So, for a week you need to stop taking (if they were) anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents, explains Elena Vasilieva. – If there is a history of herpes infection, then for three days we assign valtrex. If you have caught a cold, it is recommended that you abandon the procedure and wait at least a week. ”

After the procedure, special regulations must also be observed.

Necessarily required:
  • strict restriction of physical activity for two weeks;
  • antiseptic treatment of puncture sites twice a day for three days;
  • exclusion of sexual activity for two weeks. It is mandatory to carry out the procedure only in a clinic, with a doctor who owns the methods. And fulfill all the conditions of the rehabilitation period.

When choosing a clinic where you will do the procedure (namely the clinic, this is an important point), carefully monitor that the doctor possesses the necessary techniques. And after the procedure, in the smallest details, follow all the conditions of the rehabilitation period. Only in this case can you count on a positive result that will please both you and the partner.

Important! Contraindications to intimate plastic surgery are all the same diseases as for operations of a different type.


  • cardiovascular diseases of moderate and increased severity;
  • thrombosis of deep fen, thrombophlebitis;
  • varicose veins in the acute stage;
  • oncological diseases;
  • age up to 18 years;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • high probability of keloid development.

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