What to do if it became bad with heart first heart attack

Acute heart attack is a condition in which the help of a doctor is needed immediately. The sooner the victim will be examined by a specialist, the less the risk of deterioration or death.

Acute chest pain is not always a sign of pathology that is of the heart. However, in order not to risk, it is better to dial “Emergency” and wait for the doctor.

Besides in house conditions it is difficult to determine what was the cause of illness, even if the pain is really heart: angina, heart failure or myocardial infarction.

Symptoms of heart diseases

There are several characteristic symptoms and signs of pathology that heart of the character:

  • cutting, compressing, burning pain in the center of the chest. Sometimes it is given in the shoulder blade, forearm, neck;
  • the inability of deep breaths;
  • a state of fear and panic;
  • the skin appears unpleasant, sticky, cold sweat;
  • gradually the skin on the face and body pale.

In cases when these signs begin to appear, an Ambulance needs to call immediately, especially if along with these symptoms the condition is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fainting.

In some cases, such situations arise because of a panic attack, not heart defects. First aid required in any case, since the nervous system is brought to a state of panic, and can easily trigger a subsequent heart attack.

What to do if it became bad with heart alone

A heart attack can occur when no one is home or around at work and to call “fast” no one else can. In this case, the patient should not lose my temper. It is important to remember that to relieve an attack alone time is limited, we must act for 5 minutes, then the situation can rapidly deteriorate, it is possible to faint and become completely incapacitated.

There are a few rules that must be followed to successfully improve the condition during a heart attack:

  1. Try to dial in the lungs as much air and hard to cough. When such activity in the blood comes more oxygen, besides the reflex chest compression have a beneficial effect on the strained heart muscle, facilitating the pumping of blood through the vessels.
  2. To call an Ambulance. Call dispeceru the problem you want to solve using the medical specialist and the exact address. It is better to open the door in case if prior to the arrival of teams of paramedics will be worse. While doctors are going to stop coughing is impossible.
  3. To open the window and take a sitting position. In a sitting position heart improves blood circulation, in addition to fresh air to ensure a high level of oxygen in the blood.
  4. Heartache helps the rubbing on the chest of a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. From a circular motion inside the compression will gradually weaken.

What to do if someone became ill with heart

If a loved one, friend, colleagues or the person next to you in the passenger transport had a heart attack, you should make every effort to help him:

  1. Urgently call a brigade “first aid” regardless of whether you think the incident yourself heart attack or a panic attack.
  2. To help the victim in a sitting position, preferably further placing a pillow under your back.
  3. To try to reduce the level of anxiety and stress for the victim, to make him understand that he is not alone and that now doctors will come and will ease the condition.
  4. Give the patient advice on breathing techniques. He should try taking deep breaths and strong, slow breaths, to stabilize the body.
  5. To remove the victim with belts, scarves, free from compressive chest garment.
  6. To open the window or window providing fresh air.
  7. If possible, give the victim sublingual tablet medication Nitroglycerin. If cardiac pain does not pass, and “fast” has not arrived – to give a second pill.
  8. Not to take any independent action until the arrival of “Ambulance” like artificial ventilation or CPR, as it is usually recommended Hollywood movies. The actions of the layperson may significantly affect the patient’s condition or lead to death.
  9. When you arrive by Ambulance, to try to briefly and clearly explain the medical team what happened. Prepare documents: your and the victim. To tell whether to give the patient Nitroglycerin and, if so, how many pills.
What not to do during a heart attack

If it became bad with heart in any case can not:

  • to continue physical activity;
  • to eat;
  • drinking coffee and tea;
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol;
  • to give any medication to the victim unconscious.

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