Daily detox

Each of us in our lives is confronted with factors that poison existence. In modern realities, it is quite difficult to avoid the negative impact of the external environment on the body. That is why it is so necessary to periodically carry out detoxification, that is, cleansing.

You can purchase special drugs, but they give only a short-term effect. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the daily cleansing methods without any harm to your health.

In a big city, we are all somehow exposed to toxins. How to cleanse your body is completely safe, will tell here

Method One:

Start your morning with a glass of warm water with lemon juice and honey. Warm water has a positive effect on the functioning of the stomach, and lemon juice with honey helps to intensively produce bile. Such a drink will be an excellent “trigger” to activate all organs and start breakfast.

Second way

Consume homemade juices. It is important to drink juice in the same way as water with lemon – in the morning before the first meal, otherwise all the necessary substances simply can not be properly absorbed. Try ginger, spinach and parsley-based vegetable juice. Try to add as much greens as possible. Effective drinks include special teas. They are mainly sold in pharmacies. Here you are free to choose the taste that is closer to you.

Third way

Add foods to your diet to help improve your metabolism. Of great importance for the full functioning of the body are the kidneys and liver. Since these organs are natural filters, they need to be given special attention and cleaned in a timely manner. To prevent a malfunction in their work, just add red pepper, garlic, parsley, beets, cilantro to the diet. Marine plants such as sea kale will also be useful.

The fourth way

Avoid contaminated foods. Our body is in dire need of dietary fiber, it helps a lot to support all systems, especially digestive. One of the most dangerous products in terms of harmful substances is fish. But do not panic: not all fish are equally harmful. There are only a few species of fish with a high mercury content: tuna, shark, swordfish. Remember: large fish have more hazardous substances than small fish.

Fifth way

Let yourself sweat. Sweating, we not only cool, but also get rid of toxins. Therefore, it is so useful to visit all kinds of places where you can sweat well, thereby removing heavy compounds from the body. These places include the bathhouse and hammam. If you can hardly tolerate high temperatures, go in for sports, for example, dancing, but you can also try yoga.

As you can see, there are a lot of natural ways to cleanse the body, it’s not necessary to run to the pharmacy, try to “clean” yourself – and you will see the result.

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