Tingling in the head like pins and needles causes treatment

Stabbing pain in the head is a common syndrome of various diseases. It appears in the common exhaustion or the appearance of pathological processes in the body.

With the appearance of symptoms is recommended to determine its causes, which will allow it to eliminate for a long time.

Colic in the head appears in a variety of diseases that must be defined for the purpose of effective treatment.

The causes of pathology

The occurrence of a stabbing pain in the head is diagnosed in patients under the influence of external stimuli and the occurrence of various diseases:

  1. Panic attacks. Duration of seizures is 6-8 hours. Tingling in the head when the disease is accompanied by increased blood pressure, chills, shortness of breath. The patient appears to die of fear. The disease develops on the background of neoplastic processes in the spine, spinal cord and adrenal glands. Patients the disease is diagnosed when you experience severe stress.
  2. Cervical osteochondrosis. The disease is characterized by deformatsiei of the intervertebral discs and degeneration. When pathology is diagnosed, the disruption in the normal blood supply of the head. Patients reported the appearance of tinnitus. Rapid progression of disease observed in the sedentary way of life. If the patient for a long time in one position, a tingling sensation in the head increases.
  3. Chronic fatigue. If the patient is continuously decreasing stocks of resources, it leads to the development of pathology, which is accompanied by a stabbing pain in the head. This is due to the violation of vascular tone in the brain. Patients complain of the appearance of tingling in the head and feeling the heat.
  4. Hypertension. The appearance of colic in the head is diagnosed in patients who regularly experience stress. Hypertension in patients diagnosed dizziness and reduced vision quality.
  5. Fatigue. The occurrence of tingling in the head is observed with constant fatigue. In this state there is stagnation of oxygen-rich blood, which causes poisoning of the tissues. After taking analgesic means do not decrease the intensity of the tingling in the head. If people will ignore the symptoms, it will lead to dizziness, poor concentration, loss of coordination.
  6. Dystonia. When the disease patients are diagnosed with autonomic disorders. The patient has a neurological disorder and improper functioning of internal organs. When the disease can crack in the head, to lower or increase blood pressure. Patients complain of the occurrence of drowsiness, tremor in the limbs, pressure in the heart. Pathology is accompanied by frequent urination and hyperhidrosis.
  7. Migraine. Is a neurological disease in which pulsing the right or left temple. After a certain time there is a gradual spread of the pain to the entire hemisphere. Patients say that they feel dizzy, vomiting, weakness, etc. a Headache is paroxysmal in nature. The duration of the basic attack only lasts 4-72 hours.
  8. Neuralgia of the occipital nerve. In pathology there is pain in the head that has a stabbing, burning and cutting in nature. The pain occurs in one part of the head in the place where the damaged nerve root. During the day the patient has repeated many times of aggravation.
  9. Of eye diseases. The pathological process observed in people who are engaged in mental activity and work on the computer that holds the eye strain. The pain may be localized in one place or be observed throughout the head.

Diagnosis and treatment

With frequent repetition of the symptom, the patient should contact the doctor who conducted an examination and medical history. Patient measure blood pressure, temperature and pulse. Diagnosis is the delivery of General and biochemical blood tests. If necessary make the appointment of computer and magnetic resonance tomography. Recommended the passage of an ultrasound examination of the vessels in the head and neck, x-rays of the cervical spine. Informative methods of research are REG and EEG.

The treatment of a pathological condition depends on its causes. Therapy colic with cervical osteochondrosis is carried out with the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy, massage, physiotherapy. The patient should take the nootropic and analgesic drugs and chondroprotectors.

In the treatment of dystonia recommended a holistic approach that will eliminate the unpleasant symptoms and strengthen the body. The patient is recommended to use sedative drugs, diet and vitamin complexes. With fatigue of the person recommended relaxation. Experts advise the use of massage and relaxation techniques. When fatigue is used in aromatherapy and bath with sedatives – chamomile, peppermint.

Migraine headache during attacks cropped analgesics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, ergotamine, triptone. For the prevention of exacerbation is recommended to adjust the lifestyle, use a diet, take medicines.

In neuralgia of the occipital nerve take muscle relaxants, steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, anticonvulsant, analgesics. It is recommended to use sedative drugs, vitamin complexes, massage, physiotherapy. If the positive therapeutic effect is absent, the person has to take steroid drugs. If you experience cramps on the background of eye diseases is necessary to provide proper rest to the organs of vision. Patients are advised to use lotions, compresses and gymnastics. Development of the scheme of treatment of a disease performed by an ophthalmologist.

If pricking pain is recommended to stop the symptoms that provide relief of the patient. To eliminate the causes of pathology the recommended course of treatment, which is assigned to a highly specialized expert.

The occurrence of tingling in the head indicates that a wrong way of life or course of disease. If the symptom is observed during a certain period of time, the patient should seek help from a doctor that will properly diagnose and prescribe effective treatment.

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