From early diagnosis to intimate plastics: the possibilities of gynecology in Novosibirsk

In the hustle and bustle of our troubled life, we sometimes disregard our own health. But they say true: “Can you forget about your health? it will remind you of itself. ” And it, really, “reminds”: in recent decades the frequency of gynecological diseases has been steadily increasing.

And they are fraught with both dangerous consequences for the body, and the fact that a woman sometimes ceases to feel like a Woman … The best gynecologists of the multi-profile clinic “Dune” will be able to save women’s health.

In modern society, due to the high level of stress, weak immunity and a variety of infections, the issue of treating gynecological diseases is of constant concern to patients. Inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, sexually transmitted infections, menstrual irregularities, infertility are just a small list of exciting problems, the solution of which is real today. It is important only to choose the right doctor and clinic.

Most women, unfortunately, are familiar with the situation of a long search for the right specialist, “running around” in the doctors’ offices – consultations, examinations, analyzes, procedures that do not always lead to the desired result … That’s why in the multifield clinic “Dune” a comprehensive approach to the solution of gynecological diseases: from early diagnosis to surgical treatment of diseases of varying degrees of complexity (removal of tumors, infertility treatment, etc.)

Dune Clinic has unique capabilities for conducting high-precision diagnosis of various diseases. So, ultrasound diagnostics of pelvic organs and mammary glands is carried out by specialists who have earned fame for professionals not only in our city, but also outside it, among them Doctor of Medical Sciences Valentina Anastasieva, MD, President of the Ultrasound Diagnostics Association Andrei Ryabikov.

Experienced gynecologists with video colposcopy on an Olympus 500 expert class devicecan detect even the smallest violations of the structure of the cervical epithelium and diagnose tumors at the earliest stages. The clinic also carries out ultrasound hysterosalpingography, which allows to detect the developmental defects of the uterus, the development of endometriosis, obstruction of the fallopian tubes.

And in the new modern hospital it is possible to use endoscopic diagnostic methods: laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. These methods are very valuable in the clinic of female infertility, because they allow not only to clarify the pathology of the uterus and tubes, but also to perform a surgical correction.

In the polyclinic department, experienced and sensitive gynecologists-endocrinologists are taking the reception Candidate of Medical Sciences Botkin Tatiana Valerievna and a doctor of the highest category Smirnova Elena Gennadievna , who are engaged in the treatment of various diseases, problems associated with hormonal changes in women. These are disorders of the menstrual cycle, and hormone-dependent diseases, and climacteric problems, and infertility, and miscarriage. Specialists, using effective methods, are dealing with the problems of age-related changes in the female body associated with hormonal reorganization. Together with cosmetologists, they conduct AntiAging-therapy, which helps a woman to preserve youth and health for many years.

A number of gynecological diseases, including dyshormonal diseases, require surgical intervention, which is carried out in the modern hospital of the clinic “Dyuny” , located next to the polyclinic department on Krasny Prospekt, 55.

In his practice, the leading surgeon and gynecologist of our city with 30 years of experience Fornel Irina Maratovnaalways gives preference to low-traumatic surgical interventions. These methods are used to treat infertility, uterine diseases, the removal of various neoplasms on the appendages and ovaries and many other diseases. The advantage of low-traumatic surgeries lies in the fact that the functions of the operated organs are always fully preserved, the recovery period is several times shortened, the patient returns to the usual way of life within 2-3 days, with no gross seams or scarring left.

Active cooperation of the gynecologist-surgeon and surgeons of various specializations allows conducting unique operations in the city of Novosibirsk. So, together with a vascular surgeon with 20 years of experience in the treatment of venous and vascular diseases Yakovlev Dmitry Olegovichdetailed the diagnosis and studied the clinic of varicose veins of the pelvis and for the first time in the city conducted the surgery, changing the wrong blood flow.

cooperation with a plastic surgeon Valery V. Piskarev allows you to achieve the best results in intimate plastic : with plastic surgery after birth injuries, operations to change the shape and volume of the vagina and restore virginity.

The competent organization of work allows to form quite democratic prices for the operative treatment of various diseases. Thus, the estimated cost of gynecological surgery and the associated complex of all necessary measures, from examination to rehabilitation, is about 35 thousand rubles.

Dear women! In the multi-disciplinary clinic “Dune” will carefully listen to your problem and offer the most effective ways to solve it!

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