Five reasons for the appearance of acne from hidden diseases to dangerous components of cosmetics

Pimple for any girl – a synonym for trouble: appears suddenly, the mood spoils for a long time. And if pimples pour out on your face not alone, but by the company, and even regularly, it’s a catastrophe.Meanwhile, the appearance of unexpected guests can be fully controlled.

The correspondent of SHE asked dermatologists to remind that provokes the appearance of a rash on the face, and found out how to create unbearable conditions for the newcomers.

In fact, any pimple is an inflammation of the hair follicle, and the main cause of its appearance is disturbances in the process of changing the epithelium. If the sebaceous gland of the follicle is clogged with horny scales, inflammation begins, and acne bacteria that live permanently on the skin begin to attach to it.

But in order for all factors to converge, special conditions are needed. Let us consider them in more detail.

For courage

The main reason why women suffer from acne is male hormones androgens, which are sometimes too many. “Hyperandrogenia slows down the process of changing the surface epithelium, the composition of sebum changes: it becomes thicker and poorly flows out of the hair follicle. It forms stagnation and inflammation in the gland, “says Anna Bugai, a cosmetician at the Estomed clinic.

The same process occurs before menstruation: the level of hormones briefly increases, but some women even have enough to jump pryshchiki. In others, the level of hormones is normal, but the skin receptors to them are too sensitive – as a result, the face has constant inflammation.

What to do?In young girls, pimples testify to growing up. At the woman is more senior 25 years – about necessity of visit to the gynecologist-endocrinologist. Doctors successfully relieve the excess of male hormones, prescribing contraceptives with anti-androgenic effect or appointing a special treatment.

Sweet and Ugly

The second most common cause that causes acne on female faces is digestion problems. Rashes can tell about the poor performance of the liver or intestines. “The liver metabolizes hormones. And if it does not cope with its functions, it leads to an increase in the level of hormones in the blood, “- explains Anna Bugay. And a bad work of the intestine means that the skin takes over the function of eliminating toxins: substances that are unnecessary to the body are concentrated and released through the sebaceous and sweat glands. As a result, an alkaline environment is formed in the glands, which acne bacteria like.

What to do?There is less “chemical” food, with which the intestines are difficult to cope with. Visit the gastroenterologist. And remember: what we eat is literally reflected in our appearance. The main food provoker for acne is a large amount of fat (overload the liver) and purified carbohydrates: as the doctor-dermatocosmetologist of the clinic “Duna” Maria Gorelova explained, a sharp increase in blood sugar very quickly gives a reaction to the sebaceous glands.

Therefore, the first friend of pimples is all light carbohydrates: chocolate, sweets and especially sweet buns. 

Your handiwork

Sometimes pimples multiply in response to our zeal in dealing with them. Coping with the temptation to squeeze a pimple is often just impossible; it seems that this process is laid at the level of reflexes, no matter how hard they say that extrusion is useless, and even harmful. “Extrusion can provoke the appearance of pimples in the neighborhood: there is contamination with bacteria. In addition, when squeezing out, stagnant spots may form, which are very difficult to remove, “warns Maria Gorelova.

What to do?It is best to drop your hands and wait for the pimple to finish its existence. But if you are unbearable, remember the two rules. First: the pimple can be pressed only at the stage of the comedon (black point) or after aging – when there is only a white head, and the skin around is not inflamed. Squeezing out a red pimple, you risk: the infection will still develop (a new spot will grow on the same spot), and the aesthetics of the face will suffer.

The second rule: never press pimples on the nose. The peculiarity of the blood vessels is such that the blood gets directly into the brain, and if an infection is introduced there, you can finish your ritual in the hospital. 

Mask, I know you

Another common cause is incorrectly selected make-up. First of all, if it contains substances with a comedogenic effect. They clog the ducts of the sebaceous glands, then everything follows the described pattern: the inflammation develops, the bacteria multiply. “In dermatology there is even a term – oil pimples, they usually appear in people who work in industries associated with mineral oils,” – says Anna Bugay.

What to do? It is necessary to read the composition on the jar. Mineral oil is a product of oil refining. It is useful to the car, but not to the skin, and it can be obtained not only in the production hall, but also from the cream. Therefore, if you see the terms vaselinum (petrolatum), paraffinum liquidum, petrolatum (mineral oil), mineral oil on the packaging, be careful. They all form a film that does not allow the skin to breathe.

Eastern wisdom

Finally, there is a theory according to which the place of appearance of acne is indicative of more serious problems. For example, pimples on the chin and corners of the jaw almost always talk about a malfunction in gynecology, and on the forehead – about problems with digestion.

Doctors agree: in the clinical practice the theory of localization is often confirmed, but in the medical school this is not taught. Representatives of traditional medicine recognize the connection, but it is difficult for them to justify this for the European: as explained in the center of Lee West, the circulation of qi energy is so complex that it is not possible to describe it in the format of a journal article.

In one converge East and West: if acne strongly disturbs your quantity, this is an occasion to think about your health, even if your body does not attempt to “call for help”.

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