SPA-procedures attract customers with the opportunity to relax and get a cosmetology effect

Today, the SPA is no longer afraid, any cosmetic salons can offer it – with the help of these three letters the usual manicure turns into a special ritual, designed not only to put your hands in order, but also to cheer up. The efficiency of the SPA was assessed by the correspondent of SE.

Five years ago the abbreviation SPA was already on hearing, but almost no one knew exactly its significance. Something distant, terribly expensive and luxurious was hidden behind these three letters. With SPA associated not so much cosmetic procedures, as a way of life, very few people available.

The sea, soft sun, light breeze, even tan covers the body that has become slim, hair well-groomed and shiny, massage and swimming ahead – just so many people, closing their eyes, imagine a real rest.

Opening our eyes, we again find ourselves in a gray city: dirt on the roads, deadline at work, anxiety is on our mind, a pale face looks out of the mirror. Allow yourself a vacation, when you want, you can not go wherever you dream. But in our time, surrogates and substitutes for recreational imitation at sea are created by beauty salons, offering to take a course of SPA-procedures.

What is SPA?This is an abbreviation for the Latin Sanus per Aquam, which means health with the help of water. That is, in all procedures used in SPA, water is somehow present. For example, in the form of algae – one of the main ingredients of these funds. “Algal wraps are the most popular SPA procedure,” says Ekaterina Gast, director of the Spa Models salon. Her words are confirmed by statistics: a study of demand conducted by the company BusinessVision, showed that the most known are such SPA-procedures as wrapping and massage. Algae contain substances that strengthen the skin cells, reducing stretch marks, tone up, slowing down the aging process, remove toxins and split fats, improving the contours of the body, make not only the skin elastic, but also the vessels.

Why do people go to SPA?“SPA is a complex service complex, affecting many aspects,” explains Irina Sutormina, executive director of the Asia SPA salon. – People go for a combination of services. After all, if you only need health – go to the doctor, only cosmetology – in the usual salon, only relax – to the masseur. SPA combines all these directions. ” Relaxation of muscles and nerves is one of the fundamental items of SPA. However, according to experts in this field, everything is the same here: having relaxed, the cosmetological effect is also to be expected.

“There are procedures aimed more at relaxation, there are those that work with body problems,” says Ekaterina Gast. “For example, algal wraps have a curative effect, and relaxing to a lesser extent chocolate wraps, on the contrary, primarily help relieve tension and give pleasure.”

If the procedure itself is not intended to give a soothing soothing effect, it is achieved with the help of entourage – muted lighting, pacifying music, aromatic oils and candles.

Is it sensible to attach such importance to relaxation?Is not enough cosmetic only functional – cleaning, manicure, massage? The effect of these manipulations is always noticeable, and in general, they can be satisfied without overpaying for the situation? Answering this question, it is worth recalling that today the cause of this or that disease or disorder in the body is considered to be strong, often negative experiences that knock down the activity of all internal organs.

And often people themselves are not able to breathe exercises alone and self-training to relieve themselves of nervous tension. “In psychology, there is a body-oriented direction, where with the help of removing muscle clamps psychological problems are eliminated,” says Ekaterina Lebedko, beautician of the center of beauty and health “Sante Estetic.” – This is the opposite of psychosomatics: working with the body, we heal the soul. And this is the basis of SPA:

Now, in a time of stress, it’s not surprising that the SPA device attracts customers – people are looking for opportunities to relax, and here relaxation leads to a noticeable cosmetological effect. ” 

SPA is a novelty of our century? In general, the elements of SPA have always been used – just now they began to emphasize. For example, cleaning your face with steam or special masks: the skin should be encouraged to open, then clean, nourish, moisturize and force to close, at all stages using massage elements. Or massage the body with aromatic oils is also essentially a SPA procedure – just like Charcot’s shower and contrast baths. Some jokers are referred to SPA and Russian bath – a procedure using water, aromatherapy, massage, which has a pronounced cosmetic and relaxing effect.

Are there any contraindications? Yes, not everyone is recommended to relax with the help of SPA. For example, women who have inflammation in the pelvis should avoid any heating in this area, and most SPA procedures have a temperature effect. One should be cautious also to those who have a depressive state not associated with a rain or a quarrel with their loved one, but has deeper, physiological, roots – the refinement of the procedure can aggravate the disease.

Since in the process of SPA-procedures toxins are released, the metabolism is started in the enhanced mode, it is not necessary after the relaxation to flee to meetings and solve problems – the stress will grow into a larger one. It is better to come home and go to bed, letting the body come back to normal after cleaning. He, most likely, will thank you with gratitude, and the money spent on SPA-procedures, will not be a pity.

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