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Spring, and joy, and love – the awakening nature refreshes the senses. But, unfortunately, the same nature does not add to the attractiveness of ladies. Judging by the survey on SHE, in spring the girls especially begin to suffer from general physical weakness, hair loss, brittle nails, dull skin.

It is clear that if the useful substances that we receive from food are not enough for us, then in the spring this deficit becomes especially noticeable. Whether it is necessary to solve spring beauty issues by introducing additional tablets into the diet, the correspondent of SE recognized.

Why spring, when, in theory, we should be reborn from hibernation along with nature, changes in the body occur, on the contrary, unpleasant? “There are two reasons for the deterioration of health in the spring,” explains Yakov Novoselov, director of the Siberian Federal Center for Healthy Nutrition. – In winter, the body has spent part of the strategic reserves and by the spring there is an acute shortage of them – this is the first.

In the spring of people in our area there is a restructuring of the body from winter, fat metabolism to summer, carbohydrate, and this is an additional stress for the body. “

Yakov Novoselov told the SHE correspondent, the shortage of some microelements causes these or other problems. For example, iron deficiency increases the tendency of bones and nails to brittle, causes pallor of the skin, selenium deficiency leads to brittleness and hair loss, vitamin A provides skin turgor – its deficiency affects its elasticity, zinc is responsible for hair growth, nails, skin regeneration, its shortage can provoke skin diseases, acne. If not enough manganese, then a person gets various allergies.

Violation of the supply of the body with vitamin B affects the elasticity of the skin, slowing the synthesis and disintegration of collagen, in addition, causes a general apathy and depresses the nervous system.

As can be seen from the list, it is not surprising that in the spring the result of hypovitaminosis is obvious: “Any violations in the body, lack of nutrients primarily affect the appearance – skin integument, hair, nails,” confirms Olga Vylegzhanina, dermatologist clinic prof. Pasman. “This problem can be solved with the help of vitamins and microelements from multivitamin complexes, including those aimed at improving the appearance.”

Vitamin complexes aimed at improving the condition of hair, skin and nails can be found in almost all domestic and imported rulers.

The most popular ones are Vitrum beauty, “Merz special dragee”, “Perfectil”, “Panto-vair”. 

Russian brands also established the production of vitamins of the category beauty from within, for example, the complex “Alphabet Cosmetics” contains three differently directed types of tablets, which are recommended to be taken three times a day on one of each direction.

What is it – a promotion or really worthwhile (and are “women’s vitamins” more expensive than standard complexes) thing? Let’s try to understand. In principle, you can isolate the main disturbing problem, for example, dry skin or brittle nails, and start drinking separately vitamin A and vitamin E – they are sold in pharmacies. But the fact is that, according to Yulia Vasilyeva, a therapist at the Zdravica medical center, such monotherapy with a preventive, non-therapeutic purpose, especially when the vitamin is given intramuscularly, is not welcome. It is much better to take vitamins in a complex. After all, when you eat, do you diversify your table? Here the same principle.

Now let’s compare vitamin-mineral complexes aimed at improving the appendages of the skin and basic multivitamin preparations. “In general, the main group of vitamins and nutrients is not so great – iron, calcium and vitamin D3, which improves its absorption, antioxidants, vitamins of group B. They are contained in any multivitamin complex,” explains the therapist. – But special dragees, aimed, so to speak, for beauty, contain, in addition to the basic set, a certain set of substances necessary to improve the metabolism in these tissues. Additional substances are added to the formulation, for example, amino acids – components of the protein, which help in the construction of protein molecules, improve cell structure, promote cell renewal, or yeast extract – rich in vitamin B and protein, or plant extracts. “

According to Yulia Vasilieva, a doctor-therapist of the medical center “Zdravica”, there is no need for multivitamin complexes in the year-round reception, in addition, there is a risk of hypervitaminosis, and this can lead to violations in the work of the body.

Also need to be spiky people with urolithiasis – there is a risk of getting extra salt in the kidneys. Those who are healthy, but a little pale, seasonal intake – spring, autumn – is enough to make the necessary accumulation and the drug acted. However, when vitamins are prescribed by a dermatologist in cases of serious problems with skin, hair, nails, the treatment can be delayed, according to the prescription, for six months or even longer – only in this case it will be possible to observe a positive result. Today in large pharmacies there are consulting doctors who will help you choose the vitamin and mineral complex that suits you. But, in principle, you can focus on the health of your wallet – the same Russian “Alphabet”, according to Julia Vasilyeva, competently combines useful substances.

However, in addition to obtaining synthetic vitamins, it would be nice to think about the right diet – good food not only adds health, like synthetic vitamins, but also pleasure. A sincere smile can not be portrayed as a single vitamin of beauty.

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