Relationships can get tricky at times

You’ve realized you’re in love with him; a part of you is happy and the other part wants to know if s/he feels the same for you or not. Let’s admit it, unrequited love or relationships can tear a person apart.

Have you ever felt each and every fiber of your body crouch in excitement and nervousness? We’re pretty sure you have. Yes, we’re talking about that phase when you know you’re totally into a person and are berserk to know whether the other person also feels the same or not.

A lot of questions run in your head- what if s/he is saying they love you but don’t mean it? Such thoughts lead to fear, and these fears lead to insecurities as well. It is paramount in the dating world to be aware of the signs that signal a yes or a no. The chemistry between the two of you, the affection, and the fights- all these mean something and maybe that’s “love”.

We’ve put together certain considerations that will help you analyze whether or not your boyfriend/girlfriend is into you. Let’s read on together.

1. Understand The Bond That You Both Share

The world of courtship is pretty complicated (we know you’re nodding your head now). Not everybody says what they mean, and not everyone means what they say. Are your partner’s actions or intentions 100 percent true? Is there a consistency in the vibes, the messages or the affection of love that he is showing towards you?

Stability and comfort is something that can convert casual dating into a serious and meaningful relationship. So, follow the waves of emotions that he has towards you for the right answer.

2. When They See You, They Are Happy

His/her day could have gone bad or could have gone the mediocre way. But, when they see you, their face lights up and it’s not just you that sees it, it’s evident to everyone. They make you feel like you’re the woman/man of the hour at any point in the day. If you find him/her always looking forward to meeting you, then they’re definitely into you, my friend.

3. You Go On Dates That Are Exclusive

Of course, it’s great to go pub hopping with each other’s friends and being a part of all the extended family gatherings- it helps you to understand the world that has been a part of them all their life. But, the point here is to know them better, to know each other better. And that can happen only if you both go out on an exclusive date with each other. And if you find yourself going on such dates with your partner, then, you know that they are making an effort to know you better- this is a good sign!

4. Being With You In The Present

Are you being showered with all the undivided attention when your partner is with you? If you don’t find your partner checking his/her phone, or looking away while you both are spending time together, then you know that you mean serious business to them. Holding hands, making eye contact, and having meaningful conversations are considered to be the fundamentals of building a connection with your partner. You both are together in the most organic way.

5. Thoughtfulness Towards You

Dating someone who makes a note of your likes and dislikes is important. For instance, you are a passionate art lover, has your partner tried to take you on a date to a museum or asked you if you’d want to attend a small play in a theatre downtown? If your partner has, then s/he is for sure considering you as a special person in life. It’s always important for a partner to not just love you, but also to appreciate the person who you are. Small gifts, small gestures, a small handwritten note, a surprise peck on the cheek- all these matter the most.

6. Reminiscing Moments Spent With You

After a date night with them, when you reach home, you see a message from them saying, “Missing you already!” It will make your day, won’t it? And you spend the night texting each other about all the happy moments you spent together, that evening. They remember you in the little things around them, or when they pass by the coffee shop which you both visited last week. All these signal out the fact that your partner reminisces every moment spent with you. This is a given sign that s/he is head over heels in love with you.

Falling in love is an enthralling feeling. It is terrifying and surreal at the same time. As much as you want to follow your heart or gut instincts, you sometimes need to be practical too. If you don’t get positive vibes from the person you are dating, just be wise and learn to move on. If the person is right, a natural and an unforced sense of attraction will bind you both together. Happy falling in love peeps!

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