5-NOC or Monural, drug choice

These two drugs, despite all their similarities, have a number of differences that significantly distinguish them from each other, namely:

  • 5-NOC should be taken in a long course of at least two weeks, both for the treatment of an acute condition and for the prevention of frequent exacerbations. It is possible to take it earlier in pediatrics from the age of three. In addition to the kidneys, it engages the liver in its excretion from the body, which slightly narrows the circle of people who can take it. Perhaps its use for the treatment of fungal diseases. Not included in modern standards for the treatment of kidney and bladder infections as a first-line treatment (what should be chosen for treatment in the first place). It is forbidden to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It has a more attractive price in the region of 200 rubles per package.
  • Monural has a more limited range of its application due to a single, maximum two-time intake. After it, further therapy with other drugs is required to achieve the best effect, but enhances the effect of other antibiotics. In pediatrics it can be used from the age of five. It is included in the standards for the treatment of cystitis and urethritis as the drug of choice, especially if the disease occurred for the first time in life. It is not used to treat pyelonephritis and prostate adenoma, there is no effect on the fungal flora. Possible if necessary during pregnancy and lactation. It has a higher price on average about 600 rubles per package with one bag.

Over 100 million people annually suffer a urinary tract infection. The prevailing percentage of women are young and old. It is believed that every second woman at least once suffered from pyelonephritis or cystitis, while the proportion of the latter is much higher.

Urinary tract infections are very insidious, because with improper treatment they are prone to frequent recurrence, which leads to a sharp decrease in the quality of life and disability of patients. That is why such attention is paid to the quality treatment of these diseases. The following article describes when and how to take 5-NOC and Monural drugs for self-treatment, if it is impossible to immediately see a doctor.

Brief description of the drug 5-NOC

The therapeutic basis of 5-NOC is nitroxoline. The formula of this remedy is already quite old, but it still works well for the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases of the urinary tract. When taken orally, it is rapidly absorbed from the intestine into the blood, reaching a therapeutic concentration in the blood after 90-120 minutes. It is excreted mainly with the help of the kidneys and liver.


Available in a plastic bottle, which is packaged in a box of 50 tablets in a dose of 50 mg. It affects many microorganisms, destroying not only bacteria, but also fungi, so in some cases it can be used to treat mycoses.

The main diseases in acute and chronic form in which the medicine is used:

  • Pyelonephritis.
  • Cystitis.
  • Urethritis.
  • Prostate adenoma with its infectious lesion
  • It is also possible to use it as a preventative measure for frequent relapses of the disease, surgery on the kidneys and bladder, as well as during cystoscopy.

Contraindications include severe renal and hepatic insufficiency, severe during gestation and lactation, children under 3 years of age, cataracts and individual intolerance to the drug.

A brief description of the drug Monural

Monural is also an antibiotic that affects many pathogens, but is used exclusively for the treatment of urinary tract diseases. Its active component is the substance fosfomycin, which, after a couple of hours, enters the bloodstream from the intestine at a therapeutic concentration.


The main burden falls on the kidneys, since the drug is excreted in the urine and accumulates in it in large quantities, remaining there for two days. It is produced in bags weighing 2 g, one or two in a pack. The substance is diluted in 70-80 ml of warm water and is taken once.

The medicine is used only for the treatment of acute forms or exacerbation of the chronic form of such diseases:

  • Cystitis.
  • Urethritis.
  • Massive asymptomatic excretion of bacteria with urine in pregnant women.
  • Infections that arose after surgery
  • Perhaps the purpose of prevention before examining the urinary tract and after surgery on them.

Cases where Monural cannot be used for treatment include: individual intolerance, severe renal failure, and children under five years of age.

What do these medicines have in common?

Both drugs have many similarities. First of all, they belong to the category of antibacterial agents with a wide spectrum of action, they are used to treat the same diseases that are caused by the same bacteria. Funds are released strictly according to a doctor’s prescription. If necessary, these drugs can be used to treat children, also with the aim of preventing infectious complications during operations on the organs of the urinary system and during their examination with a cystoscope.

They have a general contraindication for the appointment of severe renal failure with a creatinine clearance of less than 10 ml per minute and the possibility of reducing the therapeutic dose with a slight decrease in renal function.

When and to whom, which drug is better to take?

It must be understood that 5-NOC is used as a reserve drug for those cases when, for one reason or another, first-line drugs are not possible. Usually, the need for treatment with nitroxoline (5-NOC) is determined by the attending physician based on the patient’s medical history and analyzes.

If you suddenly need to cope with your own abrupt cystitis or exacerbation of chronic pyelonephritis using 5-NOC, then you need to take 2 tablets 4 times a day for at least 14 days, if there is a slight decrease in liver and kidney function, then the medicine is taken 1 tablet 4 times a day. In case of severe damage to the liver and kidneys, the medicine should not be drunk. It is impossible to stop taking the drug after improvement, without completing the course, so that the resistance of microbes to this agent does not develop.

You should not prescribe yourself two-week courses of treatment for 5-NOC to prevent relapse of the disease, this should be done exclusively by the doctor. Since an improperly selected drug will have no effect at best, and at worst will cause poor health. In pediatrics, 5-NOC is rarely used now, other drugs are more often prescribed, since treatment of pyelonephritis and cystitis in children should occur in a hospital. Taking nitroxoline during pregnancy can cause fetal abnormalities.

Monural – this is what should be taken first of all in an acute attack of cystitis and urethritis. The medicine should be diluted in a glass filled with water by one third and drunk a few hours before or after meals, after having released the bladder. It is noticed that taking at night is more effective. In the case of recurring (often recurring) cystitis, it is possible to re-take Monural a day after the previous medication.

According to the standards, the next day after taking the antibiotic, treatment with furagin or furamag should be continued 1 tablet three times a day, with its intolerance, 5-NOC can be used. With a slight decrease in renal function, the dose can be reduced to two grams of the drug, with severe renal failure, administration is contraindicated.

With caution, the drug is prescribed for people with diabetes, supplements in the composition of the drug can slightly increase the level of sugar in the blood. It is possible to use during pregnancy and lactation, if the benefits to the mother outweigh the likely risk to the fetus.

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