Bepanten and Desitin, the choice of drug

Specialists usually unambiguously advise one or another drug, since they can hardly be called analogues. Despite the fact that both struggle with the same skin problems, they are rarely replaced by each other.

With obvious dryness of the skin, subject to severe peeling, do not prescribe Desitin because of its drying effect. It is more suitable in the case when a person clearly shows sweating, which causes severe irritation on the skin.

Desitin is used for severe diaper dermatitis to rid the skin of excess moisture and relieve inflammation. Due to its composition (petroleum jelly and cod liver oil), it protects the skin from the effects of salt sweat and softens it. Bepanten is suitable in milder manifestations of dermatitis.

Desitin does better with pressure sores. However, for too sensitive skin, one drying and softening effect will not be enough and therapeutic moisturizing will be required.

Bepanten is suitable for mild reddening of the skin, but may be useless when the rash is yellow and white. Desitin will cope with them.

Bepanten is often used for preventive purposes. It calms the skin well with sunburn. To add an antibacterial effect, manufacturers supplemented the cream with chlorhexidine (Bepanten Plus). Therefore, it will be more effective for abrasions and scratches.

Sometimes the purpose of a particular drug is affected by the patient’s intolerance to one of the components.

Bepanten and Desitin are both effective agents. When choosing them, one should proceed from the condition of the skin and the objectives of the treatment. Both are harmless drugs, so they are assigned to the group of OTC. Nevertheless, do not neglect the advice of a specialist who will more accurately determine what treatment the patient’s skin needs.

Everyone faces skin problems. Even slight redness can cause discomfort. Dermatological agents will help restore damaged skin and neutralize the inflammatory process. Most often prescribed Bepanten or Desitin. But which one is better?

Bepanten and Desitin are dermatological agents that are suitable for eliminating skin problems. They cope with irritation and inflammatory processes, fight diaper rash and enhance the regeneration process with small cuts and burns. Both are recommended for use in solving skin problems in newborns.

Nevertheless, these funds differ in effect and release forms. In some cases, they are not interchangeable. What is their difference? And when to apply?


Bepanten is a dermatological product aimed at healing damaged skin integuments. The main active substance is dexpanthenol. It breaks down into vitamin B5 and accumulates in the body. Restores cell metabolism, thereby contributing to the regeneration of the skin. When the content of chlorhexidine in the composition acquires an antibacterial effect.


Terms of use:

  • Treatment of diaper rash and diaper dermatitis.
  • Mechanical damage (abrasions, cuts, etc.).
  • Therapy of dry and peeling skin.
  • Lactation (when the nipples of a nursing mother need to be moisturized).
  • Light sunburn.
  • Skin lesions (ulcers, cracks, bedsores).

As a rule, Bepanten does not cause side effects. Among them may be itching and hives.


  • Individual intolerance to the components of the drug.
  • Infected contaminated wounds.

Bepanten is available in several forms:

  1. Ointment 5% for 30 g, 50 g and 100 g in a tube.
  2. Cream 5% 30 g, 50 g and 100 g per tube.
  3. Lotion 2.5%. Bottle of 200 ml.
  4. Cream Bepanten Plus (with chlorhexidine), 30 g, 100 g in a tube.

Desitin is a dermatological agent from the group of dermatoprotectors (drying, anti-inflammatory action). Its active substance is zinc oxide. It copes with diaper rash, absorbs particles of impurities and bacteria on the skin, dries and neutralizes inflammatory processes.


Terms of use:

  • Diaper dermatitis.
  • Abrasions, cuts, scratches, etc.
  • Diaper rash, pressure sores, and shaving.
  • Ulcerative lesions of the skin and eczema.
  • Sunburn.
  • Peeling and skin detachment.
  • Manifestations of herpes simplex.

The product is easily tolerated and rarely causes side effects. Among them may be itching, burning and redness. In these cases, you need to stop its use.


  1. Hypersensitivity to the components.
  2. Inflammatory processes caused by infection.
  3. Suppuration of the skin.

Desitin is released only in the form of an ointment of 57 g or 136 g in a tube. In Russia, you can find only the first option. The ointment has a specific smell, as it contains cod liver oil.

Similarities of funds

Bepanten and Desitin are aimed at improving the skin. Both have proven effective anti-inflammatory effects and relieve skin irritation. They are prescribed for both adults and children. Rarely cause side effects. Both can not cope with infectious skin lesions.

However, different contents of the components still affect the result of the therapeutic effect. In some situations, one remedy cannot be replaced by another. What is the difference?

Differences of funds

Bepanten and Desitin are distinguished by active ingredients. The second tends to accumulate in the body, so the effect of it will last longer.

An important difference between them is also that Desitin aims to dry the skin – the absorption of excess moisture and fat, while Bepanten – to moisturize.

Desitin contains paraben (methyl paraben), which Bepanten does not have. Although the direct danger of parabens in cosmetics is not proven, there are supporters who prefer to do without this component.

Desitin has a specific odor, Bepanten has a mild cosmetic aroma.

Bepanten is suitable for all skin types, and Desitin, due to the drying effect, will be harmful to too dry and irritated skin that requires moisturizing.

Bepanten is recommended as a softening cream for a nursing mother to get rid of peeling and cracked nipples. Desitin will not help.

Bepanten is available in several varieties and medicinal formulations, focusing on different consumer preferences. For example, instead of cream, you can buy lotion. Desitin is only available as an ointment.

Their cost is not the same. Bepanten due to the popularity and active advertising of the brand will cost more. But this does not negate its useful qualities.

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