Ferro-foilgamma and Maltofer, the choice of drug

The advantage of Maltofer is that it has several forms of release. That allows doctors to choose the most suitable treatment method for different groups of patients. Also, liquid forms have better absorption. Because they are evenly distributed over the mucosa, and they have a large absorption surface, they are better tolerated than tablet forms. As for the use in pregnant women, the safety of the drug is not proven, in contrast to Ferro-Folgamma, which can be taken in the II and III trimesters of pregnancy.

During the study, it was found that the fastest growth of red blood cells is observed with the use of Ferro-Folgamma, and even after the end of the course, the effect is persistent. Ferro-Folgamma also contains a vitamin complex, one of which is B12. This means that it can be used in the treatment of B12-deficient anemia. The bioavailability of Maltofer has been proven to be significantly lower than the Fero-Folgamma.

According to WHO, iron deficiency affects nearly 40% of the world’s population. Most often, it manifests itself in a latent form or just iron deficiency.

Anemia is a disease that is characterized by a decrease in the level of hemoglobin in the blood, and the number of red blood cells. The normal level of hemoglobin is considered to be 120-140 g / l, in men – 130-160 g / l. The causes of anemia are:

  • Blood loss.
  • Violation of the formation of red blood cells.
  • Increased decay of red blood cells.
  • Impaired absorption of iron.
  • Increased need for iron.
  • Excess calcium.
  • Vegetarianism.
  • Active sports.
Types of Anemia

There are various classifications of anemia:

  1. By color index (hypochromic anemia, normochromic anemia, hyperchromic anemia.
  2. By severity (mild – hemoglobin level below normal, but above 90 g / l, medium – hemoglobin in the range of 90-70 g / l, severe – hemoglobin level less than 70 g / l).
  3. By pathogenetics (various developmental mechanisms).
  4. By etiology (origin).
Iron-deficiency anemia

Iron deficiency anemia is a disease caused by a lack of iron in the body. Because of this, the formation of hemoglobin in the body increases, and trophic changes in the tissues occur. The cause of this type of anemia can be blood loss, pregnancy, diet, inflammation of the intestines, adolescence (due to rapid growth). More often, women suffer from anemia due to physiological characteristics, but in men, there are chronic forms, for example, due to ulcers, hemorrhoids.

Symptoms are manifested: weakness, dizziness, drowsiness, fainting. There may also be shortness of breath, yellowness of the skin, decreased attention, memory, and working capacity. Sometimes, dryness and cracking of the skin, hair loss, brittle nails are possible. In chronic, severe forms, patients develop a desire for the use of inedible products (paint, chalk, etc.). Muscle weakness gradually occurs, as a result of this, there may be urinary incontinence.

Pharmacotherapy includes eliminating the cause of the disease, following a diet, and taking iron supplements. Dose 200-300 mg, absorbed only in the form of 50 mg. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully choose the dosage. Therapy, within half a year or a year, allows you to bring the level of iron back to normal. A hemoglobin level returns to normal in 15-30 days. In advanced cases, a blood transfusion is performed. The drugs are taken between meals, after eating you can not eat pectin-containing products, drink medicine with tea or coffee. In addition, ascorbic acid is prescribed, it increases the absorption of iron. The most commonly prescribed iron preparations include Ferro-foilgamma and Maltofer.


An anti-anemic agent, in the form of soft gelatin capsules that contain a combination of a substance and vitamins. In the composition, you will find 100 mg of iron sulfate, folic acid, cyanocobalamin, ascorbic acid. Thanks to ascorbic acid, absorption of iron in the intestine improves, and cyanocobalomin and folic acid help the maturation of red blood cells. The capsule provides safe absorption without irritating the gastric mucosa.


Contraindications include:

  • Individual intolerance.
  • Treatment of anemia of another etiology.
  • Hepatic and renal failure.
  • Excess iron in the body.
  • Violation of iron utilization mechanisms.

It is forbidden to take antacids, enzyme preparations, tetracycline at the same time, since the absorption of ferum is reduced.


Maltofer is an iron preparation available in drops, oral solution, chewable tablets and syrup. It contains iron (III) hydroxide polymaltose complex, which prevents lipid peroxidation. Absorbed iron is stored in the liver, later, in the bone marrow, it is included in the composition of hemoglobin. The higher the level of iron deficiency, the better the absorption. The adsorption of the drug is 15%, absorption occurs in the 12 duodenal ulcer and small intestine. At the beginning of the course, the bioavailability of this drug is less than that of ferrous iron preparations.



  • Individual intolerance.
  • Violation of the mechanism of iron removal.
  • Not iron deficiency anemia.

Iron is a necessary trace element for our body. Therefore, you need to eat products with its content, and maintain its level in the blood. Iron is found in red meat, liver, nuts, legumes, buckwheat, apples. It is necessary to get rid of bad habits, since it is difficult for smokers to determine the level of hemoglobin, to play sports. Especially the level should be monitored by people who are donors, women with heavy menstruation, and pregnant women.

For prevention, iron supplements should be used in small doses. The drug should be picked up by the doctor, since such drugs come with different iron in the composition (bivalent and trivalent). And in some people, iron (III) hydroxide (Maltofer) may not be absorbed, but at the same time, with the use of ferrous iron, frequent side effects, gastrointestinal problems, a pronounced metallic aftertaste, staining of tooth enamel, black stool can develop. If you observe any side effects, you must consult a doctor. Self-medication is dangerous!

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