Carnitine and L-Carnitine, drug choice

If the food supplement is called carnitine, the manufacturer suggests that it contains both the L- and D-forms of the active substance.

The structure of L – carnitine has the properties of biologically active proteins, in which there are only asymmetric amino acids of the left rotation. It is most congruent with the form that is produced in the body, and therefore it is better absorbed by it. This allows you to effectively increase muscle mass.

From a chemical point of view , there are practically no differences between the forms of l- and d-carnitine, however, for a person with certain indications, it will be better to use levocarnitine.

L-carnitine is sometimes recommended for premature babies and those who suffer from malnutrition, anorexia, stunted growth.
Natural levocarnitine is found in meat, fish and dairy products – the best option to compensate for the lack of muscle mass for vegetarians and raw foodists.

Carnitine increases stamina during exercise of different types.

Carnitine was first discussed in the 20th century, when Russian biochemists Gulevich and Krinberg discovered this compound in the muscles.

At first, scientists carried the substance into a group of vitamins, which contradicted the principles of classification – because the body cannot produce vitamins on its own, and carnitine is synthesized by the liver and kidneys.

Then, to determine the systematic position of carnitine, only one group remained – coenzymes. These are substances that can increase the speed of many enzymes. These include carnitine.

It is able to influence the production of thyroid hormones in a certain way, promotes faster fat metabolism, compensates for oxygen deficiency in the body, stimulates protein synthesis, which leads to muscle growth. Studies have shown that the compound activates additional regenerative processes and increases appetite.


The compound of this name contains carnitine as an active substance. Depending on the manufacturer, the composition may include various additional components.

L-Carnitine Capsules

It was isolated from beef. It can be independently synthesized with a sufficient content of iron, ascorbic acid and B vitamins in the body. If this does not happen, carnitine is not produced, or it is not synthesized so intensively.

For convenient use, there are several forms of release:

  1. Tablet form.
  2. Capsule.
  3. Liquid (for intravenous administration).

If the latter option is most suitable for humans, usually the liquid form is diluted with sodium chloride in compliance with the dosage specified in the instructions.

The only restriction on the use of coenzyme is considered an individual increased reaction to carnitine.

The possibility of use by pregnant and lactating women is not officially confirmed or refuted.

However, there is nothing wrong with the use of carnitine during pregnancy. The environment in which the fetus develops is poor in glucose and oxygen, which should oxidize it. One source is carnitine, which helps to get energy for further growth. Usually, the mother’s body already contains enough carnitine in order for the child to fully go through all stages of development. Exceptions are diseases during gestation.

It is advisable to consult a doctor to confirm whether it is really necessary to take a course of carnitine.


This compound contains a slightly different active substance – levocarnitine. The composition also reveals auxiliary components.

Liquid L-Carnitine

The form in which l-carnitine is available is tablets and syrup. The tablet form contains ascorbic acid, and syrups are based on fructose.

Levocarnitine is popular among athletes, they are used as an additive that does not have a doping effect, but helps in fat burning and faster recovery after training.

Levocarnitine has fat-burning properties due to its ability to deliver fatty substances to the mitochondria-energy cell stations.

When muscle tissue is used, a reserve of mitochondria is used. Accordingly, in the process of taking carnitine and correctly combined with proper nutrition and adequate physical activity, a person can reduce body fat.

Contraindication to use is intolerance to at least one of the components.

  1. L-carnitine is a natural compound, D-carnitine is its synthetic analogue.
  2. The L-form is found in mammals and is biologically active.
  3. L-compound is a stereoisomer with respect to the D-form. The chemical properties and structure of the compounds repeat each other, but the molecules have different spatial structures and functional properties.
  4. Only L – carnitine can be absorbed in the body. D-carnitine inhibits the absorption of the L-form, increasing the deficiency of this substance. Accordingly, there is no positive effect.
  5. This means that when choosing such an additive, attention should be paid to the presence of levocarnitine in its pure form, rather than mixed L- and D-forms.

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