Amiksin or Kagocel, drug choice

Both drugs belong to antiviral agents and are used for viral infections. Most commonly used for colds. The action is carried out by stimulating the synthesis of interferon. Interferons are a group of biologically active molecules that prevent the growth of viruses.

Nevertheless, the use of interferon inducers is effective only in the early days of the disease, when the body’s own immunity did not manage to synthesize a sufficient amount of its interferons. Previously, in the medical environment, it was believed that the use of human interferon is more effective than conventional antiviral drugs, but now this point of view is not relevant. Also, drugs that promote the formation of interferon are safer than using human interferon, since there is no risk of infection with parenteral infections.

It is worth noting that interferon inducers in many developed countries are not used at all.

Despite the general stimulating effect on interferon, these two drugs are significantly different.

Amiksin, unlike Kagocel, binds to virus receptors and inhibits their reproduction even before the formation of interferon. Therefore, theoretically, the use of Amiksin will be more effective in combating the common cold.

In this regard, Amiksin costs a little more.

Amiksin, or rather its active substance – tiloron – is part of the List of Essential and Essential Medicines of the Russian Federation, so the price of Amiksin remains fixed.

Today, Kagocel is not included in this list, although it was included in the period from 2010 to 2015.

A relative advantage of Kagocel is the possibility of taking children older than 3 years.

The choice of antiviral agents becomes especially relevant during the period of viral infections. There are a huge number of antiviral agents on the market with different mechanisms of action, but what exactly will help in the midst of a viral infection and relieve all the symptoms of a cold is a mystery. Compare the two most advertised products – Amiksin and Kagocel and figure out which of them is better in each specific situation.


An antiviral immunomodulating agent is an inducer of the formation of interferon. As an active ingredient, tilorone is used in a dosage of 60 mg. Tiloron is registered in Russia and in the territory of the former Soviet Union. In other countries it is not used. It stimulates the formation of all types of interferon, and also inhibits the replication (reproduction, increase in the number of copies) of viruses. Due to the formation of interferon, it has a prophylactic effect during the period of viral infections.


The drug is dispensed without a prescription. Among the adverse reactions described dyspeptic disorders in the form of belching, flatulence, rapid stool.

Contraindications are:

  • Pregnancy.
  • Breastfeeding Period:
  • Children’s age up to 7 years.
  • Individual intolerance.

It is made by the Russian company Pharmstandard. One package contains 10 capsules of 125 mg each (60 mg of tilorone and 65 mg of excipients), which will cost the buyer about 800-900 rubles.


Registered as an antiviral agent. The active substance is based on kagocel. The director of the company describes kagocel as a polymer of cotton and another substance combined with cellulose. Dosage 12 mg. Like any antiviral agent, it stimulates the formation of interferons.


It is produced by the Russian company Niarmedik Pharma. In the package of 10 pieces worth 200-300 rubles, depending on the particular pharmacy chain.

The drug is dispensed without a prescription.

Contraindications for use are:

  • Pregnancy.
  • The period of breastfeeding.
  • Age up to 3 years.
What’s better?

The effectiveness of antiviral agents and interferon inducers is extremely difficult to evaluate. There is an opinion that when taking inducers and during the natural course of the disease, the duration of a cold does not change. On average, immunity takes about 2-3 days for self-synthesis of interferons, after which the use of interferon inducers is useless.

It will be advisable to take substances that bind to viruses and interfere with their reproduction. Amixin has this effect.

If we forget about the “useless” action of interferon inducers, then Kagocel has other negative aspects:

  1. As an active substance, kagocel is not registered. The described extract from cellulose does not explain its clinical effect. This also confirms the absence of any clinical studies.
  2. Despite the fact that the instructions say that the drug can be used in children from the age of three, treatment is extremely dangerous for them. There are studies that have shown inhibition of reproductive function in laboratory mice, up to complete infertility. Some review articles report that kagocel in China is used as a substance for medical abortion. Assessing the real effect of Kagocel on human reproductive function is extremely difficult due to the fact that the drug has been used for about 5-10 years.
Nevertheless, Kagocel is often prescribed by doctors, constantly advertised on TV. In many ways, active marketing is explained by the promotion of “over.” So, the former Minister of Health Tatyana Golikova contributed to the active sale of this drug.

Due to the fact that the action of Kagocel is based on stimulating the synthesis of interferon, its use is largely meaningless, and sometimes even dangerous. In this case, its lower cost is not a weighty argument in its favor.

For treatment, it is better and safer to drink Amiksin. In this case, it is necessary to use it extremely carefully in children.

Be sure to consult a doctor before starting, and even better, if there is no urgent need, completely abandon the use of funds that are based on a stimulating effect on the synthesis of interferon.

It is much more effective to strengthen the immune system in traditional ways, such as hardening, to observe a sleep and rest regimen, and also to prevent the development of the common cold by eating volatile products (onions, garlic, ginger).

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