Reduxin or Xenical, which is more effective

The first and main difference between these drugs is the active substance. Reduxin has a strong effect on the brain, while Xenical works exclusively in the gastrointestinal tract, blocking fat in the body.

In both cases, weight loss, with strict adherence, is approximately 0.5-1 kg. But it should be borne in mind that the contraindications and side effects of Reduxine are much more serious and numerous, because we are talking about a direct effect on the human brain.

The difference in the cost of drugs is quite significant, Xenical costs about 900 rubles., Reduxin – about 2600 rubles. (depending on the pharmacy network).

With a very active lifestyle (and, of course, in the absence of contraindications), it is better to choose Reduxine, which simply reduces appetite and eliminates unnecessary snacks. While orlistat in Xenical can provoke frequent uncontrolled stools.

Sometimes co-administration of both drugs is practiced. It is believed that in this way it is possible to achieve the desired result in a shorter time, by increasing the activity of each other’s influence.

Both drugs have proven effective in the fight against excess weight, their effect has been studied and confirmed by experts. But the result of their use directly depends on the observance of the simplest, it would seem, long-known to everyone, rules of a healthy lifestyle. These include reducing the intake of fast carbohydrates and fats, taking enough water (2-2.5 liters), including lean meat and fish in the diet, fractional nutrition, and, of course, physical activity.

Regardless of which drug the choice falls on, you should categorically not make a decision on their administration on your own. Only a specialist can correctly assess the condition of the body and choose the necessary course of treatment, which will be not only effective, but also safe.

Most often, excess weight is the result of malnutrition and a sedentary lifestyle, which means insufficient calorie consumption. Alcohol lovers and people who find it difficult to deal with stress in everyday life are also obese. Sometimes the cause is a variety of diseases, for example endocrine pathologies. But in this case, only a special course of treatment chosen by the doctor can help.

It would seem that to solve the problem of excess weight, it is enough to limit the diet and increase physical activity. Indeed, there is a category of people (according to statistics, there are about 5% of them) who need these simple measures to achieve their dream figure.

It’s all about the rate of fat metabolism (lipid metabolism). This mechanism is due to heredity, and often needs to be adjusted for intensity. In the event that it is not possible to reduce weight by more than 5% within a month, the use of special drugs for weight loss is recommended.

The main drugs to combat this problem are Reduxin and Xenical.


The main active ingredient of Reduxine is sibutramine. The effect is achieved through the effect of the drug on the center of saturation in the brain. Significantly reduced the feeling of hunger, which leads to a decrease in the number of calories consumed. The feeling of satiety is maintained for a long time, which makes it easy to refuse snacks on the go. In addition, reduxin accelerates the metabolism and breakdown of adipose tissue.


Before using this tool, you should make sure that there are no problems with the heart, thyroid gland and pressure, since the load on the body will be very significant.

Possible side effects of Reduxine:

  • Intense sweating.
  • Nausea.
  • Tachycardia.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Change in taste.
  • Unreasonable anxiety, depression.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Insomnia.

The drug should not be combined with drugs that affect the nervous system. During the course of treatment, it is necessary to completely exclude alcohol from the diet.

Reduxin is not intended for long-term use, the maximum period is 3 months. As a rule, it is taken at 10 mg once a day. Sometimes the dosage is increased to 15 mg (but only in case of good tolerance). In the event that within four weeks the weight has decreased by less than 2 kg, the drug should be discontinued.


Lipase is an enzyme that is secreted by the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines. It provides the breakdown and absorption of fats in the body. The action of Xenical (the active substance is Orlistat) is to block this mechanism, it prevents the absorption, and hence the accumulation of fats. It is thanks to a significant decrease in their income that the energy resources stored by the body are consumed.


The action of Xenical applies only to fats. It does not affect the absorption of proteins and carbohydrates. Therefore, to achieve a positive result, taking the drug must be combined with a diet.

In the event that there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract or the absorption of nutrients by the body, Xenical should be discarded. Epilepsy is also a contraindication, because of the danger of an increase in seizures.

Possible side effects:

  • Oily discharge with feces (fats leave unchanged),
  • Cutting pains in the stomach.
  • Increased gas formation.
  • Increased bowel movements.

A significant advantage of this drug is that it is not addictive and is ideal for long-term use. As a rule, 1 capsule is prescribed with each use of fatty foods, but no more than 3 capsules per day (exceeding the dose will not have a therapeutic effect).

You must understand that both of these drugs for weight loss are effective only in combination with diet and exercise. The decision on whether to take Reduxine and Xenical should be made in accordance with the doctor’s prescription. Do not expect their instant action, often the course of administration can be very long.

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