Ursosan tablets or Ursosan capsules, which is more effective

They contain the same chemicals. They have the same side effects on some vital systems:

Gastrointestinal tract: change in the consistency of the stool (pasty, liquid); severe pain in the epigastric region in the treatment of autoimmune liver disease.
Liver, gastrointestinal tract, bile ducts: calcification of gallstones (rarely); complete scarring of the liver (rarely).
Skin: urticaria (rare).

In case of an overdose, diarrhea may occur. In general, an overdose happens extremely rarely, since increased doses interfere with the absorption of UDCA and are excreted in feces. In case of severe diarrhea, the drug is canceled.

The absorption of the drug is affected by antacids, which include aluminum or ion exchange resins. They are best used in a few hours or after drinking Ursosan.

The ability to dissolve cholesterol stones is affected by oral contraceptives, including estrogens, progestogens. Ursosan increases the absorption of cyclosporine from the intestine – this requires its control in AK and, if necessary, changes in the dosage used.

There are cases when UDCA reduced the absorption of ciprofloxacin.

In whatever form the drug is prescribed, it must be taken, following special instructions:

  • The presence of cholesterol stones is not> 20 mm.
  • Preserved patency of the bile ducts.
  • With prolonged use of the drug, to dissolve the pebbles, first every 4 weeks, and then 3 months, do biochemical AK (activity of hepatic transaminases).
  • Every 6 months after therapy, look at the ultrasound state of the yellow, bile ducts.
  • Even with positive dynamics, continue treatment for 3 months.

None of the Ursosan release forms are indicated for women of reproductive age, nursing, or pregnant.

The daily dose of the drug is calculated by the attending physician depending on the patient’s body weight.

Hepatoprotectors (drugs protecting the liver) with a choleretic effect are specifically aimed at normalizing the digestion and absorption of organic compounds in the intestine. Through them, metabolic processes in the body are enhanced. One of them is Ursosan. Many people think which form of release to give preference to: tablets or capsules. To do this, you need to carefully consider each individually.


The therapeutic effect of the drug is carried out through ursodeoxycholic acid.

The tool is aimed at protecting and restoring liver function. Provides transportation of bile. Prevents the formation and promotes the dissolution of cholesterol stones. Lowers the level of fats, cholesterol in the bloodstream. It has an immunomodulatory effect.

Ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) helps restore the structure of the digestive tract cells, protecting them from the damaging effects of toxins secreted by bile salts.

Under the influence of acid, cholesterol absorption in the intestine is inhibited. Its synthesis in the liver and decreased secretion in bile are suppressed. Gradually, cholesterol deposits break down and new ones do not form.

Enhances gastric and pancreatic secretion, activates lipases. Through the drug, a hypoglycemic property is carried out. UDCA delays the spread of tissue fibrosis.

UDCA is almost completely (80%) absorbed in the intestines (lean and ileal). The main part (50-70%) is excreted by bile.

Tablet form

The tablets are coated with a film enteric white coating. Each unit is oblong, biconvex. On the surface, on the one hand, a notch, on the other – sharing risk. Each holds 500 mg of the main component – UDCA and additional substances. One of them is corn starch.


Contour cell packaging for 10 tablets. In a pack of 1/5/10 packs.

Capsule shape

Capsule size “0”, dense, made of gelatin, titanium dioxide. Opaque, white. Inside is a white powder with an admixture of small particles. The powder can be compressed in the form of a column, but it easily breaks up when pressed.


Each unit contains 250 mg of the active substance – UDCA and additional components. One of them is corn starch. Capsules of 10 pieces are placed in blisters and packaged in 1/5/10 blisters in packs.

What is the difference between tablets and capsules Ursosan?

The amount of the main substance and the composition of the top coating.

It is generally accepted that the composition of the capsules is more easily tolerated by the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, and not as irritating to it. There is a version that thanks to the capsules, the main substance “without loss” is delivered to the place of absorption: the skinny, ileum.

The tablet form has a greater weight, while it is easily divided, so it is suitable for patients who are prescribed the appropriate dosage.

For whom is each release form suitable?

The drug can be used by patients with uncomplicated cholelithiasis:

  1. Sludge is biliary.
  2. Cholesterol pebbles (dissolution).
  3. Relapse prevention, period after cholecystectomy.
  4. Hepatitis of a chronic form, of different origin.
  5. Liver disease: PBC without decompensation; CF cystic fibrosis; primary sclerosing cholangitis.
  6. Fatty liver disease of non-alcoholic origin.
  7. Alcoholic damage to the liver.
  8. Hepatitis of viral origin (chronic stage).
  9. Narrowing of the biliary tract (dyskinesia).
  10. Reflux disease.

It is not necessary to apply to persons with: individual intolerance to UDCA; the presence of formations of calcium; non-functioning LP; inflammatory processes of the gastrointestinal tract of the acute stage; decompensation of cirrhosis; renal, hepatic, pancreatic insufficiency.

The drug is not recommended for children under 3 years.

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