Mukofalk or Phytomucil, the choice of drug

Both affect the digestive system, normalizing the functioning of the intestine. Help get rid of constipation.

Available in powder form, packaged in 5 g sachets . Similar active substances that require copious drinking water. They have the same therapeutic effect.

Dosage forms are produced in different countries. Although the main active ingredient is similar, the additional substances are different.

Mukofalk is supplemented with chemical components, and Phytomucil is supplemented with plant materials. For this reason, the first is referred to as medicines, and the second to dietary supplement.

Mucofalk causes adverse reactions, which cannot be said about Fitomucil. However, it acts very gently.

The human intestine is a complex, multifunctional organ that affects the quality of work of all other vital organs.

It is not always possible to maintain its functioning at the right level. We have to resort to the help of drugs.

For example, Mukofalk and Phytomucil. Which one is better and in which case? What should I especially pay attention to?


Country producer Germany. The drug is on the same list of laxatives, which are based on plant materials.

The main active ingredient of Mukofalk is the shell of the seeds of the oval / ovoid plantain. Raw seed is formed into granules. They have a beige color, orange flavor. One bag holds 5 g of granules.


The value of the husk is that it consists of alimentary fibers, mucus. This contributes to the absorption of water, expansion of the intestinal walls, increased intestinal mobility, and the rate of transit of feces.

Through a large volume of drunk liquid, the husk increases in volume, irritates, stretches the intestinal wall, and this causes defecation. Mucus acts as a lubricant, facilitating the transit of feces.

The effect of the drug occurs with a single use after 12-24 hours. In individual cases – after 2-3 days.

The simultaneous use of Mukofalk with minerals and vitamins slows down the effect of the latter. Joint use with inhibitors of natural peristalsis can lead to bowel obstruction.

When treating with a drug, adverse reactions are possible if the dosage is exceeded:

  • Intestinal pain.
  • Bloating.
  • Feeling of fullness.

In such a situation, heavy drinking, symptomatic treatment is recommended.


Manufacturer UK. The drug is considered a dietary supplement that affects digestion, normalizes the function of intestinal transport. Does not apply to medicines. Ingredients: plantain (seed coat), home plum (fruits).


Light yellow powder with a mushroom smell of 5 g (sachets) or 250 g (jars).

Phytomucil fights stagnation of stool and its negative effects. The husk absorbs water, swells, softens the stool. Enhances motility, transportation of feces.

The drug solves the problems caused by the lack of regular bowel movements:

  1. Dyspepsia.
  2. Flatulence.
  3. Acne eruptions.
  4. Cramping.

The elimination of all these unpleasant symptoms leads to the normalization of microflora, increased local immunity.

Phytomucil weakens, prevents the development of pathogenic flora due to home plums. Significantly improves digestion.

The drug acts very gently without causing painful urges. The influence of dietary supplements extends exclusively at the level of the intestine. It does not cause addiction. It is excreted in the feces.

In therapeutic practice, there have been no cases of overdose or interaction with other drugs. In the treatment of the recommended dose, no side effects have been reported.

Who and which drug may prefer

Mukofalk is suitable for patients with:

  1. Chronic form of constipation.
  2. Cracks in the anus.
  3. Hemorrhoidal nodes of the rectum.
  4. Irritable bowel syndrome.

For those who have had surgery on the rectum and need easier bowel movements.

In no case should you take the drug to patients with:

  • Hypersensitivity to constituent substances.
  • Uncertain diagnosis of intestinal pathology.
  • Rectal bleeding of an unknown nature.
  • Symptoms of difficulty swallowing.
  • Esophageal stenosis and other gastrointestinal pathologies.
  • Paralysis or bowel obstruction.

Mukofalk is prohibited for patients taking other laxatives, but who have not yet resolved the issue of defecation.

Elderly, weakened need the supervision of a specialist when taking treatment.

People with hereditary fructose intolerance cannot use the drug, since it contains sucrose.

Patients on a low-salt / low-sodium diet should consider that Mucofalk contains sodium ( 5 g: 90 mg ).

The medicine is indicated for pregnant and lactating.

Phytomucil can help people with:

  • Functional constipation, diarrhea arising from dysbiosis.
  • An irregular, unbalanced diet.
  • Anal fissures and hemorrhoids.
  • Diabetes || degrees.
  • Hypothyroidism.
  • Diverticulosis.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome.

Supplements are an excellent tool for pregnant and lactating women, as it improves intestinal motility and eliminates constipation. Effective for preventing the development of TC tumors, obesity, cardiovascular disease. It is advisable to introduce dietary supplements in the diet for people with a sedentary lifestyle, with high cholesterol in AK.

Despite the plant material in the composition, Phytomucil is contraindicated in inflammatory processes of the mucous membranes of the intestine and stomach. In some patients, individual intolerance of plantain, home plum may be noted. With intestinal obstruction, the drug is contraindicated. Do not use in the treatment of children under 14 years of age. Treatment of pregnant and lactating women is allowed after consultation with your doctor.

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