Drug in a new class for the treatment of migraines approved in U.S.

Drug for treating migraines, developed by Amgen, FDA approved. Medicine Ambig (Aimovig, renoma), belonging to a new class of drugs designed for adult patients. Patients need one injection a month, which will cost them at least 575 USD – this price is valid as for the dosage, 70, and 140 mg.

Some experts believe that the cost can be much higher and the price of the annual course of the drug will reach $ 10,000.

Currently, patients suffering from migraines, get a variety of medications, including antidepressants and drugs that reduce blood pressure. For those who experience headaches more often 15 times a month, the doctors offer Botox injections.

Ambig belongs to a new class of drugs, molecules which are associated with coolshannagh – it helps to cope with a headache caused by dilation of blood vessels in the brain.

The results of three studies, which involved patients with chronic or episodic migraines, suggests that taking Ambiga reduced the duration of migraine episodes 1-2. 5 days per month.

The cure almost did not cause side effects: the main complaint of the patients was redness at the injection site, and constipation. Medication was not accompanied by such common side effects as decreased libido and weight gain. During one of the previous studies have shown that often the side effects of migraine meds were themselves serious headaches, which patients simply stop therapy.

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