Hilak Forte and Bifidumbacterin, which is more effective

Both drugs normalize microflora, improve digestion and increase immunity.

They have general indications for use:

  • Correction or prevention of dysbiosis caused by prolonged use of antibiotics, hormonal drugs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Acute infectious diseases, including intestinal infections,
  • Chronic diseases of the digestive tract.
  • Comprehensive treatment of allergic reactions.
  • In women – the prevention of mastitis, the treatment of vaginosis and colpitis of a bacterial nature.
  • In young children – to normalize microflora during artificial feeding.

Also, drugs are prescribed in complex therapy in the treatment of pneumonia, inflammatory diseases, anemia, and rickets in babies.

Hilak forte is prescribed for diarrhea or constipation of various origins, including those caused by a change in climate.

Comparison and differences

The main difference between them is that these are drugs belonging to different groups. Bifidumbacterin is a first-generation probiotic,

which includes bifidobacteria. It directly suppresses pathogenic microflora and promotes the development of beneficial. While Hilak forte is a metabolic drug of a new generation. It does not contain microorganisms at all, but the substrates included in its composition allow the correct functioning of the intestinal microflora.

From a chemical point of view, the substances that make up Hilak forte are part of probiotic microorganisms, not bifidobacteria, but lactobacilli, as well as enterococci, which do not include any domestic preparation. So the metabiotic is definitely a more effective drug.

Hilak forte as a typical metabiotic has the following advantages:

  1. It begins to act literally instantly, that is, immediately after administration.
  2. Unlike a probiotic, it is not an antagonist for the patient’s own microbiota, therefore, it is better perceived by the body.
  3. It has a higher therapeutic effect due to the fact that it acts in several directions at once.
  4. Improves digestion in a natural way, due to the normalization of enzyme activity.

Thus, therapy using this drug allows you to achieve a better result with minimal risk of side effects.

Medicine has known about the benefits of probiotics for a long time. For the first time, their beneficial effects on the body were proved by Ivan Mechnikov at the beginning of the twentieth century, but at first it was only about dairy products containing acidophilic bacteria. In the 1970s, the first probiotic appeared – Bifidumbacterin. However, science does not stand still, and in recent years new drugs have appeared – including Hilak Forte, whose properties will be discussed below.

Hilak Forte and its features

This drug is intended to normalize the microflora of the body. It does not contain bacteria. It consists of aqueous substrates of metabolic products of certain types of lactobacilli, as well as one type of streptococcus and E. coli E. coli. Moreover, all these are seedless substrates, they simply create conditions for the favorable development of beneficial microflora.

Hilak Forte

Such a drug is released in the form of drops. The dosage is prescribed by the doctor, taking into account the age of the patient.

Bifidumbacterin and its features

Bifidumbacterin is a drug designed to normalize the intestinal microflora and also has an immunomodulating agent. It consists directly of bifidobacteria – Bifidobacterium bifidum – and excipients (depending on the form of the drug). In fact, these are microorganisms sorbed in high concentration on activated carbon particles. These bacteria are antagonists (that is, opponents) of many pathogenic microorganisms – for example, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, Shigella, as well as opportunistic microflora.


Bifidumbacterin is produced in various forms – capsules, suppositories, substances for the preparation of the solution.

What’s better?

The metabolic Hilak forte has one important advantage – it does not contain live bacteria, so antibiotics do not affect it in any way. Therefore, the drug can be taken simultaneously with antibiotics to prevent dysbiosis.

In addition, recent studies have shown that if you take Hilak forte along with antibiotics for acute intoxication, then the symptoms of poisoning pass faster than if the patient took only Bifidumbacterin or a drug containing pure lactobacillus. At the same time, stool normalizes, manifestations of intestinal dyspepsia (heartburn, discomfort, etc.) go away.

Finally, it is advisable to give Hilak forte to young children, literally from the first weeks of life. Studies have shown that this particular drug should be used to treat premature babies, who often suffer from dysbiotic disorders. Hilak forte is very well tolerated by most babies and extremely rarely causes unwanted reactions of the body. For the same reason, this drug is the best choice for women during pregnancy and lactation.

In all other cases (for example, after the end of antibiotic therapy), Bifidumbacterin can also be taken. This drug is also quite effective. However, as an independent tool, it is prescribed only for the correction of microflora in case of dysbiosis of the first degree. In more serious cases, for example, in case of poisoning, it will not be effective enough as a single drug, and it is prescribed as part of complex therapy along with other probiotics and biological products (including it can be taken simultaneously with Hilak forte, they do not interact with each other, and each performs its task) or sorbents.

And, of course, in any case, both drugs are taken only as prescribed by the doctor, taking into account the patient’s condition and the presence of contraindications.

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