Suprax for the treatment of cystitis and pyelonephritis

Inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract disrupts the normal lifestyle of the patient. Therefore, it is important to start therapy as an effective tool. Quickly to cure the unpleasant symptoms of cystitis, urethritis and pyelonephritis will help a new generation of drug from the group of antibiotics – Suprax Solutab.

Characteristics of the drug
Antibiotics are prescribed in complicated form of cystitis, as without them to cure the disease almost impossible.

Suprax relates to semi-synthetic antibiotic, the active ingredient of which is cefixime. The drug affects the pathogenic bacteria present in the body. For cells of the human body it is safe.

The drug is sold in blister packs, each of which contains 1, 5 or 7 tablets. The composition of each pill includes 400 mg cefixime. As auxiliary drug substances include dyes, sweeteners, starch and flavorings. They are added to provide a pleasant experience for the patient organoleptic properties (color, taste, smell).
The active substance of the medicine is an antibiotic cefixime

The body’s metabolism

Tablets dissolve in the gastrointestinal tract, cefixime is absorbed in the small intestine and into the bloodstream. After about 4-5 hours, its concentration in the body reaches a maximum. The drug is not metabolized by the liver. Cefixime penetrates through the transplacental barrier, which is important to consider pregnant women.
The excretion of drugs involves the kidneys, where it is absorbed and is included in the composition of urine. In addition, a number cefixime excreted in the bile through the intestines.

The rules of admission

The course of the drug is determined individually for each patient by his doctor.

Usually, medication will need for five days. It is important to precisely follow the rules of admission as it allows you to create the necessary concentration of antibiotic in the patient’s body.

Make the tool in two ways:

And the other way will lead to the same result.
Make Suprax only need a doctor’s prescription

Pregnancy and lactation

We should also mention about using Suprax during pregnancy and lactation. For mild cases of cystitis it is not recommended. However, it is often prescribed in the last trimester of pregnancy, subject to great risks to women’s lives.
When applying Suprax lactation it is necessary to suspend, as the active ingredient of the drug enters the milk.

Once in the body of children, cefixime can have a negative impact on metabolism. Therefore, the child is transferred to artificial diet until full recovery of the mother.

Side effects

As with any antibiotic, Suprax has a number of undesirable effects.

These include:

Before the first drug you need to carefully study the manual

There are more serious complications:


In some diseases, Suprax can not be assigned.

Earlier it was mentioned that not recommended during pregnancy and lactation, except in special cases. Also, the drug adversely affects the functioning of the kidneys and urinary system as a whole, so strictly contraindicated its use in acute and chronic renal failure.

The product has good compatibility with other drugs, which distinguishes it from other antibiotics.

However, there are several groups of funds with which to combine Suprax not recommended:

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