Caring for the thyroid gland in the best traditions of folk medicine

How often, tired of the endless runs from the doctor’s office to the nearest pharmacy, you start to look for other methods of solving your problem?

For example, driving in search engine “Thyroid gland folk medicine”. Indeed, it is interesting to know: how did a particular problem when people lived in harmony with nature, and to take all purely natural, when every family was “his” herbalist. Most likely, thoughts about folk recipes called for almost everyone who has faced a health problem. This is not surprising because I really want to find something natural, safe, proven.

According to the world health organization among endocrine disorders, thyroid diseases take the second place after diabetes. In some parts of Russia, the percentage of the disease population reaches 95%.

Problems with the thyroid gland is of concern for a growing number of people. And this is natural, since the thyroid gland is sensitive to many factors of modern life: from eating disorders to chronic stress.

For more than thirty years as herbalists and folk healers, and anyone interested in medicinal plants, closely studied the properties of the white cinquefoil and its application for thyroid. This is not surprising. The white bloodroot has a powerful effect on the thyroid gland, its function and structure. She gives all the most important to maintaining her health.

Today, the use of the white cinquefoil thyroid repeatedly confirmed by clinical studies*.

In the Internet you can find recipes of tinctures and decoctions made on the basis of Potentilla, recommendations for use, with a clear algorithm of reception. They all start about the same: “Take the roots of white cinquefoil…” folk medicine recommends the use of bloodroot as white as inside, and naruzhno – in the form of creams, ointments, compresses applied to the area of the thyroid gland. Biologically active substances of plants fall to the surface of the skin, pass through the epidermis and reach the dermis, then molecules from the blood are carried throughout the body. It is worth remembering that the combined use shows much better results.

You need to consider several important factors, which can neutralize the effect of the reception of such funds and affect their safety.

  • White cinquefoil, a rare plant that you cannot find just by going, for example, in the forest or mountains. In pharmacies and stores bloodroot white pavé impossible to buy. Such materials are not commercially available. And, unfortunately, someone gets the roots of this plant “with hands” (via Internet from dubious sources on the market, at the entrance).
  • Bloodroot white is very easily confused with plants of other species of the genus Potentilla. And you sure you got exactly what effectively for thyroid – bloodroot white? The eye to distinguish the roots of Potentilla white from the roots, for example, Potentilla direct, almost impossible – it is necessary to carry out chemical analysis.
  • But the main problem lies elsewhere: the fact of acquisition of the real roots of white cinquefoil is not a guarantee of a positive result of the reception facilities, prepared independently: the effectiveness of remedies based on Potentilla depends on the quality of the extract. And the quality of the extract from the literacy fee in a certain period of plant growth and further processing.
Where to find the right cinquefoil?

In pharmacies you can find natural non-hormonal drug “And” on the basis of the white cinquefoil. The company “Evalar” grow this unique plant on our own plantations in the foothills of the Altai and ensures the highest quality of tormentil, which is part of the “Endocrinol”.

Specialists of the company “Evalar” carefully monitor the growth of a plant, build it strictly in the period of maximum saturation of biologically active substances. Then it is processed under low temperature regimes in order to preserve the maximum of useful properties. Owing to this approach, the complex “Endocrinol” has high quality.

In addition, it is the only ** in Russia as a tool cinquefoil white, allowing you to take care of the health of the thyroid gland in complex: capsules – inside and cream outside.

Complex “Endocrinol” allows you to:

  • to normalize the balance of hormones of a thyroid gland;
  • to maintain the normal function of the thyroid gland, its structure and size;
5 reasons to choose “Endocrinol” Evalar:
  • “Endocrinol” is a non-hormonal means of natural origin***.
  • Optimum composition: specially formulated from the extract and powder of the roots of white cinquefoil provides their synergistic action.
  • The maximum benefit of the white cinquefoil, gathered in the Altai and processed at the time of maximum biological maturity in modern technology, preserving all the useful properties of the plants.
  • Dual action: “Endocrinol” is the only** complex for a healthy thyroid gland, acting from the inside out (capsules) and outside (cream) – for optimum concentration of biologically active substances.
  • Best price and high quality according to GMP standards!****


*”White Potentilla is a unique natural product for the treatment of thyroid disease” Authors: Efremov A. P. (doctor-phytotherapeutist, C.b.N.); “Cinquefoil white” Authors: Smyk G. K. (K. b.n) Source: “Chemistry and life”, № 3, 1982.

**According to marketing Agency “JSC “DSM Group”,” for the period 2015-2017

*** On applicable components.

**** GMP certificate No. С0170889 – 03, NSF International (USA), (capsules “Endocrinol”).

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