How to tell if you’re spiritually sensitivity and how it can empower your life

The majority of us have an inherent need for a connection to something above and beyond our own human existence. For those of you wanting to awaken your natural intuition and spiritual sensitivity, you must first get in touch with your body’s subtle energy movements within, and quiet the mind so to hear the inner you.

Here at GLAMOUR HQ, we have a mild major fascination with all things spiritual, from tarot readings and crystal healing to the impact the moon has on our everyday life. To delve a little deeper into all things spiritual, we’ve enlisted professional medium and healer, Katy Meade-King of Soul Spirit, to be our monthly columnist. Katy, who we met at Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop summit, is trained in reiki, quantum touch and anusha healing techniques. Esch month, she will share a column on all things spiritual. To kick off her column, she’s shared her guide to figuring out whether, like her, you’re spiritually sensitive, and how to work with it.

As a sensitive, you might notice becoming more conscious of your physical body – the effects of the food you eat and the skincare you use. Maybe making more time for yourself, doing things that bring you joy and even letting go of certain friendships that didn’t uplift you.

You’re probably always the person who your friends come to at a difficult time, because you help by listening and giving words of wisdom. Do you often follow your instincts and trust your intuition, knowing something without a rational reason – yet you trust it anyway?

Things happen to you that seem more than just coincidence, you instinctively know when to call someone and you notice repeating numbers like 111’s. You might have vivid recurring dreams and feel exhausted when you wake up in the morning after your sleep, especially if you have crystals in your bedroom. Senses are much more heightened, you find crowded places overwhelming and intense, and your empathy and compassion is hugely elevated.

Basically, you are like a lighthouse and all the lower frequency energies naturally gravitate towards you like moths to a flame which can make you feel drained, ‘heavy’ and confused. This is a lot to cope with, but unless you know how to cleanse your energy, it can also linger with you which is why sensitives tend to isolate themselves, stop taking crowded transport and feel too tired so might make excuses to not go out.

If this resonates – you are a sensitive, know that your sensitivity is a gift to embrace, you will be able to share your wisdom, insight and care for others without feeling exhausted.

Even if there is a wish to discourage your sensitivity, like with any challenge, you must first acknowledge it, as it will continue to overwhelm you unless you take action to learn how to control it through a greater understanding of your body’s energy – the link that connects your physical and emotional experience.

Start this cleansing exercise by finding a quiet space, put your phone in another room, light a candle and sit comfortably – preferably with your feet flat on the floor and say a little dedication, for you to clear all that does not serve you for your highest good. With your eyes closed, take some deep breaths – like big sighs of relief, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, letting your body relax and your mind focus inwards.

With every breath, I want you to notice how it feels, becoming more aware of the subtle movements and sensations in your physical body – any discomfort, tummy rumbles or your mind being drawn to certain areas.

Imagine your breath as divine white light, and as you breathe in, ‘see’ in your mind’s eye your exhalation spreading light throughout your body sending it where you feel it is needed most. Visualise the breath travel through your chest to your shoulders, down your arms, into your hands, fingers and continue sending the light with your breath to your entire body – reaching every muscle, organ and cell.

Your breath is the regulator of your energy body and by visualising white light, you are cleansing your energy body and clearing it from any heavier energies that you might have subconsciously been holding.

Once you have filled your entire being with this divine light, see yourself in a bubble or cocoon of this divine light and give thanks for this clearing. It is a good idea to ground yourself – eat something, go outside and stand on the grass, if that’s not possible – jump up and down bringing your energy and awareness down to your feet.

I teach Intuitive Development with the aim to help the naturally sensitive person make better use of all the opportunities this life affords.

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