This Anti-Chafe Stick Has Changed Tyler’s Life

I really love to wear dresses and skirts, but thigh chafe basically meant that I went from tights season, to the four weeks a year it’s nice enough to ditch the tights but not hot enough for my thighs to stick together, to locking my hot legs down in jeans for the remainder of summer.

And I have tried everything: Slathering on lotion (gone in 60 seconds), rubbing on deodorant (lasted slightly longer but not particularly effective, not to mention the weird pilling), Spanx (do you want to wear Spanx in 90 percent humidity?), Band-Aids (guess how long that lasted?), baby powder (only good if you’re going for “I’m a very sexy baby” vibes) and more.

This is not even a slight exaggeration.

As someone who has thighs which touch, I have grown to secretly hate summer for one simple reason: Thigh chafe. If you’ve ever experienced thigh chafe – perhaps best known by the pretty awful name of “chub rub” – you know how uncomfortable it is. First comes that dreaded rubbing sensation, then a slight sticking followed by an uptick in heat, and before you know it, you’re walking down the street like a cowboy just to try and keep your legs from touching. Have you ever ended a hot summer day icing down the angry red welts on your inner thighs? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

All of this to say that I’ve been pretty desperate for a solution which would allow me to keep wearing my summer dresses through even the hottest temps. So when Steph was sent a package of Megababe’s offerings, she barely had time to set them down on her desk before I was (politely) snatching up the Thigh Rescue Anti-Chafe stick.

The solid balm is about the size and shape of a standard tube of deodorant, and the scent is pleasant but by no means overwhelming; once its on, you won’t even notice it. It glides on super easily and the first day I wore it, I was shocked to make it home after a busy day with not so much as a slight redness. It was a summer miracle.

But I had to put it to the real summer test, and so I threw it in my bag for a week visiting family back home in Florida over Memorial Day weekend. With a tropical storm bearing down, humidity soared up pretty high and things got steamy. I spent a post-thunderstorm afternoon walking around my old campus at the University of Florida, and much to my delight and surprise, this stuff held up. I will say that by the end of the day there was a slight stick to my thighs, but no irritation; for longer, more active days, a second application might be helpful, if not totally necessary.

Since adding Megababe Thigh Rescue to my beauty arsenal, I haven’t looked back – I even wore shorts out this past weekend. And more than just the alleviation of pain aspect, Thigh Rescue has helped restore some of my self-esteem: I can dress like myself without stressing out about how much pain I’ll be in later, worrying about how funny my walk is or rushing to bathrooms to reapply lotion.

Thigh chafe isn’t the sexiest thing to talk about, but it’s a real issue for so many women and it’s been ignored for years. I’m grateful Megababe founder Katie Sturino was willing to put herself out there for this hero product, because it is truly changing my life.

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