Balanced diet during pregnancy

Since there is a lot of literature for pregnant women and it is often quite controversial, below are a few basic rules for a balanced diet, which all future mothers should adhere to:

  • arrange meals every four hours;
  • in no case do not disdain light breakfast with cereal, fruit and muesli;
  • dinner should be quite substantial, but without overeating;
  • after breakfast and lunch you can enjoy fruits or yogurt;
  • dinner should be purely dietary and contain fruits, dairy products and some diet cookies.

In addition to careful attention to your diet, you should not forget about the basic rules of hygiene.

For example, rinse fruits and vegetables, in any case do not eat undercooked foods and food that has become obsolete.

Special recommendations on nutrition for pregnant women

But there are less obvious tips that you should also pay attention to:

  • eat cheese only in solid or melted form;
  • purchase only vacuum-packed products;
  • any seafood and raw fish can be eaten provided you are sure of their high quality;
  • produce hot processing of all types of meat, and ready-made meals from them to store no more than a day;
  • drink only pasteurized milk;
  • hands should be washed after cutting up any meat or fish.

Observance of these simple rules will allow future mothers to not only look wonderful and feel great, but also ensure the health of the baby. And this is the most important thing in this case.

What to eat, how to eat and when to eat during pregnancy

In the first trimester of pregnancy, a significant rearrangement of the female body takes place, therefore certain gastronomic experiments, the mixing of the immiscible and the aversion to becoming a favorite before, are quite normal.

Although some scientists believe that all the oddities in the choice of food is not just a whim and feminine eccentricities. According to one of the versions, thus, the organism itself suggests, what kind of products it lacks.

Therefore, if you cannot look at something useful, do not rush to reproach and blame yourself for excessive negligence – better consult with your doctor and find an adequate replacement for this product.

In the second trimester, the issue of nutrition for all expectant mothers should be approached more responsibly. Not only because of the health of the baby, but also because of his personal well-being. Since the stomach during this period begins to work for wear and possible the emergence of such unpleasant symptoms as constipation and heartburn.

In order not to wait for the appearance of difficulties with digestion, it is best to add stewed and steamed food to your diet.

Fried food is eliminated altogether, because it is not only not useful, but also stimulates thirst, which leads to the consumption of excess fluid and edema. It is in connection with the same reason that all pickles must be removed from the diet.

In the final, third trimester, experts ask all pregnant women to refrain from salt and the consumption of excess fluid.

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