Comfort after childbirth

Any future mom should remember that after her baby is born, worries will be added. However, after giving birth, you will need to continue to care not only for the beautiful little creature, but also for yourself. No one except the woman herself will be able to fully maintain her state of health at the proper level. It should be understood that after childbirth the body recovers for a long time, and the uterus returns to its former tone.

In the first few weeks after giving birth, a woman in labor needs special care in intimate places, as there may be tears, bruises or sutures. To do this, you need to worry in advance and buy a postpartum panties, it is better to choose a disposable model. Such underwear will perfectly cope with its function, will support postpartum laying and at the same time completely let air through.

Do I need disposable underwear?

Postpartum pants are an excellent protector against all infections and a barrier against injury or rubbing. They are released disposable in order to prevent the passage of various bacteria and viruses into the genitourinary tract, which can so easily enter the weak body of the woman in labor. Such underwear brings a woman less trouble, since all attention will be fully devoted to the baby. In this case, the woman will feel comfortable and safe.

Postpartum panties have several advantages:

  • they are practical and sterile in the walls of the hospital, as they are made of ordinary elastic mesh;
  • contribute to the speedy healing of all wounds;
  • act as a bandage due to their pulling sides;
  • postpartum pads are fixed as firmly as possible;
  • Some of them have buttons or zippers for convenience.

It is better to buy disposable postpartum pants in advance to take them with you to the hospital. However, you should not buy yourself the largest size, as after childbirth women lose much weight. It is better to take 1 size larger than the one you usually wore before pregnancy.

Which panties to choose?

The modern market offers a huge number of models of postpartum and prenatal underwear. It will be convenient for pregnant women, and for women in labor. It is the women who gave birth most often resort to them in order to protect themselves and not feel discomfort.

Many young mothers prefer their nets. Postpartum mesh panties are ideal for those who have copious bloody discharge after childbirth and often change pads and underwear. But many are not satisfied with this type of panties, as they quickly get wet and do not hold the postpartum panty well. More experienced mothers give their preference to disposable panties – belts that not only save the hygienic side of the woman in labor, but also quickly put the abdominal muscles in order.

There is also disposable underwear in the form of a bandage or corset, which allow moms to feel good after incisions or many seams.

Postpartum underpants can be bought at any pharmacy. The price of disposable postpartum briefs can fluctuate significantly due to the size of the package, density or manufacturer.

Do not buy a lot of disposable underwear. You may not need it, since the recovery process in all women goes differently. It is best to stock up in advance with several types of panties that will be at your fingertips and, if desired, your family will always be able to buy the right model for you.

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