Broken or sore suture after childbirth

If it happens that the postpartum suture has been split, you need to contact a specialist as soon as possible. Internal seams, as a rule, very rarely diverge, and determining it yourself is very difficult.

In what condition are the internal seams can only be determined by a doctor during an examination of a woman.

The most common cause of discrepancy in the perineal sutures is an incorrect act of defecation, a sharp turn or movement, or lifting heavy objects.

Signs of perineal seam divergence:

  • pain;
  • specific discharge;
  • redness
  • any other external signs.
What to do if a seam has been opened?

If this situation occurred 1-2 years after the birth, then the doctors make a second suture. If only a few stitches have been sewn at this place, then you can leave everything as it is – this will not bring discomfort, much less a life threat. While the woman in labor is in the hospital, she is being seen by her doctor.

It may happen that the wound begins to heal. In this case, the doctor prescribes local treatment. Care consists in the treatment of the seam and the use of special ointments. When the wound is completely cleaned and there is no sign of suppuration, an ointment is prescribed for the sick woman, which will speed up the healing process (usually it is Levomekol).

What to do when the seams hurt?

When you were discharged from the hospital, but the pain in the area of ​​the sutures does not become weaker, then you do not need to self-medicate. If the sutures in the perineum are sore and the pain intensifies, you should immediately consult a doctor.

If the pain is felt only when you are sitting, this is normal. To ease the pain, try to sit less, even eat half-lying. A newly mummy after childbirth should have more rest after such a crucial moment as childbirth.

If pain is felt while you are standing or lying, and each time it gets worse, you should not endure painful sensations. In case of severe pain in the area of ​​sutures, you should immediately consult a doctor. Only an experienced gynecologist can prevent serious consequences that could cause pain.

Women in labor need to choose the right place to sleep. You should also lie more, try not to sit at the seams, since then the probability of their divergence will increase.

If the pain does not subside, do not get carried away with painkillers. This method of treatment can adversely affect the baby, especially if he is breastfeeding.

In any case, you should not endure pain, you should immediately consult a doctor! This way you will protect yourself from possible complications.

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