There are several types of postpartum bandages

During pregnancy, as the tummy grows, the muscles and skin of the abdomen stretch more and more. In addition, fatty “protection” of the baby is deposited on the stomach. After birth, the abdominal muscles and skin cannot quickly return to shape, and this not only does not look aesthetically pleasing, but also can lead to postpartum hernias. That is why many gynecologists recommend wearing a postpartum bandage.

What is it and is it needed?

The bandage is an elastic device that helps support the organs of the abdominal cavity and small pelvis, preventing them from lowering, and thereby preventing the appearance of hernias. In addition, the bandage after childbirth is used for cosmetic purposes; it helps to improve the appearance of the abdomen, helping to contract the abdominal muscles and uterus.  The bandage reduces the load on the back, already tired during pregnancy.

You can wear a bandage after childbirth as prescribed by a doctor or on your own, if there are no contraindications to this. It is not recommended to wear a bandage with some types of sutures after cesarean section, with certain diseases of the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract, with edema. More about seams after cesarean section?

What types of bandages are there?

There are universal bandages that can be worn both before and after childbirth. They are an elastic double-sided belt, wide on one side and narrower on the other. During pregnancy, it is correct to wear a universal bandage with the wide side on the back, and the narrow under the stomach. After childbirth, you need to wear a bandage on the contrary – the widest part drains the stomach. The price of universal bandages varies from 300 to 1000 rubles.

It must be remembered that the antenatal bandage is different from the postpartum one. The postpartum bandage has the function of maximum tightening, the prenatal bandage gives a supporting effect, therefore, a more dense and elastic material is used for the postpartum bandage.

There are several types of postpartum bandages

Postpartum bandage belt – a wide belt (from 15 to 30 cm), sewn from elastic material, tightening the abdomen and thighs and adjustable with Velcro. It well stretches the abdominal muscles and skin of the abdomen. The disadvantages of such bandages is that in the process of socks he often rises up, wearing them with trousers is rather inconvenient. With tight clothing visible bones that strengthen the bandage. In the bandage-belt, the figure does not look perfect, it does not emphasize the waist.

The price of such a bandage is not too high, and you can buy them from 500 to 1000 rubles. The postpartum Fast bandage is quite popular, its cost is about 500 rubles. There are other brands – manufacturers of bandages, such as Bliss or the Italian manufacturer Chicco.

Grace panties or postpartum bandage panties are panties with a high waist and well-fitting inserts on the abdomen and lower back. The materials from which this type of bandage is made is very well stretched and fits the problem parts of the body (stomach, hips, part of the buttocks). Chicco Bandage Briefs has an inner cotton layer that provides comfort even with long wear. Bandage shorts are not noticeable even under tight clothes, emphasizing the advantages and hiding the disadvantages of the owner, can perform the functions of underwear, do not slip even with active movements.

The bottom clasp is a great advantage of panties-bandages (you can not remove them when you visit the toilet). There are also models that have many side fasteners and Velcro, so you can correctly simulate the degree of tightening just by yourself. Such models are offered by the Italian manufacturer of bandages Chicco.

Manufacturers also offer corset bandage pants, they are distinguished by a high waist and the presence of tightening bones, which creates an ideal silhouette: a flat stomach, a graceful waist, and tightened hips. Models and colors of these types of bandages as you like.

You can buy bandage underpants both from domestic (for example, Bliss), and from foreign manufacturers (for example, Chicco). Their price will vary from 600 to 3000 rubles, depending on the manufacturer and model.

Bandages – Bermuda also have elongated pants (for some models, the pants reach the knee). Such bandages can be worn by fastening the side zipper. A similar bandage is needed for those who want to correct imperfect shapes in the legs and buttocks. The price of Bermuda bandages is quite high and not all manufacturers have them in their assortment. Bandages of this type are presented by the manufacturer Bliss.

How to buy?

In order for the bandage to maximize its functions, it must be correctly selected. The first thing you should pay attention to is the size (for example, different Chicco models have different sizes: some s, m, l, others from 2 to 6). Be sure to consult with a sales consultant about the sizes of different brands. Focus on your size before childbirth, but if you added more than 12 kg during childbirth, then buying a bandage will correctly be 1-2 sizes larger.

Try on a bandage, it should be easily and simply removed and dressed, and also sit tight on the body even with active movements. If the bandage sits well on you and you are comfortable in it, then it is chosen correctly.

How to wear and how much to wear?

It is necessary to wear a bandage in a supine position, so you can fix it as correctly as possible on the stomach and lower back. We need a little experience in this matter, after several attempts it will turn out better and faster. You need to wear a bandage for 6-7 weeks after giving birth, every day, but not more than 3 hours in a row.

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