7 great films about brothers and sisters

There are many collections of films for every taste. We decided to publish for you a list of the 7 best films that tell about brotherly love: how to help, be close and not betray those with whom life from birth makes you compete and fight.

“The Extraordinary Adventures of Karik and Vali”, directed by Valery Rodchenko

A curious boy, Karik, with his little sister, Valya, fall into the next apartment, where Professor Enotov (Vasily Livanov) lives. There they find a magic elixir, drink it – and reduce to the size of insects. Parents with policeman Frantsuzov (Leonid Yarmolnik) go in search of missing children. And the neighbor-scientist, understanding where they disappeared, makes a responsible decision to decrease in order to find the guys. Fraternal mutual assistance, as well as the help of Enotov, will not allow children to disappear among the giant winged beetles and toothy caterpillar monsters. Brother and sister will not only be saved, but also will feel in their own skin what life of insects is in the human world.

The film was directed by Valery Rodchenko based on the book of the same name by Ian Larry, released in 1937 and written by order of Samuel Marshak.

“Two Captains”, director Evgeny Karelov

The boy Sanya Grigoriev (Boris Tokarev) lives with his mother and sister Sasha. The elder brother always protects the girl, and she loves him and pities him very much. When their parents die, Sanya climbs away from home. A fascinating story awaits him. For many years (and as many as six episodes), he has been investigating the death of the schooner St. Mary and her crew, fighting for love and justice, becoming a military pilot. And, of course, he returns home, where his sister has remained.

The film based on the novel of the same name by Veniamin Kaverin was the last work of the director Evgeny Karelov (“Two comrades served”, “Seven Old Men and One Girl”).

Frost, directed by Alexander Rowe

The kind beauty and craftswoman Nastya (Natalya Sedykh) in all walked around her half-sister Marfushka (Inna Churikova). He manages the household, cleans, cooks, heats the stove. Yes, and huge eyes, long eyelashes, braid to the waist. How Marfushka love such a sister, especially since both of them are married. And each applicant for a hand and heart strives to marry Nastya, and not Marfushka. So, Marfushka’s mother conceived to squeeze a competitor out of the world. I ordered my old man, Nastenkin’s father, to take her to the woods in the fierce cold and leave her there for death. But the old woman didn’t succeed.

Director of winter Alexander Rowe filmed the winter nature on the Kola Peninsula. In the waiting scene of Morozko under the Christmas tree, the poor “Marfushka” Inna Churikova quite naturally froze – the operator has been putting the light on for so long. In addition, onion heads were in the basket instead of apples, so the actress had to crunch a bitter vegetable with an appetite.

“One, two – grief is not a disaster”, director Mikhail Yuzovsky

Another example of how fierce the competition between siblings can be. Ivan the soldier (Victor Bunakov) defeated the terrible dragon, and for this tsar Ivan (Oleg Tabakov) gives him his daughter as a wife. But the soldier wants to return home to his beloved Marusa. The tsar, who wanted to take revenge on Ivan, calls his younger brother Thomas and appoints him a “special hero”. Big brother fired. Will the ambitious Thomas cope with a new misfortune – the giant armored monster Karbaras sent by King Jean-Jean (Nikolai Karachentsov) against Tsar Ivan?


The picture is based on the play of the writer and playwright Julia Kim, invented by him in the mid-70s specifically for the Theater of the Soviet Army.

“Mary Poppins, goodbye!”, Directed by Leonid Kvinikhidze

The children of the Banks family, a friendly couple, Michael and Jane, are urgently looking for a nanny. Fortunately for them, Mary Poppins (Natalya Andreichenko), the real Lady of Perfection, comes into the house. Brother and sister are waiting for adventures that they never dreamed of.

Director Leonid Kvinikhidze planned to make a musical for adults, and it turned out a wonderful film for any age. By the way, at first, Kvinikhidze also had another candidate for the main role – Anastasia Vertinskaya. Later, composer Maxim Dunaevsky proposed his wife, Natalya Andreichenko, for the role.

Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors, directed by Alexander Rowe

“You should have seen yourself from the side!” – repeated the grandmother to schoolgirl Ole. And then the girl miraculously finds herself in the looking glass, where she discovers a fairy-tale kingdom, in which evil, greed and King Jagupop 77th rule with their ministers. And she meets her copy there, or rather, a reflection – the girl Yalo, capricious and inept. Strictly speaking, Olya and Yalo are not sisters. But their relationship is like that of sisters: somewhere to pin and mock, somewhere to help and support.

The main roles in the tale of Alexander Rowe were played by the twins Olga and Tatyana Yukina. Looking for future celebrities, the director talked with 300 pairs of twins – he was looking for girls who are indistinguishable in appearance, but with opposite characters.

The Adventures of Electronics, directed by Konstantin Bromberg

The same story as with Olya and Yalo: the heroes of the film are not brothers. Just the creator of the robot Electronics, Professor Gromov, saw in the magazine a photo of a handsome boy Sergei Syroezhkin. It so happened that Elik and Seryozha look like two drops of water. But their characters are completely different, and this becomes clear when lively and electronic boys meet in real life.

Initially, it was planned to give both main roles to one boy, and even a suitable candidate appeared. But then the director Konstantin Bromberg decided to find the twins. Yuri and Vladimir Torsuyevs approached in all respects – they played the guitar, knew how to ride a moped, dance.

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