Children’s tantrums: a guide to eliminate

The behavior of crumbs in public places is especially important. Often, a mother gets lost when she sees how the baby shamelessly lays in the middle of the trading floor and begins to do everything to make it the way he wants.

What to do if the child is hysterical? Almost all mothers ask this question, since sooner or later, in the experience of motherhood, almost everyone encounters this phenomenon. The most important thing is to properly respond to this behavior of the crumbs. It will depend on your reaction how often attacks will be repeated.

So, how to stop a tantrum in a child of 2 years. First off, do not panic. And then – a fit of fit. First you need to understand what caused this behavior of an almost always calm child.

For example, you walk along a shopping center, and the baby suddenly falls to the floor, kicks his legs, and you do not know how to react to the tantrums of a child of 2 years old, this, of course, is a painful question. This is common enough. Yell “buy it!” or “I want to!” accompanied by stomping feet, screeching, screaming and the state that we call hysteria. What to do if the child has just this condition?

First of all, do not go on a whim. It’s clear that it’s a shame, passers-by look around and shake their heads, and I want to do everything to end this horror. But, if you succumb, be prepared that such attacks will be repeated again and again. They will turn into a way to manipulate you. After all, the baby will understand that he should roll his eyes, lie on the floor and start screaming loudly, as his mother will do everything he wants.

Therefore, we urge you to patience and endurance. One should not succumb to psychological blackmail and follow the lead of a little dunce. Very often there are situations when a child of 2 or 3 years old is hysterical for any reason. These are manifestations of personality that are not too late to adjust. The kid needs to be made clear that there is a framework beyond which he cannot go. If you do not, very soon you simply will not be able to control the situation.

Of course, in the question of how to deal with tantrums of a child of 2 years old, the very behavior of the mother is very important. You can not provoke psychological stress in the baby. Many mothers without a second thought stroll through the children’s departments with toys with a child in their arms, just to see the range. It is recommended to avoid this. Tiny is not yet able to understand why all this bunch of entertaining things can not belong only to him in the next minute. Why injure the baby once again?

Moms have a pretty amazing look, they explain to a very small one that they can’t buy this or that toy and just went to see it. Many psychologists, and most of them, advise against provoking children into aggression and psychosis. It’s one thing when a mother goes to a toy store with a 10-year-old son, and another when she has a screaming one and a half year old baby in her arms.

It happens that the nervous and emotionally-excitable state of the crumbs is due to other reasons. This condition may occur due to banal overwork. Adults, when tired, go to bed. Little ones begin to show with all their looks how they feel bad and not comfortable. In general, it is better to try to prevent this situation. Try to avoid overexcitation of the baby. Even positive emotions in excess can turn into a disappointing cry and uncontrolled pulling of all limbs.

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